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02-29-24 12:02 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - The Neverending Story: Vulkar vs. Cairoi!
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As Cairoi's energy blast failed and his stab was stopped by Alex's quickened block, Cairoi felt the nano-machine sword grow itself into an attack. Cairoi did not have the momentum to dodge, or barely even block this attack. But what he did have was the strange moss that covered his bare torso.

In his travels, Cairoi came across a strange grove. What mystified Cairoi about this grove was that it was self-aware, possessed with a powerful spirit. As time passed, he had befriended the grove, and it offered to arm him with the greatest gift it could provide- the strange moss now borne upon his chest. It became a powerful armor for him, sustained by a small tribute of Cairoi's magical energy and sharing the consciousness of the grove. When covering his flesh, it can protect him from damage as powerfully as a master smith's plate mail, and it can slide about his body to protect the spots that need protecting. There is not enough to completely cover his chest, and so he cannot overly rely on it to protect him from all attacks. However, with this growing sword attack, the moss was more than prepared to protect its master.

As the sword made contact with the moss, it tightened, providing a firm resistance. It was a difficult block, especially with its continued presence, and so the sword's initial slash cut through and lightly cut Cairoi's flesh, but the moss filled over it and locked the sword against it, protecting him from further harm.

Meanwhile, as Cairoi winced from the shock of Alex's slash and found his stab blocked, he felt a blast of inspiration. His immobile sword, inches from Alex, suddenly came to life, and the top half flew from the rest of the blade at him, intent on impaling him. Just as Alex's attack had been almost impossible to block, so was Cairoi's.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Stabs are a very interesting attack in the battlefield. They are easy to block under normal circumstances, yet when used properly, could kill an advesary with a single hit.

Cairoi was not using it properly.

Alex's implant took over, recognizing that there were two attacks, not just the stab. It looked at the energy first. It didn't have he strength to create a wall to block the energy this time, no, grabbing onto that many air molecules takes concentration.

But it didn't have to create an entire wall...

Energy, such as light, moves in a conic shape, spewing forth from a source at angles. However, if a shadow is created, its own conic shadow will be parallel to the angle of the light, meaning that the wider the cone of light, the wider the shadow.

So Alex concentrated on a much smaller number of air molecules, creating a rod, a narrow staff in Cairoi's energy blast, leaving him and his legs in the shadow of the energy.

The ground around Alex burned, the sand turning into glass. That could have been him, he could have lost his feet with a single attack. Now was not the time, he still had the stab.

Alex could have dodged the stab, indeed, were he fighting with any other weapon, he would have. But he wasn't. Alex had waited to reveal one of his most deadly weapons, his nanobot sword. This weapon was comprised entirely of nanobots, living machines forming solid metal. Through magnetic linking of each of the nanobots, his sword was just as strong as any other, the only difference being, it could change form.

This was the original reason for Alex creating the implant in his head, it allowed him to quickly an accurately shift the shape of his sword. While he was capable of it without the implant, he couldn't calculate the changes, alter the movements, nearly as quickly as he could with it.

He lowered himself, and swung his sword at Cairoi's weapon in a horizontal. However, as Alex's sword swung, it lengthened, longer, longer still. longer than a Claymore, eight feet long.

Were Cairoi to attempt a stab, he would be less than four feet away from Alex, so as Alex swung to block, his own sword should swing through Cairoi's midsection., only stopping when it hit Cairoi's sword.
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ooc: Nope, he's right handed.

BIC: In the history of traditional sword-fighting, there were rare occasions where even the most experienced warrior could counter a disarming move like the launching push Alex threw. Surely, no one could continue the stomp Cairoi had planned. But he was never afraid to improvise, and for Cairoi, the possibilities are endless.

When the telekinetic kick sent his momentum upwards, Cairoi did not fight it. He continued the motion, giving up the sword clash and doing a back flip through the air, assisted by his own levels of telekinesis. He put enough distance between the two of them where Alex's slash would pose no threat to him. He landed and ran straight at Alex, collecting energy in his left hand. He brought the sword up in a slanted upper stab, while launching an energy blast at Alex's legs with his left hand. He'd keep up the assault however he needed to.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: I'm assuming you're right handed, if you're actually left, PM me and I'll edit this. I'm also assuming, as you did no say otherwise, that you're using standard footwork, like an ordinary martial artist. If not, again, we have PMs for a reason, xD.

Alex smiled, a punch like that didn't win battles, but it definitely made them easier. No creature, no matter how powerful, could take a rib breaking punch and just smile it away. It would at the very least, slightly damage Cairoi's mental concentration.

