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02-02-23 12:32 PM
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((OOC: I'm here, just waiting for someone at the Company's hideout to interact with Cally who's been wandering around all this time.

Abel's just confused and going to keep his Puritanical trap shut.))
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As Eddie slumped against her shoulders, Nina did her best to stifle her gasp and she stiffened up. She couldn't even begin to describe how freaked out she was. All she wanted to do was go home.

After a moment or two, however, she repositioned herself and cradled Eddie's unconscious body in her arms, allowing him to rest in her lap.
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"I've only got one. I think what I can do is something along the lines of astral projection. Maybe I can find out where we are, then you can call my dad and let them know so they can come get us."

Eddie focused hard, trying to leave his body without aiming at a mind. He succeeded, slumping over onto Nina's shoulders. This was the first time he had ever free drifted. It would be a trial.
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OOC: Phoenix I love thee. **casts Curaga for teh follow-up**


As the van slowed to a stop, Nina squeezed onto Eddie. When Nathaniel exited the vehicle, Nina closed her eyes for a moment, leaning her head onto Eddie's shoulder.

What do we do now? She thought to herself. He spoke with his father...

"Your...your my brother?" Nina asked, opening her eyes and looking up at Eddie. "They....they'll look for us." She looked around at everyone else in the van. "Any ideas until then?"
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OOC: I feel bad for letting this RP go inactive. I'm using Phoenix Down on it.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that. This involves you all as much as it does him. Besides, we're almost there. If anyone acts up, I'm not afraid to use this." Nathaniel held the gun in his right hand as he made a left turn, veering out of the main part of the city and into the largely vacant industrial side. Cargo City, they called it.

From that point, everyone in the car was silent. Eddie kept his arm around Nina, while Koan and Alyssa kept their gaze on the gun. Slowly, the van slided to a stop. Nathaniel climbed out, disappearing from view.

They were there.
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Cally scanned the huddled masses for a friendly face.

No luck finding Shermann.
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The moment Nathaniel snatched the gun out of Eddie's fingers, Nina grabbed Eddie roughly by the shoulder and shoved him back. Taking his place, she eyed Nathaniel angrily.

"Take us home. Now. He doesn't want to be part of this. He's been through enough trauma!"
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Nathaniel looked at Eddie sternly.

"Eddie, you don't want to do something foolish. I assure you, I only have your best interests in mind."

He paused, but the only response he had was the quivering gun barrel in his face.


In a flash, Nathaniel's hand shot out, and grabbed the barrel of the gun. As he pulled back, Eddie could feel the handle passing through his fingers. Nathaniel quickly tossed the gun out the window.

"Yes, I am connected to the people you've been seeing in your dreams, but we were only trying to drive you to us in the least complicated manner. I belong to a group called the New Order. We are entirely comprised of people like you and me, and we exist to fight those that would have use be destroyed."
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Nina shook her head, glancing back and forth from Eddie to Nathaniel, and then around to everyone else in the van. She knew Eddie had his way of knowing, so she didn't doubt him for one moment. She did, however, hold her breath, frozen in place, not knowing what to do now.
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Just when Abel thought he was safe among people who could probably provide him with answers, everything was tossed upside-down once again.

What was it with this world on which he was unexpectedly and so rudely dropped?

Cally was slightly taken aback seeing her comrades strewn about. Some in pieces.

While nothing really surprised her about a wounded person's appearance, having studied several levels of anatomy from putting it together to ripping it apart like Legos, it was the general shock of seeing people she knew in misery.

No amount of genocidal footage or seeing bomb explosion survivors, or even going through Internet memes off were ever enough to fully desensitize the raw mayhem she saw almost regularly, reminding her of all of the funerals she attended to make up for her own sins.

The mournful cries of pain enveloping her, she tried to remember that many of her workmates weren't used to this. Some who were stuck behind desks their whole career with the Company never had to experience shooting at someone much less being shot at, or in this case, fire-bombed.

Remembering herself, she set about looking for Shermann.
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"This traitor isn't on our side! He's working for the guys in the black cloaks! He wasn't taking us home. He was taking us to a warehouse owned by them. Who knows what they'd do to us."

Eddie cocked the gun. Pure rage filled his eyes.

"I don't want to find out."
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Nina screamed. Eddie's sudden outburst shook her to no end. Even after she realized what had happened, and who was holding the weapon, her hands still quivered.

"Eddie..." she whispered.
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Company Emergency Headquarters:

Outside the hidden entrance to the Company's Emergency Headquarters, Cally sat, watching the cracks in the wall. When the door opened, she was taken aback by the amount of dust that spilled out into the hallway. An aged Chinese man with a simple, refined mustache and slicked back graying hair looked at her with suddenly relieved eyes.

"Oh, Callisto, thank the spirits you are safe." He walked over to her, looked around, and escorted her inside before slamming the door shut and locking it.

As soon as Cally walked in, she could see the damage. The gaping hole in the ceiling and the melted, destroyed objects around the entrance hall showed something had happened. What had just transpired was no simple riot. This was a maneuver planned from beginning to end, something so well executed even the Company was caught unprepared.

Cally followed the aged Chinese man through the back hallways, eventually leading to a large debriefing room. A large portion of the Company's agents were present in the room, some wounded, others just unkempt. Tellamy, the unorthodox nurse of the Company, healed wounds with his powers, humming a simple tune as he did. He was the only happy spirit in the room.


In a dark, stuffy warehouse, several cloaked figures appeared from the shadows, meeting in the center. They looked at each other slowly, eying each other's every detail up before removing their hoods. They were quiet still, until the chaotic voice of Jason Brennan rose from the silence.

