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11-25-17 06:32 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Last Movie You Saw? Thoughts?
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Did you guys see Blade Runner 2049? Top 5 material for me there. And I went in pretty skeptical, with the original being my favorite movie. Wow, Denis knocked it out of the park. I saw it twice and it was even better the second time.
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Been on a movie-watching binge lately, the last one I remember was Lost in Space. Cool action but really cheesy, and the acting really could've been a touch better by some of the people there. XD
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Episode 8 sounds pretty weird from some impressions out there, typical of the Looper director... apparently Mark Hamill has been pretty vocal about his dislike for where they took Luke's character too. I'm not sure what to expect. Maybe it'll be good-weird.
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Well, the last thing I saw in theaters was "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" in 3D. They did a pretty great job converting it. Being Brandon's favorite movie, we had to see it opening weekend, of course.

There isn't much I'm looking forward to this year after the new Star Wars or the Justice League movie. Yeah, it'll be opening weekend for those.
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Saw "Baby Driver" today. It's pretty good.

Everyone's saying they want a copy of the soundtrack. That's definitely the most kick-ass aspect.
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Wonder Woman... honestly it was so good, even with the few issues I had with it. I agree, the end was a bit lackluster, but overall I think they did a great job, and Gal Gadot was just perfect.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Wonder Woman was really good, I saw it a couple weeks ago as well. I feel like the end was a little disappointing though. No spoilers, but there are a couple things that I wish it did to be more impactful.

Still fun though, and probably the best superhero movie I've seen and actually really enjoyed in a while.
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I'd love to see it, though I think everyone here already has. Guess I'll wait for it to release.

I wish I could be excited for Spider Man, but I'm not. At all. And he's always been my favorite hero among Batman and X-Men stuff. But we're at a third reboot in barely over a decade? I'm so burned out.
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Went and saw "Wonder Woman" the day it came out. It's really good.

Yeah, not sure what else to say that hasn't already been thrown out there for weeks.

In many different ways it's impressive.
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Hated Alien Covenant. Ridley Scott goes on a tirade to retcon everything and doesn't even successfully follow up on Prometheus very well. I didn't really love Prometheus but knew this would probably be Prometheus 2, but yeah it's worse. Ridley Scott Bible stories and a bunch of tropes we've seen by now, along with tons of death scenes that this series has already done before... even from Alien! But with worse characters. So why should I care?

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I don't like the changes they made to Starlord's parentage and Mantis' origin in the movie... I mean, it was interesting, but not what it should have been. For me, it was more about Yondu and Rocket's little arc... and baby Groot is just cute.

Honestly, I thought Apocalypse was kinda meh compared to First Class and Days of Future Past. As for DC's yourself the pain and just don't watch those ones. Wonder Woman and Justice League look decent... I am hoping they end up being so as well, because Man of Steel, BvS, and Suicide Squad were all horrible.
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Probably because of the fact that the most crucial things were spoiled for me, I didn't cry watching "Logan." Still, it's a really good movie.

As I said on Facebook, Fox is beating Marvel at making their own movies.

Anyway, I also sat down and watched "X-Men: Apocalypse" over the weekend, and I also liked that one. Not to the degree of other X-Men films, but I still thought it was quite serviceable.

Regarding Star Wars, I agree. I fear it going down the path of the MCU. I mean, they want to make a Han Solo prequel. Years back when they were making the other prequels I asked the universe why they didn't just do Han's much touted Kessel Run. Now I'm not even sure THAT'S something I want to see.

I actually haven't seen "Man of Steel," let alone "Batman vs. Superman," but I actually got excited watching the trailer for Justice League. Perhaps it was the combination of Jason Momoa/Aquaman and Wonder Woman?

As for super hero films, particularly the MCU, ever since Disney bought them it's become the definition of over-saturation. When Marvel Studios kicked out on their own with "Iron Man," I was proud of them. The first Cap movie was also great (it, too, was made by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount.)