Bu it was time for battle. A swordfight works very much like a dance. There is a rhythm, there is movement, there is footwork. Like a dance always starts with the man's left foot, a battle always started with the sword foot forward.

So when Cairoi swung his sword left-to-right at Alex's side, he stepped forward with his right foot, leaving his left foot back behind him. At this point, he met in a sword lock on Alex's right, Cairoi's left, side, and held the pressure. This meant that Cairoi's sword was extended from his right arm, through to his left side.

A step forward with the left foot, towards Alex's own injured left foot, would require two things. First, his foot traveled underneath the sword lock, past Alex's right foor, and diagonally towards Alex's left foot. Second, in order to step forward while still retaining force on the sword lock, Cairoi would have to lean against Alex's sword, as well as moving his body forward, in order to put weight on the foot he was stomping down.

Even a step forward in battle could be complicated, something Alex knew all too well. So, when Cairoi stepped forward, Alex did not step back. Instead, then as Cairoi lifted his leg and started moving it toward Alex's, Alex exerted a small telekenetic push towards the back of Cairoi's leg, not going against it, only magnifying the force Cairoi was already exerting. However, before Cairoi began to step down, Alex directed the telekenetic force upwards, which, if done properly, would swing Cairoi's foot up, and cause him to fall backwards on his back.

If Cairoi did this, as he fell backwards, he would lose the swordblock. If this happened, Alex would swing his sword hard at Cairoi's left side.

As Alex had expended almost no enrgy in this attack, he began conentrating again. Retaining his hold on the chip, but also on something else, gathering his energy.
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Cairoi felt the telekinetic punch hit his gut and gritted his teeth instantly, feeling the force harder than he anticipated. However, he was too invested in this battle to let that pain stop any of his concentration. He kept his weight bearing down in the clash of swords, and his focus working on the mental chip.

He lifted up his left foot and brought it down, trying to stomp Alex's wound and causing him pain. As he did this, the moss on his arms began to grow and work their way to his hands, where it began to gather on his sword. Cairoi was never one to back down.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex's concious mind still fought Cairoi's attack on his chip, but the chip was still functional. It took over as Cairoi attacked once again.

Alex stepped back, wincing as he stepped on his injured foot, and held his sword in one hand against Cairoi's sword. Not pushing, not throwing Cairoi's sword away, just holding. Holding them in a lock. If Alex had stepped forward, he would have lost this lock almost immediately. However, as he stepped back, the lock would be between the furthest third of Cairoi's sword, and closer to Alex's hilt, providing Alex with the leverage he needed to block Cairoi's strike.

But as Alex swung to block, his other hand was already in play. It reached slightly forward, and from it, he fired a burst of telekenetic energy, It moved like an extended punch towards Cairoi's stomach. It wasn't enoguh to kill, only break some ribs, only injure, but Alex would take the shots he could get.

Cairoi's step forward and swing would mean that all of his body's momentum would be moving towards Alex. A dodge would be almot impossible, especially if Cairoi were distracted by Alex's swing.

Both enemies had been injured. Cairoi was blinded, with a small cut on his chin, and Alex had an injured foot. And yet, neither yet had the upper hand.

Alex was ready to change that.
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Cairoi instantly felt the pressure of Alex's defense. Understanding he could not fight it with his current power, he dropped the coat of sand, and his sword reformed into one whole blade on its hilt. He did not, however, stop using Hawkeye, as it did not tax his concentration or energy in the slightest.

Cairoi raised the sword in his hand and slowly approached Alex. With a quick step, he brought the sword down in a diagonal left-to-right slash, trying to keep the pressure on Alex as much as he could.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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A battle of wills. Alex himself had very little magical ability. However, he knew enough ritual magic to give his implant an ability to detect magic, to feel its approach. Alex learned that this was a critical ability to have, due to the number of people he'd fought who used magical abilities.

Like any other attack, Alex's implant sensed Cairoi's onslaught as he reached towards him. He reacted quickly, Cairoi had power over the earth, but Alex had power over energy. To twist or distort Alex's implant, Cairoi would need to exert kinetic energy, however little. Fortunately, Alex had the entire layout of the chip in his mind, and so he exerted his own telekinetic abilities to hold the important parts of the implant still, to stop their movement. Hold them still without crushing. Alex exerted the energy he'd been hoping to reserve for his next attack into this, holding it still, holding it strong.

Cairoi, expending energy holding the sand, and using his eagle eye, could not hope to beat Alex's defense as he was. It would be like arm wrestling with one arm, while pressing weights with the other.