"I am extremely impressed, men. That was brilliantly executed, just as we planned." The air in the room seemed lighter, as relief filled the rest of the group. "It is quite the shame that Callisto has eluded us, but we have pigeoned them in their cloistered little hiding place. Nathaniel is in possession of Eddie as well as several other evolved humans, including the janitor who diseased you, Sandman. Everything is going excellent."

Micheal Smith, the second in command of the group, spoke next. He was Jason's most trusted aide, giving him more freedom of speech in these meetings. "So, what do we do next, sir? Do we press the assault?"

"No, no, my friend. All we do now is relax and collect our spoils. The next move will be made by them."

"Son, come to Nina's house now." The gruff, stern voice of Eddie's dad was surreal to him, as the pain of his and his mother's loss was still burned into him.

"Is Mom alive too?!" He said, his voice rising.

"Yes, she's been hurt, but she's safe now. Now listen to me closely, son. I want you to say yes or no if there is anybody in the car with you right now besides Nina."

"Uhh, yeah."

"Alright, son, I need you to do this for me. I'm assuming you or Nina aren't driving, right?"


"Read the head of the person who is. I know you can, son, Don't ask how. Just hang up the phone and do it. Do what you need to do to get you and Nina home or safe, whichever is easiest."

"Uh, ok, dad. See you soon." He grew quiet as he handed Nina her phone. He stared at Nathaniel intently before dropping into a trance, looking only as though his eyes were closed.

After one minute, he drew the pistol he had brought with him from the Company building and pointed it at Nathaniel's head.

"STOP THE CAR OR I SHOOT YOU IN THE FUCKING HEAD!" Everyone in the car panicked, especially Nathaniel. Nathaniel stopped the car, looking back at Eddie with fear.
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Cally stepped into the darkened tavern, wading through the people hovering about with their drinks. She made her way to the bar and flagged down its tender.

"Mind if I get the key to the ladies' room?" she asked. A little on the wide-eyed and innocent side for her.

"I think someone's already in there," He said.

"S'okay I'll wait back there."

She made her way to the back, eventually stopping at the right door. Gently she tapped on it and waited from someone to answer on the other side.
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Alyssa looked at Koan. Her eyes widened. She didn't know what to do or even say. Alyssa put a hand through her hair. Her cellphone rang. She looked at it then put it back in her pocket. "Who are you and what do you want with us?"
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Cally eased the truck into a space at the curb a block away from the bar. After driving around for almost an hour looking for the place, she couldn't find the patience within her to park the oversized vehicle in a space she realized was just a tiny bit too small for it.

Irritatedly rubbing her forehead, she climbed out of the '72 Chevy C-20 and slammed the door behind her.

Had she decided to make a Porsche or even a Lambo, it probably would have fit, but fast cars often drew trouble and suspicion from police. Didn't matter. She didn't care if the stupid heap got towed. She walked away with the truck's bed hanging out into the street.


Cally kept walking.


A drunk who'd wandered down from the bar, gesticulating left and right about something Cally couldn't care less about, stumbled toward her.

"I don't have any change."

"No, bitch. You blocked me in!"

She sighed. "What?"

"With your goddamn truck!"

"What truck?"

"That piece of shit right ther--" He stopped suddenly, finding himself pointing at an empty parking space, stumbling forward a little in shock, but mostly from all of the beer he'd had to drink. "Hey. Someone stole it."

Cally pushed him back as he nearly fell onto her. He absolutely reeked of booze.

"Sir, were you planning on driving out of here in your current condition?"

"Hey, you shut your fucking trap, you useless cun--" Shame he never got to finish his genius remark, but Cally's boot to his cheek rather rudely interrupted his thought.

The drunk hit the ground. The few times he angrily tried to get up, he found himself knocked down again with Cally insisting that he stay there. Eventually he was out cold. When he would awaken an hour later, he'd find himself handcuffed to the chain-link fence along the sidewalk next to his car.

"Dry up, lush," she exclaimed as she left him there.

Once again she made her way to the bar, beyond annoyed with herself for being so late.
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At first, Eddie's words didn't register in Nina's mind, and for a moment, she was preoccupied with the man who referred to everyone as "masters." She raised an eyebrow, but before she responded to the situation, Eddie's conversation with her brother hit her like a ton of bricks. she silently mouthed the words to her friend.
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Abel, sensing much of the tension in the van, and not being at ease either in the belly of a metallic contraption that moved without any creatures pulling it, turned his attention to the others who weren't talking crazily into a noise-making box.

There wasn't much more he felt he could take today. He felt overloaded.

"If you please, masters." he began. "My former captors would not answer me the riddle of my presence in this realm. Canst thou grant me that knowledge?"
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Eddie grabbed the phone, looking at it for a second before putting to his ear.

"Alessandro? What's-what's up?"

Eddie grew silent for a minute. He couldn't bring himself to say the word upon his lips.

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Nina jolted as she felt the sudden vibration tickle her right side. At first, she ignored it, but, every time it ceased, it picked right up again.

Sighing, Nina decided to finally take a peak.

"Alex" the phone read in black lettering with a blue glow behind them. Again, Nina sighed. She felt odd, answering a phone call, but she knew she had to. Ever since she could remember, Alessandro never had a problem calling the police after when she wasn't home on time.

"H-hello?" she answered nervously.

Alessandro's voice mirrored her nervousness, but in a much deeper, serious fashion.

"Uh." Nina paused as though interrupted.

She glanced up at Eddie.

"Right." She said finally as she handed her phone over to Eddie.

"He insists it's a gravely important matter." She announces, the first thing she had actually said to her friend since he first ran off earlier that day.
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