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02-01-23 09:19 PM
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Xeios looked down at the defeated fighter, death with honor. Xeios lifted the talisman, staring into the shimmering rock, a rock which brought much power. He bowed before the crumbling dust of Tectalus, intending fully to remember their fight, and to respect the powerful fighter that passed today. As a shaper of the world, Tectalus lives in everything he created, perhaps even he will gain a second chance on life. Xeios looked forward to that day.

He grasped the talisman, and placed it in a pouch on his belt for later use.

"Sleep well, mighty friend."

Xeios began to walk away, in search of more combat, in search of more honorable foes.

It was most certainly fun, and I would definitely have another. Let me know if you want me to start one, or have you start it. I'm Ok with either.

I think I might use a new character, I'll have to figure out which one that will be.

Also: Moderators can close this/move it if'n they please.
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There was nothing Tectalus could do to stop the lightning. When it came down and struck his blade, it burst apart for the second time, exposing the Djinn's skin and frying what was left of the arm and his internal organs.

Electricity rushed to the heart, putting it into overtime before it shut down completely, along with the charred lungs. As he fell to his knees, all remaining eyes were on Xeios, the victor of the battle. A young spirit, with skill beyond his own measure.

Inwardly, Tectalus knew these were his last seconds. With a shaking hand, it reached up and into his chest, just over his heart. The hand withdrew after a moments hesitation, and with it came a shining light emanating from a small, purple diamond.

The talisman that provided his defenses.

With a dying seize, Tectalus tossed to stone to his opponent before falling upon the ground, crumbling into dust to be swept up by the wind.

You had the upper hand in this battle the entire time. Heh, it was fun though. Good fight. I'm retiring this character, so I figured I'd give you a little something. :p

Want to have another one?
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With a downward flick of his wrist, the energy surrounding Xeios' hand disappeared into the earth, leaving a small hole in the ground. He stooped low for a moment, and a visible shield appeared surrounding him. Less than a second later, powerful lightning struck where Xeios was kneeling. Being the way that lightning is, it would strike the highest point in the area, Tectalus. The attack was a standard electrical attack, raining down from the sky.
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Tectalus sighed inwardly, realizing his predicament was not a beneficial one. Any magic used was sure to be absorbed by his opponent unless he could pinpoint the damage, and away from the glowing hand, at that.

The Djinn made a sudden movement, running away from the cliff and circling his opponent, growing closer with every stride. Defensively, the earthen blade was held up in an attempt to protect his vital points.
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Xeios' color had returned to normal, and he seemed to be much better than he was moments before. His eyes scanned the badly scarred and wounded Tectalus, this creature would be so proud as to continue fighting, even in such a state.

He lowered his right hand, and left it beside his body. Where his left hand now took on the fight, he drew the gun quickly, and held his arm defensively in front of his body. Xeios' entire body began glowing with a white aura, but the brightest part of the light was focused in his left hand. He seemed to be gathering energy quickly, absorbing some of the residual energy which was thick in the air.

"Your move."
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The blast of energy threw Tectalus back without warning, the blast doing minor damage to his already burnt skin. Tectalus had gotten a look, though, and was amazed by the power the mortal seemed to hold.

Xeios looked up at his opponent just as he landed on his feet, his face very pale. Tectalus may have accidentally stumbled across his weakness, but it could also put himself in harm's way.

Tectalus once again pulled the earth up around his burnt arm, partially covering the burnt part of his chest, as well. The arm was useless, otherwise. Tectalus felt blind with so many eyes lost, but he would not be defeated. This may be the turn of events he needed.
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Xeios shouted in pain, with the execution of his attack, he had brought his hand into the sharp edge of Tectalus' blade-arm. Since he had gone on the offensive, his defensive magics were currently inactive. A deep wound in the center of his fist was visible, the point having struck just above his knuckle, and drug across the back of his hand for a few inches. Blood covered his hand, and Xeios held a pained expression, trying to muscle through almost having his hand torn in half. Bandages tore from the skin, and underneath, strange tattoos were visible, these tattoos were shimmering many different colors.

He brought his left hand over his right, clenching the wound, as beams of light began to escape his right hand. Powers having been activated from his desperation, and the bandages being torn off of his hand. Xeios lowered himself to one knee, trying to control the surges of energy that were escaping him, when an uncontrolled blast of volatile energy was released from himself. Tectalus was within the radius of this blast, but the energy should do minor damage if it came in contact with him, and the blast would also result in a thirty yard knock back.

From his pocket, Xeios drew more cloth bandages, and quickly wrapped his hand back up, containing the energy which would have continued to escape from him, and also helping to slow the bleeding of his hand. Xeios rose and looked at Tectalus, face seeming suddenly gaunt and pale.
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While Xeios's lightning seemed to absorb energy, there was none being used upon the blade anymore.

To form the blade, Tectalus used his power over the earth to bring up the sediments and cover his arm, hardening it into a rock hard weapon. However, once this was done, the blade held itself in place, as any rock would.