It still irritated Alex. As long as he had to exert energy with Cairoi's attack, he could do little more than basic defensive abilities. Cairoi would have to stop before Alex could do anything more impressive than some of his very basic abilities.
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Cairoi stood immobile, his right hand now raised straight at Alex. His washed out pupils betrayed a deep concentration, the kind that strained even he who gazed upon it. As his eyes opened, a fierce green light began to emanate. Cairoi, now without normal sight as a result of Alex's attack, was using his Hawkeyes to function as a second sight. Without regular vision, he could only see blurry lights of energy, but it was all he needed for what he was doing now.

Cairoi's terramorphic connection to the earth and its components is strongest when things are in their natural state. However, with serious concentration, Cairoi can even affect inorganic material that has been altered with. The folded steel of a finely crafted sword, the traces of water in a cup of tea, or even the intricate silicon-based implant lodged inside Alex's brain.

He heard its call while twisting his swords through the sand, and he had dropped all of his other plans to see it quelled. It was so unnatural he could not move it with force to injure or kill Alex. With all the focus and energy he had pent up, all he could do was twist and contort it until it is was essentially inoperable. The action could cause pain to Alex, but likely he would not even realize that Cairoi had just attacked his greatest defense, and very likely crippled it for the rest of their encounter.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex grinned, Cairoi having to hold up this much sand had to be at least slightly wearing on him, luckily Alex would release him from that burden soon enough.

He looked at his sword as the sand rose, still pressing against Cairoi's. Through the sand, his physical eyes couldn't see much, but with a thought, he diverted more of his implant's power towards hearing. It would weaken his defense, but he could take care of that himself.

It was just in time, Cairoi's blades were on all sides of him, he could hear as they shot through the sand. Every way was blocked...

Except up. The swords flew towards him, and Alex jumped into the air, releasing his hold on Cairoi's first blade, propelling himself with telekenesis. He flew up, avoidind the first blade, the second, the next, the next, the next...

"ARGH!" The final blade that had aimed at his throat sliced into the side of Alex's shoe, cutting a bloody gash into his foot. It hurt, but pain wouldn't stop him.

He landed on the ground, the swords past him, his legs injured. He grimaced, pain still in his foot, and began concentrating. He had to turn this around, and he hoped he would with his next attack.
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OOC: Slightly OP since it's a direct attack but I'll allow it. It makes things interesting.

BIC: It came slowly. Cairoi's blade stayed in place, resisting the block. As Cairoi began charging energy for a counter, he felt his vision begin to recede. After a fleeting moment of confused panic, he felt the strange electric current responsible. The blackness soon encompassed all of his sight, but when it did, Cairoi was ready.

With a heave, Cairoi lifted a massive amount of sand from the collected islands, filling the air all around the islands with a thick fog of it. For Alex, visibility was now considerably decreased, and movement would be somewhat difficult. For Cairoi, there was now a perfect conduit to sense Alex. Every step on solid ground, every displaced particle of sand was now a guiding mechanism.

With this system now in place, Cairoi unleashed his attack. His sword, still being wielded telekinetically, splintered into several long, thin blades. One remained, maintaining the pressure on Alex's sword. As it did that, the others flew into the dust then back at Alex. One was aimed at the back of his neck, one at his calf, one at his lower back, one at his left arm, one straight at his face, and one at his left foot. The sand would obscure these to Alex's sight and thus to his implant.

As this attack was launched, Cairoi closed his blind eyes and began searching for something very special. The battle was truly heating up now.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex\'s eyebrow lifted slightly as the sword stabbed towards him on its own. A sword handled by its owner would be easily blocked by a stab, due to the outstretching of a man\'s arm, but for a sword that was floating on its own, Alex didn\'t want to risk it.

He spun quickly, out of the sword\'s reach, and slammed his own blade against it, hopefully at least knocking it out of the air.

At the same time as Alex slapped the sword, he released his true attack.

The brain is powered by energy, powered by electricity. Electrons, neutrons, protons, all moving from atom to atom, molecule to molecule, just like a computer, except organic. Alex hadn\'t been charging an attack, he had been attempting to focus on Cairoi\'s brain cells.

As Alex was able to control and detect energy, just as Cairoi was able to control and detect the earth, he could sense the power in a person\'s brain. However, Alex was used to dealing with huge flows of energy. Concentrating on something as small as a person\'s brains was difficult for him, and as it was, he was only able to concentrate on a small part of Cairoi\'s brain, the occipital lobes, the part of the brain required for sight.

