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02-21-24 07:03 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - War of the Shards 1 1/2
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I've been thinking about War of the Shards and such, and I came up with an interesting idea: A What If universe where Josiah had never become involved. In the main story, Josiah is the unifying force that ends the war. How would the war have played out? Which friends would be enemies? I think it'd make an interesting RP.

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Character Sheet:
Name: Icav Ribe
Age: 32

Description: 6'2" 195 lbs with a swimmers build, his short cropped blond hair and blue eyes make many thing he is augmented in some way. Rarely seen without his holsters carrying two modified Five-seveN. Typically attired in IFDF Generals Uniform or a full tactical loadout.

With the destruction of most of the shards and the formation of the IFDF, Icav was moved from Marinae special operations and escort to IFDF command staff. Placed in charge of SOTC (Special Operations Tactical Combat) he has been deployed on numerous ops tracking down holdover military forces and warlord militias. His men respect him for the simple fact that he never commands from a desk. A key member of the IFDF Command and Control his actions are frowned apon by most of IFDF High Command. His rash behavior and rather...Violent methods of solving problems are not something that is openly discussed but whispered around the halls of bases.

Aurora User: Misses the boost his shard gave him, but has always been one to rely on military technology and not something that he doesn't know how to take apart and put back together.
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Job's Done.
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Name: Davion Freeman

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Description: Davion is 6' 2", and 215 lbs of muscle, having some fat across his midsection over his stomach. Dressed as a priest of Suvoj, his black skin a direct contrast to the white robes, he carries around a stick with Suvoj writings on it. A club he uses to beat his foes beneath him.

History: Born and raised in the heart of Africa, began a shard user for his safety from the dozens of civil wars his country went through yearly. He killed many people, until he found god, and was converted to the Suvoj religion by none other than Leon Machina. A devout follower of Leon's way, having read all of the books Leon wrote, gaining great insight into the power of the shards that once were. Davion believes that Leon's word was powerful, and the true word of the Suvoj. He was not afraid to act, put his faith before himself, and more importantly, become a Martyr for the sake of Suvoj, and the whole world. Davion longs to be regarded as a hero, much like Leon is, the Saviors of the world.

Aurora User: Davion used his shards very much, but never relied on them. They were a part of him, but not the only part. He would be open to regaining their strength though.
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So we're waiting on two people. Once either one of them posts up, we'll get started.
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Name: Ni'ja.

Gender: Female.

Age: By her people's concept of time, she just turned 20. By the world's standards, she's still 19.

Description: Middle Eastern by appearance, Ni'ja has light brown skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes. In the RP, Ni'ja will not be adhering to Hijab--no chador or burqa. However, her timidness around foreigners still makes her feel a headscarf is necessary (doesn't want to be tempting infidels with her feminine wiles now, does she?).

She's small and slender at 5'2" and 110 lbs.

History: Taken in by a Sahara Desert-dwelling Bedouin tribe of nomads, Ni'ja as a child, was found wandering in the dark, alone and unprotected, in the desert when she came upon their encampment. The Bedouin are confused as to how a child could survive the blistering daytime heat without any provisions for a day much less the amount of time it probably took her to walk through the vast desert and into their camp. Glad to see her alive, though, she is quickly given food, water, and place to stay despite her unwillingness to explain where she'd come from or how she'd stumbled upon them.

The strange girl denies ever having a name (or parents) and is called Ni'ja, Arabic for "saved one."

It is suspected that Ni'ja was an escapee from a human-trafficking syndicate in north Africa (possibly Sudan) where she would have been smuggled somewhere else to be slave labor. Ni'ja speaks Arabic and has an ear for English, but she isn't quite fluent.

As the years progress, Ni'ja reaches the age of 20 by the Islamic lunar calendar and hasn't been chosen as someone's wife... yet.

Due to the Bedouin's tradition of arranged marriage, and her lack of parents to strike such a deal with a young man's parents at her birth, she's often been considered by some to be taboo. Rashid, however, doesn't think so. Having three wives and is allowed one more by common law, he has his eye on Ni'ja.

In an effort to prolong her fate of endlessly bearing children on top of being dealt the wrath of three women who'd be jealous toward her union with their husband, Ni'ja proclaims a desire to fulfill the fifth Islamic pillar of Hajj--pilgrimage to Mecca--and cannot be married or slept with until she sates the need and returns.

With her guardians' blessing, she sets off, escorted by a small group, toward the Red Sea where they'll take a ferry to Mecca.

Her group is marauded in Sudan. Just as a Janjaweed is about to attack her, (possibly capture her to rape her and pass her on to the next man, as is a common occurrence among Sudanese fighters) a bright flash erupts around Ni'ja and she finds herself in New York City on the roof of a high-rise building.

Ni'ja's wearing the same clothes as before, but she's alone. None of her belongings are with her and she absolutely NO CLUE where she is or how she got there.

She's seeking answers from any public official who can give them to her.

Aurora User: Ni'ja has no idea what you infidels are talking about.