Then "Avengers" was the first to roll out with the Disney label (alongside fucking Joss Whedon) and then it all became plasticized.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" was the first one in a while to feel like it still had a soul, like it was still trying to break free and be its own thing. I feel like Vol. 2, while having some moments, just conformed to the MCU mold, and that's part of what I found entirely disappointing.

Kevin Feige does not like risk.

What's more, I (and many others) are pretty pissed with the comics side. For fuck's sake, Cap has been Hydra all along? And he's still "worthy" enough to pick up Thor's hammer, but Thor isn't?

The publishing company, itself, has been pretty terrible even before the Disney acquisition. The Marvel crossover events were unbearable. I initially liked "Civil War." It touched on some things that hadn't been said that needed to in a post-9/11 world. Then, as I'm reading the freaking absurd number of tie-in comics (which I gratefully did not have to buy because thank god for libraries suddenly stocking graphic novels in the 2000s), with how little went into each, you just see how they treat their dedicated fans like they're goddamn tools. It's like purchasing a game and then having to pay through the ass for all the DLCs to get the complete story. This is how I feel about all the fucking movies and TV shows.

I just can't any more.

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You and me both Rogue. I can't generate any enthusiasm for this stuff anymore.

This is my big fear of Star Wars going forward as well. I missed Rogue One in theaters and finally got around to it last week with the BD release. It was... okay? The story and action was good, but other than that none of the characters did anything for me. Which is fitting considering the scenario, but still. Did we really need to see how the Rebels got the Death Star plans and cue more Darth Vader on screen? I don't know.

I am curious about Wonder Woman as well. I didn't like Man of Steel but I actually didn't mind Batman vs Superman despite most... skipped Suicide Squad. The DC stuff at the very least looks a little different from Marvel's movies.

I'll be curious about the Ben solo Batman movie and the next Spiderman stuff, since I'm a fanboy for both.

But beyond that yeah I don't really care anymore and at this rate there's about 20 super hero related shows as well, I just don't even want to attempt watching any of them anymore.

It's been like 10 some years and I'm surprised this stuff is still as big as it is. I guess they'll milk it until the end.
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Saw "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" last night. It had its moments, but overall I didn't like it very much.

I'm pretty well done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Looking forward to "Wonder Woman."

Anyway, this video regarding the lack of memorable music in the MCU has encapsulated some of my feelings on these movies. They're just pumping them out without as much effort as other fandoms.

View on YouTube
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You will cry. Just saying that now.

Saw the new Beauty and the Beast... my inner child was very pleased with how it turned out. And Josh Gad totally steals all his scenes.
Posts: 11425/11576
I still need to see it, especially since it concerns X-23. It's already been spoiled for me, anyway.

Since I was in a yeah-I'm-not-leaving-my-room-today sort of mood on Saturday, I just watched movies on Netflix. Finally watched "Sunset Boulevard" and "How To Steal A Million" all the way through, then discovered "Operator," which stars one of the guys from "Silicon Valley" and the girl who voiced Katara on "Avatar: The Last Airbender." It was cute.

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So I saw "Logan"... it was good, though it had some of the saddest scenes in a comic book movie I've seen.
Posts: 11416/11576
Sat down and watched "Moana." It's good, but it's not a new favorite for me.

It's sort of like watching "Brave." There wasn't really a villain, but there wasn't even a pressure to marry (which was refreshing.) Definitely liked it better than "Brave," though.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4527/4537
I heard its kind of a reboot of the Ring, building on the backstory. Either way though, it doesn't really excite me.

I still haven't seen LEGO Batman, although I want to. Anyone here taken a look at it?
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I was a fan of horror movies. Ever heard of a movie called RINGS which is based on Ringu in Japan? At first I thought it was a reboot or a remake of the American Version called The Ring but when I watched it the story and the main female character is different but I got mixed reactions about it.
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Last Movie You Saw? Thoughts?

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