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06-12-24 10:08 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Kenta
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Appearance: Kenta is about 6 foot 3 with light blue eyes and medium length dark brown hair. He has fair skin tone. Kenta has a very standard looking face. The only thing that stands out is his square jaw. With his athletic body style he can blend into any crowd without anyone taking notice. The few pictures of Kenta, show him in a pair of black square glasses about an inch tall, tan boots, blue jeans, white t-shirt with a black and green button up shirt over top. He also has what we think is a large laptop bag. The one odd thing we keep seein in his photos is a small plushy Leafeon.

History: Little is known about the history of Kenta. Of the few things that have been discovered we know that Kenta is a given name by the person who trained him, famed assassin Yasu. Also believed to be his first kill. One of the few things still unknown is how bullets seem to move away from him at the last second. All of his victims have been found with sand on their person. Many have been found with crushed bones and organs.

Powers: He has the ability to control sand. There is a small amount that acts on its own to protect him. He can also use it to attack. He can use this sand to make more sand out of anything around him. The amount of sand he can control is unknown at this time. Sightings have been reported involving an "ash cloud" showing up and disappearing at random. These "ash clouds" are believed to be Kenta's doing. There is a few unconfirmed theories of other things he can do. Of these theories, one of them is the ability to cover his hands and feet in sand to make his attacks stronger. The last of Kenta's known skills is the ability to fly for periods of time on a cloud of sand, which results in the weakening of his person.

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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Kenta

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