EDIT: Fucking typos.
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Name: Holly Ezhno
Age: 23
Description: Physically, almost nothing has changed about Holly over the past 5 years, yet she is dramatically different. Her blue eyes being the same as they always were, reveal patience, not icy indifference. Her once waistlength hair now falls nearly to her thighs, and is more often than not, now tied back in a lose braid. Her fashion sense has altered slightly. Rather than the tight black, low cut shirts and the dark blue jeans, Holly now sports sweatpants and shirts that are slightly too big for her, and while she has never tanned, her usually pale skin seems to be emanating a natural sort of glow for the past few weeks.

History: Holly was raised in a family with a free-spirited mother, and a strict military father. Her mother grew sick, however, and as a final parting gift, presented Holly a shard. Knowing nothing of it's power, Holly kept it close to her, just as her mother requested before her death.

Later on, Holly realized, it was the shard in her posession that drew her and Josiah together. That meeting in turn thrust her in the war of the shards.

After the war, Seifer tried to stay at the Marinae base with Holly, but he was too restless. While it was difficult in the beginning, Holly accepted Seifer's decision and busied herslf with other matters, one of them being moving in with her father, Henry Marina, the same man whom she ran away from and resented for so many years. After the war, Henry was severely injured and is confined to a wheelchair. Holly, newly pregnant and ignoring the fact that she didn't want to be alone anymore, decided that her father needed someone around just to take care of him.

Aurora User: Holly heard of this, but is almost positive she wouldn't become one. Her shard never became a part of her as much as it was an external weapon.
True Flight
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Character Sheet:
Name: Anja Eirny
Age: 29
Description: Anja holds a graceful look in both casual clothing and business casual clothing. She keeps a warm glow around her. Anja has green eyes with a golden-brown loop around the center. Her hair is black, straight, and about shoulder length with a layered look. Around her neck she always wears a silver chain with her family shield on it. For her job she wears random business casual clothes. When she is out and about she wears jeans and shirts.
History: Anja was raised as an open minded person. Anja never felt special even though her family raised her as such. She thought she wasn't gifted until she saved her mother during the birth of her baby sister. Anja is the fifth child of twelve. Anja gave medicine her full attention. Anja began healing people who came in. As the amount of her patients increased Anja was enduring through using all of her energy. She saw a very important person come in. This person was incharge of the medical branch. Anja tried everything in her mind to save him. He smiled and said that she didn't even have to spend his last minutes with him. Anja refused to leave his side until he got better. He wrote to the chain of command claiming he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. He met a healer who will work for the good of all people. This made her the perfect candidate to take his spot. As the war went on Anja was given charge of the medical branch. She continued to work and live to the expectations of the other judges who elected her as a judge.
Aurora?: She was a healer. She would give anything to get that back.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Character Sheet:

Name: Jack Dreddin

Age: 39

Description: Jack Dreddin has black hair, and almost always wears a suit, with shined shoes, and a dark blue tie. He's a leader, not a warrior(though he does have combat abilities) so he prefers to look nice.

History: Jack Dreddin used to be the famed leader of the E'shyum. He led them well, and when they wanted to join the IFDF, he allowed them to do it, although only out of respect for the democratic nation he had set up. A while later, his involvement with the Josiah incedent became public, and due to the fact that he had negotiated with Josiah during a time of war, he was put on trial. No one but him really knows what he did with Josiah, and so the whole trial was, in his mind, a mockery of a proper justice system.

However, he was rescued from his inevitable imprisonment by Rogue Wave...

Aurora User: No, Jack never used a shard, and he never attempted to harness any Aurora abilities. He mostly just doesn't know if he can use Aurora, and he doesn't care.


Name: Brad Desin

Age: 35

Description: Brad is a large man, with a fiar amoutn of muscle. He's become accustomed to wearing ordinary civilian clothes, and looks just like a normal person. It's like he completely moved on from his past as the general of the E'shyum army, and turned into an ordinary guy...

History: As said before, Brad used to be the general fo the entire E'shyum army. He was a good commander, and the men all respected him. However, durign the Josiah incident, he was forced to work with many of his enemies to kill Josiah. After this, he realized, the war wasn't worth fighting anymore. He didn't want to kill all of the Marinae forces in war...there was hardly a reason. So he resigned as general of the E'shyum, and set out to live a normal life.

He entered into a small farming community, and lived with them a while, eventually marrying a woman there, called Mary Jameson. Ten years later, Brad has three children, two of them daughters, one of them his son. He only hopes that he can continue this normal life, but knows that he will inevitably be called to fight again...

Aurora User: Yes, Brad has discovered that he still has many powers from his former energy shard, and has been quietly learning how to use the aurora abilities, just in case...

Are my characters the only ones that didn't go throguh anything fun during the last ten years?
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Name: Seifer Ezhno

Age: 27

Description: Seifer's amber hair is as shaggy as it ever was, but his face is now encased in a beard. His body has become slightly thicker over time, but he is still incredibly fit for his age and has kept up his swordsmanship.

