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02-28-24 08:58 PM
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Name: Nina Chiodetti
Age: 15
Appearance: Waist length, thick black hair with green eyes and an olive complexion. She stands at about five feet even, and while carrying herself on a thin body frame, Nina maintains a healthy toned appearance as a result of her active lifestyle.
Allegiance: N/A (Stigma...but with no allegiance for now.)
Background: Nina is in nearly every facet a typical teenage girl. Fitting in and keeping up with the trends are her hobbies, along with going for a run every morning before the sun comes up. These superficial activities are simply a cover for Nina. Beneath the make up and common clothes is a disturbed and lonely teenage girl. There are things going on with her body that aren't quite normal, even for a teenager, that Nina can't put her finger on. These differences are the cause of Nina's internal withdraw from others, which she masks by blending in with everyone else her age.
Weaponry: None.

Species: Homoblatta (Hopefully that's right...yay bats!)
Stage I: Nina can literally hear a pin drop. The distance in which she can hear the pin drop depends on how far she concentrates herself. Her vision isn't the best by human standards, and she does indeed wear contact lenses to see as well as the normal human being, but when she closes her eyes, she can use the sounds she hears to see things. She can also "glide"-That is, she can jump further than most, and when jumping down from an elevated spot, she can, to an extent, control her landing (Ie: rather than go straight down, she can land at an angle and do so very smoothly.)
Stage II: Not yet achieved.
Stage III: Not achieved.

Making another charrie. This one is to hold Cairoi over for now. :p I'll post the other sometime tomorrow. If you wish to start however, by all means, do so. I don't have to introduce BOTH charries at the same time.
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Name: James Vulpis
Age: 19
Appearance: Nearly Six Feet tall, long black hair parted to one side, and green eyes. Very attractive looking. Wears dark colors, shades of gray and red.
Allegiance: N/A
Background: remembers almost all of his life, his 'birth' is almost too vivid for his own good. He has become a twisted sort of Sigma, his mind altered to the point where other people are meaningless. He tends to be very manipulative, and uses his wits and charisma to guide himself through almost any situation.
Weaponry: A Leather Whip, and a Small Knife.
Species: Homo Vulpis
Stage I: Extended ears, yellow colored eyes. Increased agility.
Stage II: Further increase of agility, dark red streaks appearing in hair.
Stage III: Form of Fox, appears as a "Japanese Red Fox." Can revert to human form after this stage is reached.

Name: Jaelisti Fadose
Age: 29
Appearance: Stubbled face, and dark brown hair kept out of face, piercing blue eyes, six-foot-two-inches tall, wears earthen colors.
Allegiance: Modernist
Background: Jaelisti doesn't know much of his story, where he came from, or anything, all he knows is that he must have been born at some time, and he is a great marksman. Is working to define himself as a Sigma Knight.
Weaponry: Longbow, Scimitar, and a Luger(not used frequently, prefers bow. Also very short on ammo and not the type to waste bullets).
Species: Homo Phoenix (Yes, a Phoenix, I know! My character believes himself to be a rare red-feathered bird of some sort.)
Stage I: Fierce Red Eyes, improved vision, improved agility, minor levitation, flame and frost resistance.
Stage II: Flame immunity, greater frost resistance, further improved vision, full flight capabilities, feathers become mixed in with hair, small wings sprout from back.
Stage III: Not yet achieved.

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Name: Avidma Apalala
Age: 28
Appearance: Nearly six and half feet, with a strong jaw, and long red hair that reaches to his mid-back worn in a ponytail. He wears standard druid armor.
Allegiance: Druid
Background: Not much is known of Avidma's past. He appeared at a druid village several years ago, and joined their armed forces. He has mostly kept to himself since then.
Weaponry: A halberd, with a long-sword sheathed at his hip for close quarters.
Expertise: Combat

Name: Zevach "Zach" Hotaru
Age: 19
Appearance: A lanky boy of mid to average height, he has greasy, jet-black hair that is slicked back (with no use of gel) with a few loose strands in front of his face. He wears black cargo pants, and a matching t-shirt, usually with some miscellaneous japanese phrase written on it.
Allegiance: Sigma
Background: Zach was bred for scouting, recovery, and other such purposes that required his speed and skills in evasion, and he has not disappointed.
Weaponry: None
Homo Siphonaptera- Flea Sigma
Stage I: Heightened muscle strength and tension, heightened sensory perception
Stage II: Armor plating, increase of Stage I abilities
Stage III: N/A
True Flight
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Name: Selina Singna
Age: 21
Appearance: She wears a black pair of pants with a pair of flat boots. For a shirt she wears a red tank top and for the cold she wears a white trench coat.
Allegiance: N/A
Background: She's a bounty hunter for escaped prisoners on either side.
Weaponry: a whip and tranquilizer pistol.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Name: Jack Spirit
Age: 25
Appearance: Jack is somewhat taller than most people, and fairly muscular, they way someone looks when they have to use their muscles a lot, but don't actually do weight lifting on a regular basis. He wears a bright red cloak over completely black clothes. His hair is completely black, and his face looks unhappy half the time, mischevious the other.
Allegiance: N/A
Background: Jack mostly spends his life wandering from place to place, doing oddjobs that need doing, including, if neccesarry, fighting.
Weaponry: We need to talk about this, actually, Cairoi, so this has yet to be written.
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Alright, five people. That's good enough.

