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True Flight
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Name: Julius Crosse
Age: 17 when he died and became a minion of the scourge, his undeath age really isn't relevant.
Gender: Male
Race: Undead
Class: Priest
Weapons/Armor: A scarlet stave, tipped with golden accents. A simple staff, though light seems to envelope it at all times. His clothing is a bright red, pants, shirt, gloves and boots all dyed the same color. On top of his chest he wears a tabard, one of the Scarlet Crusade. Upon either shoulder lies a golden pauldron, illuminated by some sort of holy magic, which seem to glow and if caught at the right angle, illuminate to create what appear to be angelic wings. He is frequently seen wearing dark gray goggles, goggles which would prevent the light of his eyes from escaping.
Description: Julius' body is rather well preserved, as it shows few of the natural decay signs. He is incredibly pale, and youthful looking, most people find it hard to believe he is truly undead when they first see him. His fingers come to claws, as well as the tips of his toes. He bears a head that has a good amount of hair on top of it.
Personality: Introvert, Vengeful, and Spiteful.
Background: Julius was quite young when the scourge attacked his homeland. He was converted into an acolyte, he did not see the front of many wars, but he was one of the backbones of the Lich King's army. Upon his release from the control of the scourge, he retreated to Lordaeron only to find it in ruins, shambles of it's former glory. He hated the scourge, he hated what it had done, he wanted revenge. Vengeance for what they did to Faith. Oh, they would pay. Not too long after joining the Forsaken in what was now referred to as the "Undercity." A new breed of people meant to strike out and destroy what was left of the Forsaken, the Scarlet Crusaders. However, despite knowing he would be persecuted by these new adversaries, Julius believed their raw hatred for the undead was noble. Julius Disguised himself, and fashioning a powerful sort of goggles to enhance his abilities and hide his eyes, he made for the monastery. After many years serving there he awoke to several armed guards in his room, raising their swords above their heads, aiming to strike down the corrupt undead living beside them all these years. Julius was forced to blast them away with a holy light, burning them with a righteous fury. During his escape he came across Herod, one of the champions of the Scarlet Crusade, who struck Julius wounding him greatly. Herod took a moment to breath in the success of this kill, and turned away. Julius quickly leapt upward, and mended his wounds with his healing magic. Then in a fit of pure rage, he took on the opposite aspect of the priest's abilities. Becoming entirely shadow, he quickly harnessed the magic required to take down such a powerful adversary. Reverting to his normal form, Julius cast aside his torn tabard, and drew a new one from Herod's body, even though it held a few droplets of blood, it's sentiment was worth more. He spent the next few years in a personal exile, doing as he pleased, becoming better, and conquering feats of strength. Until a mage brought him a challenge and a free ride to prepare in the fight against the truest evil of the world, Deathwing.


Holy shit, I wrote a lot more than planned.

Maybe I'll RP more frequently.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I think I'll reuse an OLD character who never went anywhere last time I used him. Enjoy.

Name: Dveris
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Weapons/Armor: Has full body armor with a kite shield, and wields a long hand-and-a-half sword.
Description: Dveris is largely built, with brown hair. He is almost always wearing at least part of his armor, which is painted a pure white color, although he usually only wears his helmet during a battle.
Personality: Dveris is very calm and confident. He almost never gets angry, except when in defense of another. He has always been a natural paladin.
Background: After many of his friends deserted the alliance and became Death Knights, Dveris spent years hunting down and killing them. He has always been a devoted servant to the Light, never wavering, never falling. During the war against Arthas, he himself killed thousands, if not tens of thousands of undead.

After the battle of Icecrown, Dveris decided that he had seen enough bloodshed in his life, and abandoned his life, pledging that he would never again fight in war. However, after Kirin Tor contacted him, and he heard about the escape of Deathwing, he once again donned his armor, ready for one last fight...
The Accidental Protege
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I see we're picking up with the participant pace. Nice.

Addendum: No more than 2 classes of each in the RP. I don't wanna see a million Death Knights or Rogues lurking about, lol. Variety is fun, too!

