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02-21-24 06:00 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Alastor (revamped)
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Okay, I changed him. No longer Neji, he more resembles what he was in the fight I had with True, with a few significant differences.

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Lol. Oh well. I'll retire him after one fight then. I will make another new character, but I am partial to Phoenix, him having my name and all. Lol.
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Also Neji can't see in a full 360 he only has like 340 he can see in there is a cone off the back of his head where he cant see. Other then that yes its so neji.......also my character dosent use a wep at all.
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Everybody that controls energy can make domes. Lol. I wasn't even thinking of naruto. I haven't watched that show in months.
Squire Vince
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He can see 360 degrees and can make domes of energy lol he's Neji, with a sword
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No, he is not Neji. Lol. He controls his energy. 'Chakra' is a general term.
Squire Vince
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He\'s Neji with a sword!!!!
As opposed to Gaara with a sword. Dude we need to hang out so I can help you with a character who isn\'t also in Naruto lol with a sword.
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Name: Alastor

Appearance: Male. Black shoulder length hair tied into a ponytail. Grey eyes, approximately six foot tall. Wears a black t-shirt, a pair of jeans and black Converse sneakers. He has a pale complexion.

Backstory: Alastor was a dead spirit was trained and used as an assistant to the Greek God, Hades. He trained for centuries by fighting dead spirits for Hades' amusement. After a while, Hades sent Alastor to the surface to find other powerful beings and send them to the Underworld so Hades can build a vast army to overthrow his brother, Zeus.

Weapons: Under normal circumstances, Alastor uses his black-bladed longsword. It is made entirely of Dark energy, and can be changed from its solid for to energy at any time, if Alastor wills it. When not in its energy state, the sword is a solid, and unbreakable as it is magically infused.

His other weapon is a dagger crafted and cooled in the river Styx, making it unbreakable. It also grants him tremendous energy reserves, but slowly feeds from his energy source, making him weak over prolonged usage during the fight. If cut by this dagger, the wound cannot be closed during the battle unless it is burnt shut. The area around the wound also becomes chilled, and hinders movement further by numbing the nerve ending.

Powers: While in the Underworld, Hades taught Alastor three energies that he himself uses. All three can be used as projectiles or charged to his fists/feet/weapons. All have different effects, depending on what it is charged to.

Dark Energy: The energy of the wicked. This energy grants greater strength to Alastor, increasing the strength of the hit/kick/slash that he uses it with. In raw projectile form, it will feel like a punch of varying strength, depending on how strongly it has been charged.

Rage Energy: The energy of the adamant. This energy is damaging by more than physical means. It will burn and explode on the opponent if hit, depending on how it is used. When used as a projectile, it will explode on contact, with similar results when used on a punch or kick. The sword attack will burn and feel like varying attacks of physical strength.

Soul Energy: The energy of the dead. This energy burns the opponent, constricting the muscles it hits and weakening them for a few posts in that area. Different effects when used on a weapon.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Alastor (revamped)

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