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02-08-23 07:58 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Braksa
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Character host slightly updated. Fitting the story line presented in Interrogation.
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Character edited. Not as powerful, but he has gained some advantages. He still needs work.
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Braksa is a Demon created from the darkness itself. While he used to use hosts to sustain a physical appearance, that is no longer the case. Instead of fighting when inside of a host, he slowly took over their entire body, his magic reigning supreme. However, he is a bit weaker in this form, but new skills arise.

Appearance: Braksa is dressed in a long cloak, the hood pulled up to hide the white bandages that cover his skin entirely. Beneath the bandages is nothing but dark energy, unable to be manipulated by anyone but Braksa himself.

After his battle with Alex, Braksa realized that a weapon made of shadows is disadvantageous. Now, he simply uses a silver longsword.

Braksa can only control his own shadow freely. However, it is no longer weakened in the light. The strength of his shadow is determined by how far away he uses it.

Braksa has the capability to control other shadows, as well, but his own shadow must be touching this shadow. He can use these shadows freely, so long as the prerequisite is made.

After his battle with Alex, Braksa learned how to use the lightning that had cost him the fight. However, he uses it in a different way. Not being able to control any kind of light, Braksa altered the power into Dark Lightning. This lightning still acts with an electrical property, but in that it absorbs any energy on contact. It acts like electrocution, still, but takes away the energy from the body it strikes instead of adding it. (For all purposes, it is an electrical attack. It will simply cancel out normal lightning or other light).

The host Braksa had taken over was no average being. On the contrary, they were quite extraordinary. They were able to control light in all ways, and sense it as well. Having an odd accustom to light, Braksa's current host is able to see in any lighting conditions with no side effects. Be it UV or infrared, Braksa can see it all.
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Braksa

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