Waiting on Vulkar and maybe another person or two if we need more people... Then, we can start the show!
True Flight
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Name: Alicia Tearcoat
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Hunter
Weapons/Armor: Bow and arrow and traps. Has a dagger for when she runs out of ammo
Description: Alicia has blue eyes and brown hair. Alicia has a huge spider for a pet. She named the spider Duchess after the pet name that her lover gave her. She wears tight leather pants with a green tunic shirt. Her clothes are deffinetely inspired by the night elves. She wears a pair of goggles on her forehead.
Personality: Alicia is a very bright person hiding what she truly feels all the time.
Background: Her family has been involved in many of the battles. The main goal for the females was to hunt and gather while the males ran out to battle. Alicia followed this until she met a blood elf. She fell in love with him. The two kept together in secret, however, when he was found out, he was brutally murdered. Alicia keeps her mind together. She still wears the goggles that he gave her on her forehead. Alicia's family represented the humans as diplomats and aided the High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind when ever she needed help.

Name: Ilfana Firewind
Age: looks 20
Gender: Female
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Rogue
Weapons/Armor: poisoned katana
Description: Has black hair and green glowing eyes. She wears a pair of clothe pants and a tight black shirt that is sleeveless. On her forehead she wears her family identifier, black goggles.
Personality: She's a blank slate and driven by find thing the Tearcoat family.
Background: Ilfana's big brother was her only family. Driven by revenge, Ilfana is on a quest to find each of Alicia's family members. She plans on torturing each one of them and killing them all just as her brother was killed.

The Accidental Protege
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Name: Rokhar Steelshatter
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Weapons/Armor: Bloodhowl, his twin bladed battleaxe, as well as an assortment of red-stained iron pauldrons, but not much else in the way of protection, save for iron boots and leather gloves, and a few other mundane pieces of equipment. He proudly bears the Insignia of the Horde on his armor.
Description: His green, tight skin stretches over his bulging muscle tighter than a war drum, his bald head with a lone, long black ponytail reflecting the sun like a dirty silver plate. Tall and powerful, Rokhar is the embodiment of the true Orcish Hero.
Personality: Rokhar is an incredibly honest, honorable individual, and will refuse to betray, lie to, or attack someone while that person is not looking. When enraged, his bellows sound like the crashing of thunder, and all in his path become collateral damage.
Background: Rokhar was born the son of a blacksmith and worked with his father until his 12th birthday, at which time, he joined the ranks of the fighting men and women of the Horde. Leading expeditions into unknown territory and setting up strategic outposts in Northrend during his time there, Rokhar is renowned for his prowess on the battlefield, being given nicknames; Rokhar the Bloodletter, Rokhar the Insatiable, and, popular with the Trolls, "Gnomebane". Now, he must take up his axe once again, for soon, Haunch o' Deathwing will be on the menu for he, and the Horde.

Name: Analyne Stevens
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Undead
Class: Mage
Weapons/Armor: A finely adorned robe and cowl of deep blues, golds, and violets, cloth handwraps, and boots, all of a matching style. She wields an ornate spellblade, and carries a book of incantations to amplify her magic.
Description: Analyne was (and still is, to some degree) a woman with an amazing figure, but not much strength. As such, she's committed to the magehood. She's physically intact, for the most part; the only noticeable decay is in her cheeks, elbows, and knees, the flesh starting to melt away, leaving naught but bones. Her shoulders and hips are starting to follow the same pattern. Outside of that, she's really quite beautiful, her yellow, glowing eyes either exuding horror, or compassionate warmth, depending on her feelings. Her clammy skin is becoming only vaguely translucent and a shade of bluish-green.
Personality: At heart, she's shy and compassionate, but in battle, she's gregarious and steadfast. She seems sad most of the time, due to her longing to be alive and warm, rather than a reanimated corpse, cold and alone.
Background: Once a mage in service of Stormwind, Analyne fell in battle many years ago, before Arthas' rise to power. To avoid her being brought back as a ghoul once the Lich King's power became a major influence, she, along with many other fallen mortals, was raised by Sylvannas and her people. Although she has free will, she feels she is indebted to Sylvannas, and serves the Horde as a mage specializing in Frost magic.
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Name: Nilanos Blademoon
Age: Not old by Night Elf standards, but not young.
Gender: Male
Race: Night Elf
Class: Rogue
Weapons/Armor: Nilanos's primary weapons are Mirage and Illusion, a matched pair of daggers, darkened magically to suit one who sneaks around. His leather armor is blackened for much the same reason. Kind of hard to sneak around in a shiny chain hauberk, right? He also carries a set of masterfully-crafted throwing knives, but he rarely uses them.
Description: Thinner than an average Night Elf, with short dark hair and light skin.
Personality: Quiet and dedicated to his mission, whatever it may be - assassinating a corrupt noble, gutting gnolls, or killing a dragon. Though to be fair, that last one is in a league of its own.
Background: Shortly after finishing his studies in herbalism and alchemy in Darnassus, Nilanos departed for the human capital, Stormwind, and became quite well-known there for dealing with various petty bandits, then orc tribes, then traitors... working his way up and earning the favor of many of its inhabitants, whether military or civilian, noble or commoner. His efficient execution of many missions - and, incidentally, targets - has led to him being nominated for yet another dangerous task.

