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02-08-23 08:54 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Darth Nelrith
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I'll think I'll be the judge of that
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No offense, but I wouldn't recommend using this character. I'm all for using characters that aren't original and all, but there isn't that much you can do creatively with a Jedi/Sith anyways.
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Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 190~lbs.
Age: ???

The Dark Lord Nelrith, or Darth Nelrith, appears in full Sith robes and generally doesn't take off his mask, which appears to resemble a humanoid skull. The only features visible on his face are a short goatee and a red glow where his eyes should be. In fact, he blinded himself to see every aspect of the Force as opposed to having sight to distract him.

Weapons and Fighting:
Master of all VII styles of lightsaber combat, his skill with the legendary blades is unparalleled. He typically fights with just a single blade but can take up another just as easily. He carries 2 lightabers with him, both being redder than a Laigrek's eye.

He has also proven himself a master in manipulating the Force, making him a powerful adversary indeed.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Darth Nelrith

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