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02-29-24 12:31 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1541/1852
"Why do you think I excel in information?" He gave her a long stare. In a few moments he though of a few choice words. "I know what it's like to be left behind in knowledge. 'Specially in Your case." he emphasised that part, hinting that he knew what the deal was too. "But in moments like that, you just have to go with what's happening. Not even I know all that's going on, as much as I try."

He turned around, leaning against the railing, as he looked down at her. "Just remember that everyone has a reason to live. No one has just one purpose to life. Hell, look at me for example. I'm the most dangerous thing in the underground because I excel at information, so I'm always ahead of the game, I've learned very ancient arts of Shifting, so facing me in a fight is suicide, and believe it or not, but I look after someone close to me." He chuckled as he thought of Azura. "Thinking that you have one purpose in life would get boring, fast. I wouldn't be able to do much if all I knew was Information. If I knew how to just fight, I wouldn't' get far because I lacked an area of knowledge, and because I have compassion, I can rationalize my knowledge, and when to fight."

He placed a hand on Mel's head as he looked at her. "Focus on what I just told you. It's not everyday I give life advise to a simple human. And trust me, for a spell caster, your Very simple minded."

He chuckled as he lowered his hand, and stared into the sky.
True Flight
Posts: 3454/5243
Melina looked at him. "My name is Melina Reynard...." She said looking out at the sea. Her eyes looked at the sun as it began setting. "I'm a wiccan of course... but I'm a rookie on the squad... I don't know why I'm used all the time... They know something I don't... They say it's because I'm lucky..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1540/1852
Hiru looked out toward the sea as he leaned over the side. He crossed his arms over the railing and leaned comfertbly. "We'll continue this specific conversation after we find the Demon Caster. So in the meantime, lets just try to enjoy being around one another." He gave her a smile.

This is going to be a long trip...
True Flight
Posts: 3453/5243
Melina blinked and walked with Hiru. "What do you wish to have? I'll give you anything if you can end his suffering..." Melina looked at Hiru. "I don't want him involved.... in this..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1539/1852
He raised an eyebrow at such hurry. It was almost humorus, on a very sad level. He wasn't unfeeling, after all.

He sighed as he started walking, guiding her along as he walked. "And what do I get out of this bit of information?"
True Flight
Posts: 3452/5243
Melina grabbed Hiru by the hand and looked at him with an emotional look. "How?"
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1538/1852
He nearly laughed outwardly when she demanded that much of him. Such arrogance...
"Dear lady, this is where our conversation ends. After all, I'm not open to answering such... hostile attitudes. Maybe if you would have played along from the start I would have been willing to answer."

He turned about, his wings forming around his shoulders once more. "Though I do know how to help your situation." He said over his shoulder as he started for the door.
True Flight
Posts: 3451/5243
She looked at Hiru and shook her head. "I don't know! Quit asking me questions... My turn..." She glared at him. "You mentioned Micah... What do you know about him?" Melina held a hope that he would probably know what to cure about his blood disease (OOC: Incurable...). Melina's eyes changed to a crazed look, a symptom of her being around Micah for so long. "I would do anything to end his pain..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1537/1852
"Because your alone" He chuckled, answering her question she was thinking. It was as clearly plastered on her face as the day lights the sky.

"Yes. One very important question, actually." He glanced at her through his shades for a moment, shifting his weight to his left foot. "How important is he to the signing of The Contract?"
True Flight
Posts: 3450/5243
Melina looked at him. She clearly left some details out. "He's a signee that needs protection... So I was sent out to look for him... Any thing else?" Melina blinked and looked around. ..... Why.... do.... they follow me..... she thought feeling the presence of another shape shifter.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1536/1852
Hiru went silent listening. The name seemed to ring a bell somewhere, he just wasn't sure where. He glanced up to Mel, sliding his glasses back onto his face, crossing his arms, and spoke once more: "Ok. Why the interest in one demon then? Why bring him back?"

His patients was wearing thing already, which is surprising considering he had practice in this area.
True Flight
Posts: 3449/5243
Melina sat back. She took out her notebook paper from a pocket. "He or She is Errice Elkheim.... Human Alias... Alex... This demon is in hiding. I am to find this demon and bring him or her back to the base..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1535/1852
"I'm glad you see reason, my dear lady. I'd hate to think of what would happen to your hand if you actually hit me." It would be the equivalent to punching stone.

He sighed for a moment. He always hated using these dirty tactics. It left a bad taste in his mouth. "Give me all the information you have on the Demon Caster. From his name, why your company is interested in him, what he can do, all of it. I'll decide on what's useful by what you tell me." He crossed his
True Flight
Posts: 3448/5243
Right then and there her fist clutched and fire covered it. She sent a flying punch at Hiru's stomach. Melina blinked and stopped in mid action. She put a hand on her clutched fist and blinked. "Please... What ever it is... I will tell you..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1534/1852
Hiru sighed as he shook his head slowly. She was being stubborn alright... No worries.

"Now my dear, it's because you have use." He said as he walked slowly to her, raised a hand, and gripped her finger, snuffing out the flame. "But make no mistake.." His voice became very serious, very dangerous, as well as his eyes changed from a calm human looking green, to a yellow demon-catlike.

"When your use becomes no more, your death will be sure." His very demeanor screamed Terror, as his glare locked onto her eyes. But as quickly as the deadly moment came about, he went back to being calm and happy as he let go of her finger, and simply shrugged.

"I can always ask Micha."
True Flight
Posts: 3447/5243
Melina looked at the demon. "You could kill me... and you won't get a word out of me... But there's something preventing you from killing me isn't there?" Melina smirked. "I don't know what it is... but I never die... ever... Every time a demon has a chance to kill me.. they don't." She pointed a finger at him. A small flame appeared. "Don't mess with me Demon..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1533/1852
"Dear girl, I asked not of YOUR personal interest, but of your company's." He shrugged "but as you request. Lets begin on an easier level," He took a step back as he crossed his arms, giving her a sharp grin. "What is the Caster's name?"
True Flight
Posts: 3446/5243
Melina shoved Hiru and glared at him. He had hit a button that really irritated her. Melina's eyes changed to a more crazed look as thoughts of Micah suffering went through her mind. "My motivations are none of your concern." Melina clutched a fist and a want to punch Hiru grew in her heart. Still she grabbed ahold of herself and gave Hiru the same look. "I think it's best you leave that subject alone."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1532/1852
Hiru chuckled a bit as he leaned forward and placed both hands on her shoulders to steady her. It was painfully obvious she was testing him, but no matter. He's use to word games like these.

"Come now, Mel. You do know information, and you are able to share it. Since you already know a little bit about me, you already know that my services are not to be let go easily, considering my reach of information, and abilities to influence." He grinned as he slipped to her side, and rest his arm across her shoulders.

"Now, please do tell, why the interest in the Demon Caster?"
True Flight
Posts: 3445/5243
Melina shrugged. "For someone so hurt, you show more of an ego than actually a want for gathering information." Melina looked at Hiru. "I'm not to share any information with you though... Sorry can't help you there." Melina got out of her seat and blinked. The boat began to move and Melina tripped falling forward a bit.
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