Name: Arilene Moonshadow
Age: Younger than Nilanos.
Gender: Female
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Weapons/Armor: Her main eapon is Frostarc, a pale blue-silver shortbow she found in Northrend shortly before deciding it was far safer to get the hell out of there. Her armor is unremarkable, a patchwork set of leather, hide, and mail. She carries a bastard sword as a secondary weapon, but it's not a specialty of hers.
Description: A little taller than average, with deep purple skin and long, dark hair. Always followed by Mephior, her pet Nightsaber.
Personality: The friendly one of the group, Arilene isn't cowardly, but she does know when to back out of a fight she's not prepared for.
Background: She worked with Nilanos on some of his more recent jobs in Stormwind, and ended up piggybacking on his reputation, but prior to that she had made a name for herself as a hunter of wild beasts, especially those that had injured or killed other people. She then frequently made their hides into armor and cloaks. Thanks to her work with Nilanos, she was chosen to work with him yet again here... and hopefully keep the young warlock Athyn Nelarius in check.

Name: Athyn Nelarius
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Weapons/Armor: Athyn's staff is called the Enforcer, the reason for which he sometimes has to demonstrate on an unruly Imp - when a minion doesn't obey, he beats them with it until they do. It's a rather unremarkable weapon, however. His crimson robe has more notable enchantments, mostly defensive in nature.
Description: A little shorter and thinner than average, Athyn keeps his jet black hair very short, and has no beard or mousta... musta... other facial hair.
Personality: Not as openly power-hungry as an average warlock, he is still very willing to resort to killing to solve his problems. He tends to have a lot of problems. He generally listens to Arilene, mostly out of a mild fear of Mephior.
Background: Athyn was originally an apprentice to a great fire mage. However, he screwed up a fire spell and accidentally killed the aforementioned mage. An imp visited him that night and delivered a message from a Warlock operating in the same town who was looking for apprentices, and he took to that training far better. He quickly drew the attention of other inhabitants of Stormwind, but it was suspicion rather than praise - well-earned suspicion, at that.
The Accidental Protege
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More information:

Here is the World of Azeroth.

The Grim Batol, Deathwing's prison is in the Eastern Kingdoms, in a small mountain range east of the Dwarven region of Khaz Modan.

All transportation to and from Northrend in the north has been closed off, and the Goblins of Undermine to the far south have closed their public transportation routes, as well. The only available area in Northrend is the Floating City of Dalaran which provides transportation to and from the other continents, typical to major racial cities.

The Eastern Kingdoms in the north is home to Silvermoon City, the Capitol of the Blood Elves, with lush, magical forests. Further south are the Plaguelands, the areas that Arthas contaminated while there. It's filled it ghouls and infected animals, as well as its share of freedom fighters against the scourge. To the west of that land is Tirisfal Glades, home to the ruins of Lordaeron, the Undead city, affectionately named, "The Undercity". Further south is Silverpine Forest, crawling with wolf-men, and to the east of there is Hillsbrad Foothills, a deciduous forest home to the human town of Hillsbrad, and the Undead town of Tarren Mill. To the east is the Arathi Highlands, grassy and mountainous, bordering the Wetlands on its south. In the wetlands resides the Grim Batol it the east area, and ports to the other continent in the west. As we go further south, Stormwind City, the human capitol is located in the green, grassy Elwynn Forest, bordered by the Redridge Mountains, and the Dwarven city of Ironforge set high in the mountains south of Stormwind. Transportation is available to and from Stormwind to Ironforge by means of an underground tram. More to the south lies Blackrock Mountain, home to the renegade Blackrock Orcs. There be dragons there. Black dragons, the same brood as Deathwing himself... Further south is the Swamp of Sorrows (about as literal as it gets) and Strangethorn Vale, a lush jungle land filled with raptors, tigers, and rogue tribes of bloodthirsty Jungle Trolls. At the very end of Strangethorn is the goblin trading port of Booty Bay, which provides lodging, shipping routes to the continent of Kalimdor, and mead and food for travelers.

