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02-28-24 08:52 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Pokemon RP: The Bindings
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Name: Alan Marcus
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Home Region: Kanto
Replicator: Yes, Butterfree
Appearance: Alan is a tall, handsome, slightly muscular man. He has short brown hair and purple eyes, and apart from two large opaque white coloured wings that extend from his back, he looks very human. As a result of the Replicator, Alan has a very light complexion, his skin almost glowing or shining slightly in direct sunlight. His clothes are plain coloured dark purple long armed t-shirt (Which has cuts in the back to allow his wings to poke through) and trousers, while he wears pale blue gloves and shoes.
Background: Not done yet... Might finish it off when I'm in a more inspired state.
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Here are my awesome characters.

Name: Jamie Capulet
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Home Region: Sinnoh
Replicator: Yes, Dragonair
Appearance: Jamie has long flowing light brown hair. Bright green eyes, a beautiful smile. In fact, Jamie is a figure wrapped in ambiguity. He appears extremely feminine, even to the point of wearing women's clothing. He has a very dainty figure, and is extremely pretty..err...Handsome.... He wears a necklace, which comes to a dark blue orb at the center, and a pair of earrings which resemble dark blue orbs. So long as Jamie is wearing clothing, his sex is indeterminable to the naked eye, but social conventions in clothing distinguish him as being female.
Background: Jamie was raised learning the power of Dragonair, one which was inherent to himself at birth. There was but one place he could train for this skill, an elite school, masters of the elegant Dragon. The only problem was, the school was made specifically for women, and no male was supposed to enter the halls of the hallowed ground. His parents, wealthy Replicators, paid his way into the school, under the school's one condition: He was to dress as a girl, and act as one for his duration at the school. Jamie's parents accepted this condition, and made the arrangements. Throughout his fourteen years at the school he was not discovered to be male, and he had just finished his training bringing his journey to a beginning in New Sandleaf.

There's another one I need to post up soon, maybe later. It's like 5AM here and I can't sleep.

Edit: had a conflict of background, needed to change stuff.
The Accidental Protege
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Name: Sylvester Erbe
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Home Region: Kanto
Replicator: Yes; Gengar
Appearance: Tall, with dark, semi-purplish skin as a side effect of the Replication process. has two stiff, strange horns coming from the top of his head, which resemble Gengar horns. His back is covered in sharp scales, another side-effect. They resemble shark scales, and are meant to be a Gengar's back spines. Short, spiky, black hair. Casual smoker, but not as much as his friend, Madison.
Background: TBA. All I know is that he and Madison are great friends.

Name: Madison Falon
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Home Region: Kanto
Replicator: Yes; Skuntank
Appearance: Pretty unusual. Surprisingly hot. Wears a lot of black, black Dimmu Borgir T-shirt, and very baggy black pants. Tall black boots. Purple dyed hair, very short, but long and arcing over her face, much like Skuntank's tail, with her hair going to blond at the tips. Very angry, and swears a lot. Heavy smoker; kinda fits her Skuntankish persona.
Background: TBA. All I know is that she and Sylvester are great friends.
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Pokemon comic/RP, that is. However, the focus isn't really on the Pokemon.

Reason why? Because they're largely extinct.

For many years, humans and Pokemon lived in harmony. But, just like everything else the humans get a hold of, they ruined it. Led by the Pokemon of vast intelligence, a rebellion began. Humans, who had no other combat strategies outside of Pokemon, were pigeonholed and forced into hiding, until one day, the prestigious Dr. Blaine and his old associate, Mr. Fuji, discovered that with the right weaponry, some humans the magical ability to replicate the abilities of Pokemon.

Dr. Blaine was said to possess the powers of a Magma, and Mr. Fuji of Mew. The two led a counterattack against the Pokemon armies. In a great conflict that destroyed cities across the world, the battle was won. However, only Blaine returned, speaking no more of the fates of Fiji and the majority of Pokemon other than that the crisis was over.

Blaine, then helping the humans rebuild society, began heavily researching the human potential for copying Pokemon characteristics. He referred to it as the "Ditto Line", and the rest of his life was spent researching this strange phenomenon.

Among the amazing things he learned was this: A Replicator was amazingly stronger, faster, and naturally more powerful than other humans. They could use this power alone, but occasionally he found that people lacked the genetic potential to replicate some abilities Pokemon had, such as blades and wings. After locking himself away in his lab for a year, he discovered a ritual he refers to as a "Binding". These Bindings allow the Replicators to use wings and claws, and creates melee and ranged weapons from some unknown source to properly activate their abilities. Replicators soon after began the habit of trying to emulate some appearance of the Pokemon who they are connected to, but only do so superficially.

Now hundeds of years after the Rebellion, Pokemon are nothing to the majority of humanity but terrible beasts that scour the dark crevices of the world and occasionally raid cities and towns. Replicators travel the world, hunting down these rogue monsters. Some Replicators have learned their abilities make them able candidates for illegal doings, and so, it is not unheard of by any stretch to see Replicators battling with their amazing magic.

But now, as humans have finally become accustomed to their standing in the world, something lurks in the shadows, ready to engulf the world in chaos once more...

We're all starting off in New Sandleaf, the city that spawned from the ruins of Sandgem and Twinleaf. You have all recently finished your training in how to control your powers, and although weak, you are eager to test them out. For good or evil, whatever the purpose, you are now an elite.

There's a list of Pokemon you cannot use, but I can't really reveal them here. PM your choice to me beforehand. I'll let you know that you cannot choose a legendary outright, nor can you use a Pokemon already used. Legendaries are NPCs only. That being said, I'll give you the rest of the rules, then the character sheet.

1. No overpowering. Despite being abnormally fitter than most humans, regardless of size, you are still so. Being a Nidoran Replicator does not make one immune to guns.
2. You don't HAVE to look at all like the Pokemon you are replicated to, but it is typical for a Replicator to either dress in a manner that reminds a person of the Pokemon, or do something to pay slight homage to them.
3. Try to be original in how you handle yourself. This is based on Pokemon, but let's flex our brain muscles, eh?

Character Sheet:
Home Region: (Kanto or Sinnoh. The other two are inhospitable for human communities.)
Replicator: Yes/No (If so, include Pokemon you are replicated to. REMEMBER TO ASK ME FIRST.)
Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Pokemon RP: The Bindings

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