With a thought, he attempted to force the energy in that part of Cairoi\'s brain to reverse itself. Currents would travel the wrong way, messages could not be sent or recived, and with any luck, it would tear Cairoi\'s occipital lobes apart without releasing any energy for Cairoi to absorb. If it was succesful, Cairoi would lose his sight. No physical functions, no ability to move, and no supernatural powers, but it would blind him, and that, Alex hoped, would be enough.
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As soon as Cairoi felt the subtle push of the nitrogen wall, he knew he would need to abandon the offensive if he wanted to survive. Cairoi used the force from his sword as a propelling force, dropping his sword to jump backwards. He narrowly avoided the slash to the neck, but his chin is nicked and begins to bleed. When he lands, the moss on his body begins to spread over his neck, covering the wound. As this happened, Cairoi's sword ended its slash on its own and continued with a stab without him, propelled by terrakinesis. While the blade continued the sword fight, Cairoi lifted his hands and his eyes began to glow.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex couldn't see the attack, but his robotic abilities relied on more than just sight. Sound, smell, touch, these revealed what was to come. He raised his hand, and reached behind him, summoning the atoms of the air, summoning the molecules, and creating a small wall of nitrogen, redirecting Cairoi's strike by mere inches, and continued the swing. With all the force Cairoi was expending toward Alex's back, there was almost no way that he'd be able to bring his sword up in time to block Alex's strike.

Alex was still irritated. Expending the psychic energy nearly ruined his mental concentration, he had to refocus, continue to recharge.

He was ready to destroy.
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Cairoi's original slash was blocked back from the force of Alex's spin. However, Cairoi kept his sword in the fray, pressing it forward towards Alex again. With each spinning slash, Cairoi's sword deflected off Alex's, and Cairoi stepped back, trying to keep a limit on Alex's momentum. After doing this several times, Cairoi used the energy he had charged and powered up his slash, instantly overcoming the momentum of Alex's block. Now, while Alex was in the middle of his turn, Cairoi was slashing down at him at breakneck speeds, made possible by the energy. It was not a deathblow, but it would make a strong wound down Alex's back.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex held his sword in front, horizontally, still backhanded, and spinned in a full circle, stepping forward and, blocking the attack, putting Alex with his back facing Cairoi's own back, and hopefully with Cairoi's sword disoriented from the attack.

Following the momentum of his spin, Alex continued spinning, slicing towards Cairoi's back, and sliding forward so that if Cairoi simply threw his sword behind him, he would be able to power through Cairoi's attack.

This was simply swordplay to Alex's mind. A swordstyle very rarely used. Not more powerful than another style by any means, indeed, weaker than some, but it was unpredictable, going against the katas or attacks many other warriors had already learned. That's why Alex liked it, it was a surprise.

He continued to concentrate, focusing intensely on what he had in store. An attack that had power now, as it was, but with patience, would be a purely destructive force.
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Cairoi gripped tightly onto his dark sword and reentered the fray. Moving quickly, he closed the distance between them, making a horizantal slash to Alex's right side. As he did, his left hand began to shimmer with energy, preparing Cairoi for whatever Alex had in store. The test of swords had begun.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex nodded and held his sword defensively, point forward, at a fourty-five degree angle. "Such it is with any battle," he said as he began to relax his mind, giving his defense over entirely to his implant, gathering his mental energy for what was to come...

"Focus has power, but it is insignificant without other powers. Come, show me your power."

He switched his sword to a backhanded grip in his right hand, sword in front. "Let's see what you have."
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When Alex stabbed forward, Cairoi instinctively jumped backwards, out of range of the sword. When the rocks were telekinetically lifted from the ground, he felt them like a finger trailing up his back, and so acted. The rocks that would have hit Cairoi if unhindered stopped on a dime and dropped onto the ground, while the wayward rocks went where momentum would take them, shattering bark and leaves.

"Of the many weapons I have gathered in my travels, the greatest has been my focus. It is my greatest weapon, and my show of respect to you. When fighting a worthy opponent like yourself, there is nothing in the universe besides you, me, and the field in which we meet."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex's conscious mind still had realized what was going on, but his implant did, He jumped into the air, at the same time calling upon the atoms in the air, creating a solid wall between him and Cairoi. The oxygen molecules burned, but Alex's will held strong. The beam was no more.

He landed perfectly on balance, and Alex looked at Cairoi. "You always seem to have control," he said. "Always concentrating on what you're doing."

He raised his sword and ran forward, stabbing towards Cairoi's torso.

Another distraction. Rocks lifted silently behind Cairoi, and just as Alex thrust, the rocks shattered and fired forward at the speed of a bullet, creating a wide field of shrapnel flying around ten feet of Cairoi.

Alex still kept firm control over the shrapnel, so that if any flew towards him, it would stop inches before touching him.
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