Kalimdor is the western continent. To the north is the snowy glades of Winterspring, bordered to the west by the peaceful, druidic land of Moonglade. To the south is Felwood, a forest with a definitive, demonic taint, similar to, but different that the Plaguelands. The druids there are trying to balance the land as best they can. The west coast of Kalmidor has Darkshore, a foggy forest with few small Night Elf fishing villages with transportation to the Island of Teldrassil, a dark, beautiful, magical forest, and home to the Night Elf capitol of Darnassus. To the south of Teldrassil is the Exodar, where the Draenei crashed and subsequently, made their home within their crashed mothership. To the south of Felwood and Darkshore is Ashenvale, a Night Elf territory of more expansive forests, bordering the Horde region of the Barrens to its south. The Barrens is large, mostly flat, and dry, consisting of a few oasis's, and several large Horde encampments, notably, the Crossroads in the middle of the region. To the east of Ashenvale is Azshara, a mountainous land teeming with ravenous Naga in its cascading cliff-side shores and bays. To the east of the Barrens and south of Azshara is Durotar, a land red mountains and sand, and home to the Orchish capitol of Orgrimmar in its more northern areas, with easy access to the Barrens. To the west of the Barrens is Mulgore, the grassy plains which are home to the Taurens of Thunder Bluff. North of Mulgore, and southwest of Ashenvale is the Stonetalon Mountains, infested by harpies and spiders. To the west of Mulgore and south of Stonetalon is Desolace, a dry, grayish land of little sustinace bordered on the west by mountains. South of Desolace is Feralas, a misty semitropical region of ogres. To the east lies Dustwallow Marsh and the human port town of Theramore on its coast. Further south is the Tanaris Desert, an arid, sandy zone with little to no vegetation, and only one town, run by the greedy Goblins, no less. To the west of Tanaris is Un'Goro Crater, a deep impact site from an asteroid which has become the home of large reptilians, jungles, and tar pits. Finally, the depressing desert of Silithus lies to the west, overrun with a multitude of gigantic insects, and the home of some ancient ruins.

A good, annotated map
Kaijin Surohm
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Name:Kail Tenasis
Age: 100ish
Gender: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Death Knight
Weapons/Armor: Two Lichborne Warglaives (dark blue glowing blades, with a fanged skull as a crosshilt) and the Bloodletteres set of Azzinoth's Nightwalker. (Fanged Skulls for shoulders, thick, black, heavy full plate armor with light chains, fanged skulls stretched for armbands, as well as fanged skulls for knee guards on his plated black boots.
Description: Black thick hair, pulled back into a long ponytail, yet resembling what you'd see on a hawk, blue glowing eyes, light blue skin, body build almost twice that of a human
Personality: a kind soul by heart, he has trouble dealing with the urges to kill, due to the Lich King's taint. Murder and Suffering are but one of his issues as he struggles with his own mortality, and horror, over what he's done under his service.
Background: Kail was born after the events of the Moon Well, and was a rare child, due to the fact he had no thirst for magic, like the rest of his kin. This was a sign for interest for many amongst the Blood Elves. Since he had no need for magic, nor craving, Kail had trained from a young age to be the first Warrior in his bloodline of races. Over time, due to his complete devotion to his lifestyle, his body size had increase, and he was by far more bulky then the rest of his race, if not a little taller. He was truly an imitating sight, yet Kail was the most gentle soul in his home town.
It didn't take long, though, for an attack of undead to raze his town, and murder his loved ones. He fought bravely, and took out scores of the undead before they, ultimately, overtook him. Though his unusual size, and lack of need of magic had interested the Lich King, enough to convert him into a Death Knight, in hopes of bolstering his own army. The Lich King put unusual amounts of force into Kail, keeping his connection to the King strong, at all costs, for seeing what would happen with an unusually gifted being wielding death powers, as well as giving him personalized weapons and armor. He became one of the most feared Death Knights, as well as a general in one of the Lich King's major armies. It wasn't untill the final blow of the Lich King's life, was it possible for Kail to break free from the King's grasp, and run from the massive confusion of it all, taking out many of the undead with him as he could.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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I haven't RPed in a while, so I'm in. I'll post my character a little later in the day.
The Accidental Protege
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Three's enough for me to happy with it for now. Hopefully we'll get Elara and True in on this, too.