Allegiance: (Modernist, Druid, N/A)
Weaponry: (Think Medieval weaponry, must get permission to use a firearm)

if Druidic Knight:
Expertise: (Combat, Tracking, or Healing)

Druidic Knights who are best at Combat often work as swords for hire, traveling and looking for work. Trackers hunt Sigmas across the wilderness for bounties, and healers either travel with other Druidic Knights or take up residence in a town and serve as a surgeon or doctor.

if Sigma:
Species: Homo _____
(open to create your own, but try to keep it reasonable)

Homo Eunectes- Anaconda Sigma-
Stage I: Slight muscle growth, high muscle elastication, elongated fangs, ability to temporarily unhinge joints or bones.
Stage II: Legs morph into large tail, serphant features become apparent, appears as a yuan-ti.
Stage III: incapable.
True Flight
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count me in.
Posts: 3295/3775
Posts: 2651/2954
You know I'm in.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Eh, I'm in. What fun.
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I'm not entirely sure I'm going to run this on Xeogaming because of the lack of excitement concerning RPs here, but I figure I'll throw a line out there and see how you all bite.

Story: In the far distant future, humanity, as it once was, is extinct. Cities have been scorched, nature defiled, and governments crumbled. A general overview of mankind's fate will be listed here:

Somewhere in the 21st century, global warming and the race for oil led to an inevitable war on a global scale. While international forces managed to prevent the war from going nuclear, a new field, far more terrifying, became implemented: Genetic Warfare. Scientists across the world created strains of viruses as weapons, antidotes were found, and people lived in an endless state of fear until the Druidic State arose. A multinational conglomeration of people dedicated to returning the planet to its former owner, nature. They toppled nations across the globe, and lovers of science learned to fear those who went by name of Druid. The world became split in two. Druidic territory and Modernist lands were scattered and fearful, and the world became smaller as borders became less defined and forests creeped across the fields once more.

Two main armed forces remained. The Druidic Knights, paladins for Mother Earth, and the only force truly organized left against them: The Sigma Project.

The Sigma Project is the culmination of genetic research. Born not as a human, but as a new creature, members were weapons of themselves. From the beginning, their genes were spliced together with animals', giving them evolutionary advantages other species had gained. A man could have the muscle strength of a flea, giving him the ability of super speed and strength. Another man could be given claws, very large in comparison to his body, like a crab.

To assist them in controlling them, Sigmas were given a "fluid genetic code". What this meant was that they are capable of transforming. With chemical "triggers", they are capable of various transformations based on the genetic variations written into them. All Sigmas have a Human Form and Stage I forms. Stage I is their normal form. While in Stage I, emphasis is placed on staying as "human" as possible, with only slight variations to appearance. The biggest change to a Stage I human would be wings or appendages, basically. Most Sigma have a Stage II form as well, where they take a more monstrous (albeit stronger) form. Only few have a Stage III form, where one "becomes" the animal they owe their genetic history to. This is so rare because once this form is achieved, most lose the intelligence capable of changing back, and become largely useless.

Now, in the current age, there are many Sigmas largely worked into society. Capable of existing in Druidic lands by staying in Human Form, many Sigmas have given up the fight against the Druids and try their hardest to live in peace. As society slowly rebuilds and small hamlets and villages begin to spot the earth once more, things seem to be slowly coming together.

In Druidic lands, there are bands on some, but not all technology. Owning guns is heavily restricted and difficult with the closing of most ammunition factories, and melee weapons are emphasized for self-protection and combat. Home appliances are permitted, but microwaves, desktop computers, and phones are outlawed. Televisions are allowed, but essentially only for watching movies. There is no cable or satellite television.

In Modernist cities, laws are lax, as most energy is devoted to keeping technology up and running. Guns are very hard to come by, still, but electric melee weapons and other technological additions to combat are heavily used. Sigmas are revered as knights, members of a higher social caste than most people. Gangs are prevalent and most people can attest to owing allegiance to one or another gang lord.

If you have any more questions about the universe, PM me. I'll be able to answer you.

Playable Groups:

Human: A simple human being. Adept in archaic weaponry, humans can be of almost any background.

Sigmas: Sigmas do not remember where they come from. They only know they were more made than born. They cannot reproduce. Loved by Modernists, despised by Druids, they realize their alienation from most of humanity. They live lonely lives.

Druidic Knights: Raised at a monastery with others sworn to the Code, Druidic Knights are attuned to nature at a supernatural level. They are heavily trained in martial arts, wilderness living, and medical technique. While they are warriors against Modernists, they can be good or evil. There is no restriction in that category, surprisingly. Early on, Druids learned not to be too picky.

Well, if you think you'd want to do this, reply. If enough people are interested, I'll post a character sheet.
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