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02-28-24 11:20 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Star Trek: The new movie coming out by J.J. Abrams
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Although, to be fair, it would be able to handle more than one atmosphere of pressure, since it's designed to go to alien planets that have different atmospheric pressures.
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These things are designed for the vacuum of space, and even Scotty was starting to rant on about how ridiculous it was what with the salt water getting into everything and all.

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Well they could have gone into the water from further away and submarined there.

It just kept making me think of this,
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Obviously they beamed themselves there, xD.
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I think that Vulkar hit that nail on the head.

And let us not get into the physics of the ship actually getting onto the bottom of the ocean in the first place... or how THAT totally went unnoticed by the natives.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Because it looked cool? xD.
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Originally posted by Elara
The thing that bugged me most was the bald Klingon guy... I know the whole weird disease thing was going on at the time, but that guy looked nothing like either the old-style Klingons or the new ones!

And Klingons don't wear helmets like that either. I know it's an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, as JJ likes to emphasize all the time (and that's why we're supposed to forgive him for Uhura and Spock getting together and bickering back and forth), but there are some things that Nero attacking the USS Kelvin shouldn't have changed, and how Klingons look would be one.

Another thing I still didn't quite get was why the Enterprise had to be hidden underwater in the first place. You can put it in orbit and beam people up like they normally did and the natives definitely wouldn't see it then. Was there an explanation for this?
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Yeah, I found that kinda weird as well.

The thing that bugged me most was the bald Klingon guy... I know the whole weird disease thing was going on at the time, but that guy looked nothing like either the old-style Klingons or the new ones!
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OK, back from the movies.

So it WAS a rehash of Wrath of Khan. All the people who swore it wasn't were either lying or really didn't watch the second movie.

I ended up laughing through most of the film since it was mostly referencing TOS memes, even though they were trying to have a serious moment.

Also, Carol Marcus suddenly being British was distracting for some reason, especially when Admiral Marcus didn't carry an accent (I'm sure this could be argued as her mother being such and raising her independently of daddy, but ... eh).

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Heading off to see this at the $2 theater. I already know the "twist," but we'll see if any of the other references to the original source material stick out.
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I would have to go back and watch the original television episode in order see how it originally played out. I think that they pretty much have to make Khan the bad guy just because he is SO powerful that having him as an ally would make anything they face so much less of a threat.
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I think it would have been a more interesting twist for Khan to have not become the villain, as they were sort of leading towards. After all, the main reason he's a villain in the original continuity is because of his history with Kirk, which doesn't exist in the new one. It would have been interesting to explore how things could have played out differently. This time they met on the same side of a fight, and could have become allies. Peter Weller was already a good villain, they could have fleshed that out, instead of hurriedly defeating him so there'd be time for Khan to make a contrived betrayal.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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On the movie:

I could swear I'd posted my thoughts in here before, but for some reason I don't see it, so I guess not.

I actually really liked it. Yeah, it wasn't about exploration, and yeah they were fighting just another big villian, but the plot twists, the way it was done, the acting, and the characters I thought were all awesome.

That said, yeah, I agree that the scene with Marcus changing was kind of pointless, but other than that, I really had no problem with the movie.

Oh yeah, and the plot twist with Khan? Yeah, I didn't know that was going to happen until it did. I stayed away from the press and the rumors and such, and I hadn't seen much of the original TV show, so I wasn't sure what was going to happen. All I knew was that he was very well acted in this movie, and had a deservedly strong presence in the film.

But then, I've been a fan of J.J. Abrams since Mission Impossible 3, so that's just my thoughts.
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I stalled midway into season 3 of TNG.

It was definitely getting better and more interesting, but the gap from BD quality for the first two seasons, to what looked like VHS rips or something... was pretty crazy. I guess I'll just buy the BD boxsets eventually and go from there. It's pretty insane how good they look. Would be neat if DS9 gets that treatment too.
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Does he get it on with Carol Marcus at all? Is there going to be a little David in this AU after all?

The question is, if she did have David would Pine's Kirk try to actually be a father insisting to do his part despite Carol's demands that she's independent and can do it all alone? Probably not.
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Thing is, the Uhura part didn't feel awkward or out of place, and actually served some purpose, i.e. Kirk invading her personal space. The Marcus scene is just awkward as fuck.
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Abrams has been flashing this clip around of Cumberpatch in the shower to get them to calm their tits about Carol Marcus in her underwear: Him on Conan

I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds like a repeat of how Uhura was down to her underwear in the first movie, while changing (and Kirk happened to be in the room). That clip was exploited to hell for the trailer's benefit too.

Not to get too picky here, but he acts like a man without a shirt on (which can be seen in about half the movies out there) is equal to a full body shot of an undressed woman. Equal would be seeing Cumberpatch or Kirk in a Speedo.
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Well the Bechdel Test isn't meant to be used as a marker of quality, or even equality, just as an observational experiment.

But, yeah, the rest is true. I'm really saddened that Brad Bird was offered the Star Wars gig and felt he had to pass on it. He was one of my top two picks for the job.
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I'm not surprised that he jumped on Star Wars, frankly. In a lot of the commentary to the 2009 movie he kept complaining about the pacing of the original material, saying he preferred the pacing in Star Wars. No shock that SOOOO MUCH of it ends up paralleling SW, shot for shot. He even encouraged Chris Pine to try to be more like Han Solo than Captain Kirk.

Anyway, I ended up reading the plot to the new one. Like I said, I don't care about spoilers with this one. I'm still going to see it, but I'm puzzled by a lot of the plot points. Why couldn't they just be fighting Klingons or something that hasn't already been explored in film like Trelane?

Also, a lot of people keep complaining about how Dr. Marcus is inexplicably in her underwear and how the movie doesn't pass the Bechdel Test.
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Originally posted by Rogue
I can't stand Abrams.

He said he didn't like the original show because it got too philosophical. Nothing better than handing an IP to a director who thinks the material is too smart for his tastes.
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Star Trek: The new movie coming out by J.J. Abrams

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