Notes: Races consist of, for the horde side, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Undead, and Blood Elves. For the Alliance, there are Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves, and Draenei. I'll give you a little clarification on each one. Images are included in their descriptions. Again, I'm making this so that people who don't know lore don't need to care about knowing lore. You're welcome, lol

Orcs : The green-skinned barbarian Orcs from Orgrimmar are actually quite intelligent and don't speak in the broken common language as many would assume. Living and dying for honor and glory, they will follow their Warchief anywhere he would lead them.
Trolls : Tall, hunched, and a shade of blue, the males have long noses and large tusks, and both genders have three toes and fingers on each appendage. The exiled trolls made their home in the orcish capitol of Orgrimmar. Consisting of warriors, hunters and shamans alike, the Trolls are a Jamaican-accented tribe of nomads.
Tauren : Hominids, distinctly bovine in appearance, they closely resemble minotaurs, with more fur. The nature-loving, druidic Tauren of the city of Thunder Bluff are peaceful, but when roused, their size and strength are two things that stand out among all else.
Undead: The risen humans that were once raised to be mindless servants to a great evil, the Undead broke free of its grasp and have minds of their own. Speaking fluent common, they make their stand in the ruins of a human city called Lordaeron, led by the undead Elf ranger, Sylvannas Windrunner. Undead, unsurprisingly, look like dead people. Their skin is gray and rotting, showing bone and flesh in places. Their pupil-less eyes glow with dim, white ghostlight. Their muscles are withered, making them scrawny. Their movements are slow but jagged. Undead hardly ever smile (unless their lips have rotted away — then they smile all the time). Necromantic magic keeps them somewhat preserved, but natural decay still proceeds, just slower than normal.
Blood Elves : Once noble high elves, they were betrayed by the humans after their thirst for arcane power became too much of a dependency. In exile and in ruin after their font of power, The Sunwell was destroyed, the renamed themselves the Sin'Dorei, or "Blood Elves" in their tongue, as remembrance of the suffering they've endured.

Humans : The adaptable humans are a younger race on Azeroth, and have quickly spread their influence over much of the world. Diplomatic and Imperialistic, the Humans, led by king Varian Wrynn, are noble and intelligent.
Dwarves : The stocky dwarves are an ancient race obsessed with rare artifacts and breaking discoveries. Noted for their Scottish-sounding accents, the Dwarves are an ingenious and diligent race.
Gnomes: The smaller cousins of the Dwarves, the Gnomes, were forced out of their city of Gnomeragan after an infestation of indigenous creatures. In desperation, they gassed out their mechanized city, but as a result, it's fat too toxic to return to. These diminutive inventive tinkers now live with the Dwarves in their city of Ironforge.
Night Elves : The ancient race of Night Elves are a tall race with shades of skin varying from deep purple to a light violet. Their glowing eyes pierce into the woods. Druidic and peaceful in nature, the Night Elves, led by High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, aid the Alliance at all costs.
Draenei : The hooved, horned, blue-skinned humanoid Draenei crash landed to Azeroth after a series of bizarre events leading to their escape from their homeworld of Draenor. The alliance extend a hand of friendship, and a pact was formed with them.

Hunters exemplify excellent use of a bow or gun, setting traps, and besieging enemies with their pets.
Warriors are brutish, tactical melee assailants who prefer physical combat.
Mages submit themselves to learning the craft, and can make use of the Three Schools: Arcane Power, Frost, and Fire. They can also conjure food and drink for their comrades.
Warlocks are fallen mages who are adept at the dark arts of shadow magic, draining souls, and summoning demons.
Rogues are stealthy assassins who prefer to catch their opponents off guard with poisoned weapons. Taurens are the only race who are not fit to be rogues due to their sheer size.
Paladins are holy warriors, adept with swords and shields, but use the Holy light as a source of power to smite or heal.
Priests can repulse the dramatically undead, those who have lose their souls, minds, and wills; not the playable race, though. Specializing in healing spells and protection abilities, priests are a must on the battlefield (Typically priests can resurrect someone. Not here. Too cheap.)
Shamans are nature's link to the body. Able to cure wounds with magic, or wield the elements to launch magic attacks, Shamans are versatile and wise.
Druids are ones who seek balance in the world. In tune with animals, Druids can shapeshift into bears, cats, and birds, as well as use damaging and healing spells by manipulating nature, though most are only skilled in once specialization; shapeshifting, or spellcasting. Due to the nature of Taurens and Night Elves and their close connection with nature, only they are allowed to be Druids.
Death Knights are the vengeful ex-warriors of Arthas, the fallen Lich King. Those who swore loyalty to their faction after Arthas betrayed them remain in their service. utilizing runes, they can use their melee weapons to sap life, cause disease, and can even summon zombies for a short time.

