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02-21-24 10:56 PM
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Makii Tachibana
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Alluitious was a man in his 30's. He is now dead. But for some reason he just could not leave this world. His spirit flowed from passanger after passanger, looking for someone as though he was with someone on this plane. He finally just gave up forgetting who it was and for the most part forgetting everything but his name. now he is following the people who survived the crash trying to figure out who he is and why he did not cross over.
True Flight
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As Ellen was carried out she looked at the woman. Her eyes grew saddened. All she did was touch the woman and now she can't walk straight. It must be shock, but her lower back hurt. A lot. Ellen sniffled a bit dealing with the pain. "I'm sorry...." She apologized for making her self such a spectacle.
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Shaw stood outside of the door of the plane, counting the survivors as the exited.

One. Two. Three. Isthat it?

He took out his SAT phone and checked it, but a large crack ran across the screen, and the buttons seemed unresponsive.

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Socialite and presumed trophy wife Margaret Tabitha Ashbury glanced over at the mutilated form that was her husband.

Her mascara had streaked down her cheeks, collecting with her salty tears along her jawline. She'd had to cope almost instantly to Preston Ashbury's sudden...

To be frank, Margaret hadn't shed her tears out of love and loss of Preston Ashbury, but rather the damage of her Ralph Lauren original coat, now splattered with Preston's blood and entrails.

They were arm candy for one another and nothing more--a marriage of convenience between two powerful families. Not to mention Preston's flaming homosexuality.

Well, c'est la vie.

Margaret removed her wedding ring--a solid, white gold number with a 5-carat Marquise cut diamond nestled among alexandrite and sapphire chips--placed it in Preston's breast pocket (or what was left of it), unbuckled herself from the seat, and fell in with the other survivors.
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Ouch. James Avery McColliheigh got out of his seat, ripping the oxygen mask off his face. Mindlessly, he began to stumble towards the light of the door. Mere seconds before stepping upon the body of a young woman, the woman screamed about her legs or something.

James looked down, still very much dazed. "Oh, don't worry about that, missy." He said in his noticeable Irish accent. "That's just the 'oxygen' ye had."

He lifted her off the ground, accidentally hitting her head on something (or so he thought), and carried her off the plane. As he walked past Erik S. Shaw, he nodded. "Evening."
True Flight
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Ellen got up and looked to her side. The man next to her was dead. Ellen's eyes widened as she fell back. she should've been dead but she was completely fine. Something wasn't right. He was covered in injuries that shouldn't have been there. Ellen screamed. She was on a flight to move into her aunt's house and live with her cousin. Ellen looked at a woman she was screaming from her back injury. Ellen put a hand on the woman and the woman calmed down.

A sharp pain grew in Ellen's back. She fell on her side then looked up at Erik. "My legs!" She shouted. "I can't feel my legs!!"
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Erik S. Shaw quickly, but calmly, unbuckled his seat belt and approached the emergency exit, being careful to step over the corpse of the captain. He tried to open the door, but it didn't move, even when he leaned his weight into it. He took a step back and delivered a full-forced kick into the door, sending open with such force that it nearly bounced closed again.

"Come on, people, let's get moving; we don't have much time."
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Attention, passengers. Your flight, Flight 472 (London to Turkey), has been forced to make an emergency landing in Oakhurst. Please, sir and/or ma'am, do not panic. The majority of the plane is intact. You are intact.

Some of you. We apologize for any discomfort.

Now, we understand there are a significant amount of you with superpowers aboard the ship. We request that those of you who do help your fellow (surviving) passengers.

As you can see, the seatbelt signal has been turned off. You have five hours to find society before nightfall, when the predators will come.

Exits are to the left and right of my mangled body. I hope you enjoyed your flight on Pascal Air. Have a nice day.

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