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05-19-19 11:51 AM
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I get these in mail and they usually say I signed up for some wild fun so come on over to this amazing site to find partners in your area.
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**blinks** Maybe it's because I don't really pay any attention, I delete what isn't familiar to me immediately(Which I don't think happens often anyways), but I don't really get stuff like that. **shrugs**
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I have gotten these things in on my e-mail and on my myspace. I recomend ignoreing them. She proably doesnt really want to get to know you and chances are shes like... 30 states away.
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Originally posted by Pantheon
Its good having multiple email accounts.

My main one is pretty clean.

My new google account as well. But I've still have to put the oblivous in my account.
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My Yahoo! account gets shit like that all the freaking time... which is why I love gmail SO much!
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How is this thread getting killed? Evil Mario?

Anyway, I have never gotten an E-Mail like that. Once, I've gotten one of the ol' "give us credit card number so we can unlock your bank account in sweeeeden~" type E-Mails, but other than that one time, I've never noticed any strange stuff.

EDIT: It was Evil Mario...but I don't see how!
Evil Mario
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I've never got a e-mail like that with Hotmail, but my aol has gotten pretty dirty at times.
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Originally posted by Pantheon
Its good having multiple email accounts.

My main one is pretty clean.


I love Yahoo... they are so great with spam. Everything else I used got like 50 spams a day..

but yes, I (used to) get spam in my inbox all the time. Actually, the only one that comes through the spam filter is this image with a bunch of random text on it. The only one. DAMNIT!!!
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Its good having multiple email accounts.

My main one is pretty clean.
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I get alot of male/female users on gaia wanting all of my gold by sweeping me off my feet of boobies found on Google.

and they claim its them...

...its sad having expensive items.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Can you say liar?

That person is just some guy who feels like pranking you. Ignore and delete, or maybe you can fake being some person, and then when whoever e-mailed you admits to lying, you can claim you were too!
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Do you ever get e-mails from random women or men that you don't know. Here's mine


I was cruising some personals and came accross your ad. I would really
like to know more about you! You are probably wondering why I am
messaging you from here and not from there, I just like this site better,
plus I am not a paying member at the other and they dont let me send
messages cuz of it, so LAME!

So about me: I am an attractive girl and really I have no problem
getting a man or anything, just finding one that will keep up. Thats what I
am looking for on the site.

So check out my profile, it has pics of me and some info. If you want
to know anything not on there just ask! we could exchange IMs and chat?

hope to chat with you soon,

My theory is I don't know this girl and I never will have a sex life. I tried to register but it costs money. I can't even use a fake username to join the site. I won't post a link here but you can look up in myspace to view it.
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