You can make more than once character if you want; as long as you can manage multiple ones at once, I have no issues with it. With that, I guess I'll start.

Name: Agalo Stormhoof
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Weapons/Armor: Gilded Earthshatterer, his mace, and a variety of tribal leather armor, consisting of a kilt, tunic, bracers and gloves, and spaulders.
Description: With a fine chocolate colored coat of hair on him, his eyes always glisten with the wonders of the world. A ring is through his nose, and his left horn is chipped. He is quite tall, like most of his kind, with muscular arms and a powerful build.
Personality: Agalo is kind and warm, and looks at all life as sacred. He kills only due to his service to the Horde, but isn't fond of it.
Background: Agalo was raised in a small fishing village not far from the city of Thunder Bluff. In his youth, he, as many of his kind, pledged his life to the Horde in order to honor his comrades. Agalo has seen many conflicts, and has assisted in the reclaiming of much territory and the detainment of many evils. Now, war calls to him again once more.

Some clarification on some of the names and phrases I've used can be found here.

Some clarification:

Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, was a member of a Royal Family. After being tricked by a demon into perusing an evil sword in the north, the will of the sword possessed Arthas completely. He found he had new abilities, such as raising the dead to fight for him, and stealing the souls of the living. He returned with the sword (named Frostmourne) he found, and after infecting several towns with a plague that brought forth a zombie infestation, Arthas slew his father in cold blood, and retreated to his icy throne at Icecrown in the north, where he commanded his ghoulish legions.
Interestingly enough, the leader of the Undead, Sylvannas, was converted to an unliving minion of Arthas, but broke herself free, and swore she'd have her revenge, hence the reason she is revered among the other Undead like her.

The Grim Batol is a mountain range in the eastern continent maintained by red dragons, who keep watch to make sure none disturb the prison in which the diabolical black dragon, Deathwing, is being held.

The Kirin Tor are an assembly of powerful mages who seek to keep the peace on the planet by employing protectors and guardians to see that peace is maintained. The Kirin Tor are location in the magical city of Dalaran, situated on a floating island in the sky, far to the north. The Kirin Tor, though comprised primarily of Elves and Humans, are neutral to the ordeals of the quarrels between the Horde and Alliance, and at times, demand that they come to terms with each other when the situation demands it, typically by having a conference with the most prominent of their leaders.
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Ah, why not? It'll shut you up, anyway.

You know me, I'll be the sneaky bastard. Probably with an extra helping of "bastard".
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Yeah....cuz, I'm not gonna lie...reading what you wrote felt like reading one of the LOTR books for the first time. (Had to read 'em twice to fully understand them. XD )

Bring on the charrie sheets.
The Accidental Protege
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Years after the Lich King, Arthas Menethil's death in the battle of Icecrown, the black dragon, Deathwing has finally broken free of his prison deep within the mountains of the Grim Batol, and for his revenge, Azeroth will become his bonfire. But who, or perhaps, what freed Deathwing from his prison?

As the high mage council of the Kirin Tor investigate, they force the human king Varian Wrynn of Stormwind and Thrall, the Orcish Warchief of Orgrimmar into a bitter allegiance of both Horde and Alliance to keep the powers that be in check. Only together would the brave adventurers of Azeroth be able to beat back Deathwing and bring justice to the one(s?) that freed him...

You have been commissioned by the Kirin Tor of Dalaran to form a group to track down Deathwing, for he waits, watching, preparing for his moment to strike at any time, but from where? Take up sword, staff, and spear, and bring an end to one of the greatest terrors that has ever flown over the land!

...Interested? You don't have to know jack shit about the lore to participate, just an FYI. I designed it with that in mind. Also, this is a non-canon story, so if there *are* lore sticklers here, can it

Feel free to comment or whatever... Character sheets coming once I see that this could spark some interest.
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