History: Seifer has lived an exciting life. His adopted father raised him during the hectic early ages of the new world, and his combat prowess and quick wit spring from him. He was once Josiah's partner in crime, before Josiah turned on him and left him for dead. Afterwards, he served as Edgar White (leader of the former Sujov faction)'s bodyguard, wandered across the land for several years, and then got wrangled into the War of the Shards. Throughout the conflict, Seifer found himself drawn to Holly, a high-class Marinae woman who got in too deep. After the unification of the three factions, Seifer and Holly married, and are now expecting a child.
Seifer has served for the IFDF since it's inception. While his exact duties change frequently, he has always been a large presence in military dealings. He is currently the head of the new Aurora combat unit, due to his pioneering the technique with his new disciple/partner, Tobias Wolff. He has demonstrated the ability to replicate his former shard abilities, to some extent, as well as use some base Aurora abilities.

Name: Tobias Wolff
Age: 17
Description: Lithe, raven-haired, fond of thermal shirts and jeans, and blue-eyed. Rarely wears his uniform.
History: A quiet young man who was 'discovered' by Seifer. He is one of the greatest Aurora users known to the IFDF, but as he never owned a shard, he is limited to the basic abilities alone.
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Okay, that seems to be the consensus.

Character Sheet:
Aurora User: (yes or no)

Name: Don Alden Jr.
Age: 41
Description: Alden wears a traditional military crew cut. He is a tall, well built man, scarred from his years of raising two of the most powerful military forces in the world; although the lines from age seem to outnumber the lines from combat these days.
History: Don was raised in a military family. From a young age he was raised to join the army by his war hero father, Don Alden Sr. In high school he was enrolled in a top class military academy, where he was top of his class. When the meteorite hit, he was a high military official, and was one of the first to test out the shards. When the UN collapsed, he knew that the current forms of government were ineffective, and that the whole world should be united under one ruler. So, using his access to the shards, he set out to establish a world wide government. After the destruction of the shards, he was one of the key forces in the establishment of the IFDF, and is currently planning both his retirement and wedding.
True Flight
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So where do I post my character and come in?
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I understand, dude, but I feel like that story is way too much of a "restart" than an actual sequel. The conflict would be resolved in a similar manner to the first one, and the Integrated Forces would integrate even more forces, et cetera, et cetera.

My story idea is a continuation of the RP since it's basically here to serve us, the people who actually played through the first one, and allow us to bring some fresh ideas into the mix.
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I like John's idea better...
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Well, when the first meteor hit, it wasn't the only one. Other chunks of it hit around the earth, but none matched the scale of the main one. These new meteors are some of those chunks that didn't come to Earth 10 years ago. They're relatively small, about the size of a mini-van each. When they impacted, they released shard dust into the atmosphere, similar to the original meteor.
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If I remember correctly, there was only one shard meteor, created by Josiah and the Watcher dude many years ago. Another meteor of equal size would lessen the accomplishment of the first RP.

How about this:

With the shards shattered across the world, the magic energy in the shards has escaped into the atmosphere. The said energy has been given the unit "Machinas", in respect to Leon Machina, who died several times in the war. When Machina levels are high, a phenomena occurs known as "Aurora Machina". Highly skilled (former) shard users, and new humans who have a high sensitivity to the energy can manipulate the energy to either replicate the ability of a shard they once used (to a lesser extent), or control the "Aurora". An Aurora manipulator can create energy blasts, shields, and various other things.

With the Machina appearing all around the world, several people have proven themselves able to trigger the Aurora Machina. The IFDF has created a special unit of these people, and the unit sees frequent action in the campaign to unite the Americas.

The biggest threat to the IFDF is Rogue Wave, the force that arose when the legend of Josiah spread across the world. Rumors have circulated that Rogue Wave has come into possession of a chunk of the original meteor that Josiah had hid to eventually fuel his own private army. Rogue Wave's intentions are clear: To find a person who can resurrect their personal messiah. Though the IFDF publicly denies the existence of Rogue Wave, they have many operatives hunting down any trail of the organization.

With reports of resistors of the IFDF showing shard-level abilities, everyone is naturally worried.

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Brad is on the run, if I recall correctly.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Brad, Jack's prisoner as well. What's my man doing?
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Okay, here's where we left off:

Seifer and Holly are married, with a child on the way, and Henry is confined to a wheelchair.

Alden is engaged, and in the process of retiring.

Eric disappeared after the destruction of the shards.

Jeremy has become a high ranking judge in the Integrated Factions Defense Force.

Jack has been a prisoner of the IFDF, until he could be put on trial.

I think that's all.
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Here's the gist....

Another meteor...shard meteor thingie. Splits into three. One piece falls into the hands of a new cult, longing for Josiah's return. Another piece crashes into the clutches of the IFDF. The a mystery.

However, slowly, people are cropping up with minimal traits of the shards.

I'm under the impression that this is the major gist. Character details seem necessary at this point to make the plot more interesting, ya know? Like, what does everyone want their old characters to be doing? And what about making new ones? Etc.

Any other ideas are welcome. Any general elaborations are also welcome. Otherwise, let's get discussing what our characters are doing and add some plot details around that?
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - War of the Shards 1 1/2

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