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02-29-24 12:04 AM
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Thinking of rewatching the original Hunter X Hunter again.

Fairy Tail's final season starts next month!

Best thing I've seen over the summer would be Gundam The Origin.
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Thanks. Once I finished Akashic Records I'll try to find and watch it ^^
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Maybe this one?
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I need some recommendations for a newbie on some romantic anime with strong character personality... I don't think this is the right thread for it but eh

Preferably with an English dub as I don't think I'd be willing to have subs at first.
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I finished up Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans recently (both seasons) and was not all that impressed. It was completely fine, but seems like it'll be forgettable by next week. Nothing about it ever irritated me or excited me too much, very strange to have such a neutral experience with a show. lol, it was fine but you could do better with some other options.
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Golgo 13 is probably one of the best episodic shows I've seen since City Hunter. Low and behond they are somewhat comparable haha. City crawling crime stuff, awesomeness.
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HnK2's "Tough Boy" has grown on me a lot. lol

Do you have the newer "Discotek" release Elara? The quality is amazing, it looks really good for its time.
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I know I watched it, and I wasn't a fan of the retcons... but I also don't really remember what happens since it was over a decade ago.

Ironically... I made my gaming group listen to the opening from the original series last week. They died.
Posts: 10804/11750
Going through Hokuto no Ken 2. It's a lot better than I expected. I guess the retcons bother some people, but I don't really care... it's more Kenshiro destroying thugs. *thumbs up*
Posts: 10771/11750
Finally getting to FMA Brotherhood... about time probably haha.
Posts: 10691/11750
Yeah, One Piece is nearing the 700 episodes count...
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I started up JoJo quite a while ago, and just recently got completely caught up in it. I kept pausing at certain points for no reason in particular, only to rush through it completely after using my free premium trial on Crunchyroll to watch it in HD quality.
I also decided to begin watching One Piece, and I'm absolutely loving it! I'm making pretty quick progress too, compared to most shows I watch. It's only a shame it'll take so long for me to get through it.
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I thought it was going to be so much more serious than it is. One of my friends was bitching that he can't stand "Teen Titans Go" because "they made them derpy now." Watching the original cartoon, it's just as "derpy" a lot of the time.

But yes, the original series is great. Of course, I'm also waiting around for some Beast Boy/Raven action (which I'm sure never gets more than flirtatious).
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Still seems like a relevant and popular series. lol
Posts: 10527/11918
I know it doesn't quite count as anime, but I've been binge-watching "Teen Titans" since I love "Teen Titans Go," but never really watched the original cartoon. Only really watching when Brandon's around so we're only about 8 or 9 episodes in.
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JoJo and HxH both ending at the same time has left a hole in my heart.

But there's a new Tomino Gundam! haha...
Posts: 10497/11750
Checking out Pyscho-Pass, definitely seems pretty solid so far.
Posts: 10406/11750
Jumping back into One Piece.

This Fishman Island arc sure is... boring? lol. I can't say I've heard anything special about it, sounds like the next arc is better though. Good to be seeing this again though since it's just fun stuff.
Kard Ayals
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So, I just watched all of Oreimo in the last few days.

It was good, but now I know why I don't really watch anime anymore.

Getting to the end hits hard, especially that kind of ending. I'm not that good with that kind of anime, too.

Oh well, was fun.
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Was Psycho-Pass any good?
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