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02-28-24 08:05 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Various forum problems
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Backslashes? Ah, those Acmlmboards...

stripslashes() can help you fight against those shitloads of evil backslashes taking over the board!

There are also HTML entities getting eaten when editing/quoting a post.
Posts: 3578/3807
Apostrophes are creating ////'s, blowing up links every time you edit the post.
Posts: 696/2746
Yes, I have noticed that, but I don\'t think it has happened to mine...
It also appears at the end of True\'s signature.

My layout also broke, and it appears every time you visit the \'Edit Profile\' link, it adds a pair of backslashes around something in your layout, possibly multiple times. At least, that happens to me. You have to remove them for the layout to work.
Posts: 3571/3807
Anyone noticing the "rnrnrn" thing in people's posts?

It's skeeving me out.
Posts: 14/38
Or you could use ABXD. Its database format is quite similar to AB1.x's. But there will be stuff that will need to be fixed by hand.

So yeah, just keeping this board seems the best solution.
Posts: 8468/11750
Thanks for pointing some stuff out Mega-Mario, definitely very appreciated.

Truth be told if I were to make xeogaming now, I'd probably go with phpBB3 or something else. But this is the third incarnation of my board that I've been juggling around since the early 2000's. We've been through hell and back with hosting issues and script kiddies in the past so not all of our history is intact at all, but this place has been stable for the last few years and I'd just hate to do another restart. So I just kind of suck it up and stick with AB ... lol.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2476/2915
Nah, Acmlm knows what security is. Just didn't know as much about 6-7 years ago when he made 1.92
Posts: 12/38
Yeah but y'know how it is, Acmlm doesn't know what 'security' means apparently so you either get a secure board software (like ABXD), or if you don't feel like changing (which is quite probable), you fix the holes, or expect problems on your board :/
Posts: 597/2746
Originally posted by Valhalla
I could be insane though. In fact, there's a high probability of that.


But as for the problems, everything seems fine to me. I have no idea how to edit anything, and I don't mind hitting 'Mark forum as read'. *Shrugs*
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2474/2915
I do check my mails, but considering I'm working 10 straight days, coding has to wait.

(and to be honest, fixing these holes is kinda annoying. I mean: intval intval intval intval addslashes intval... )

EDIT: Also, stuff like custom titles I don't care enough to fix. Really, there shouldn't be any SQL injection related to this one and doesn't really hurt anything.
Posts: 11/38
Allright, I reported some security holes I found to Demi-Fiend over email, but it seems like he doesn't check his email quite often
Posts: 8463/11750
Originally posted by Mega-Mario
What, I do know Acmlmboard 1.x severely lacks an admin panel, but there's still edituser!

Either that sounded incredibly stupid or we're just all confused, but what I meant was that because of bad query updates or something like that in the code, I think you either put some specific string of code in your bio or the actual url and any user could alter their power level (and a lot of other stuff if you knew the variables, just about anything in editprofile). I remember doing this on the official Acmlm Board at one point, luckily like you I was a good guy and was just pointing it out.
Posts: 1229/3409
I vaguely remember it not being an issue last year, for some reason it would do it automatically but disappeared one day. I could be insane though. In fact, there's a high probability of that.
Posts: 10/38
What, I do know Acmlmboard 1.x severely lacks an admin panel, but there's still edituser!
Posts: 8461/11750
Yeah I've been using AB's since the 1.8 series, when back then even I found out how to edit powerlevels. Now that's sad.
Posts: 9/38
Nah, you just got used to Acmlmboard 1.x and its shitty code. See for example, on ABXD (AcmlmBoard XD, the software NikoBoard is using), when you read a thread, the board removes the thread's NEW sticker automatically! No need to hit Mark forum read
Posts: 8460/11750
Maybe I'm crazy, but was the NEW issue always like this? Maybe I've just gotten so used to casually hitting Mark Forum Read so often that I don't notice it.
Posts: 8/38
Originally posted by geeogree
wow... finding a hole in an acmlm board is like finding a hole in swiss cheese...

no surprise there.

Allright. Acmlmboard 1.x is a Swiss cheese.
Posts: 2714/2785
I don't see an issue with knowing whether shit is new or not. You read or you don't. What the fuck is the fucking problem?
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2469/2915
Originally posted by Mega-Mario
But yeah, this gotta get fixed, it's annoying to not know what is actually new, and I'm too lazy to mark forums read all the time

There is nothing to be "fixed", as we've never had that in the first place.

As for when I'll add it, who knows.

As for holes, yeah I knew. I saw that when I add to fix an insane ammount of stuff today.
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Various forum problems

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