As Tectalus swung, their fists surely did collide, and the rock broke just as expected. However, the blade should have cut his opponents hand open, but to an unknown extent.

All Tectalus felt was the electricity sparking through his body, his skin partially lessening the effects due to his earthen-infused body. But that meant nothing. Up Tectalus's entire right arm, his eyes had gone blind. They were fried right out of their sockets all the way up to his shoulder and part of his chest.

As if the bullet wound wasn't enough, the eyes Tectalus had taken care of for all of eternity were taken away from his in a matter of seconds.

Unable to react after being electrocuted, Tectalus took a few steps back, hoping his opponent had at least been injured.
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What Tectalus should have noticed about the punch Xeios was about to land, specifically the lightning that was surrounding said punch, was that the electrical energy rendered other magics inert when coming close to them. This was caused by the electricity stealing the energy of other magics, absorbing them to become more powerful. The stone formed blade around Tectalus' hand would behave similarly, as the electricity came within a few meters, the energy binding the stones together would come apart. If Tectalus continued his move, then he and Xeios' fists would collide, with Xeios' attack going off as usual.
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The Djinn was amazed at the energy flowing from the man's hand as it grew evermore threatening. As Xeios neared, it became apparent that his target was the newly formed weapon upon Tectalus's arm.

So Tectalus abode.

With deft movement, the Djinn lifted his arm and hurled what would be a punch, if it were not for the point of stone, at Xeios's own fist.

Tectalus would gladly take damage if he could get rid of the threatening hand that manipulated the lighting.
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The crackling lightning became more and more impressive with each passing moment, as the rocks hurtled towards Xeios, he unleashed his attack. He hurtled himself towards his foe, lightning gathered in his right hand, which was held in front of him. The lightning seemed to steal the energy that was being enacted on the stones, causing them to fall gently to the ground as Xeios ran past. When he was a few meters from Tectalus, Xeios drew his arm back, and aimed an impressive electrically charged punch at the shield. Upon contact with the shield, Xeios' hand would explode with electrical energy, causing a catastrophic shotgun-style blast of electricity to strike Tectalus.
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Tectalus saw the lightning through the slit he had made, but the air crackling with electricity told him the true power of this attack. With his lung in the shape it was, too heavy breathing would be a problem. He had to act quickly.

Tectalus slimmed down his body using his mass manipulation. He would still have strength, but would be much faster in this state. At the same time, Tectalus propelled the wall before him at his opponent, breaking it into large chunks of rock.

The Creator jumped backwards as the wall broke from the earth, putting more room between the two combatants. When he landed, stone began to rise in his right hand, covering the arm in a jointed stone armor that came to a point at the hand. It was more or less an attached sword, capable of defense.

While weapons were not a usual of the Djinn, this fight was something different. Already mortally wounded, he would end this quickly.
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Xeios made a deft leap backwards as Tectalus retracted his arm, avoiding the earth grabbing for his ankles. As he moved away from Tectalus, Xeios' left hand began generating energy, this energy had been drawn from some of Tectalus' control over the Earth, and from the powerful energy beams fired from Tectalus' eyes. This energy began formulating in the palm of Xeios' hand, taking on the appearance of white, crackling lightning. Every moment Xeios waited, the energy became more and more powerful. Xeios landed on his feet, approximately ten feet away from his foe, left hand in front of his face, and revolver replaced into it's holster. The lightning that was generating in the palm of his hand kept flickering, becoming more and more potent by the second, the attack would soon be ready.
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If Tectalus could scowl, it would have been when two more bullets entered the Creator's chest. His right lung had been punctured. That gun was a large problem.

Tectalus pulled back his arm and shrunk it to its normal size. While doing this, he brought up rock around the ankles of his opponent, hoping to trap his his feet in their current position. He then brought a wall of earth up to cover his front in case the gun was shot again. He left a minuscule hole for an eye on his left forearm to look through, still allowing Tectalus to strategist while being protected.
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Xeios' defensive magic began activating after his hand was scorched from the laser beams coming from Tectalus' eyes. The defensive magic found itself able to deflect the energy from the target point of Xeios' hand, removing most of the damage from the blow, and directing the energy right at Tectalus' arm, which is still inches away. The rock pierced into Xeios' lower back, but didn't go much farther than that, on account of the defensive magic activating for the earlier laser attack, he clenched his teeth in pain, and also, squeezed the trigger on his gun twice more, aiming for the same location.
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OOC: Yeah, I originally had it typed stating it was coming from the ground, but I got rid of it for some reason. Also, I apologize for how bad this description is. I know my writing sucks here. If you don't get something, you can PM me.

The bullet was hot against the skin of Tectalus. The enchantment hardening his skin helped protect him, but not completely. The bullet had still pierced the skin of the Creator, but had stopped short of puncturing his lung by very little.

Tectalus, not one to give up so easily, shot a beam of energy from an eye on each finger of the fist that Xeios was blocking. The human would not know the attack was coming until it was ripping through his skin. Tectalus was now on his feet, a stretched arms length from Xeios. While firing the beams, Tectalus also shot a shard of rock to his opponent's lower back from the ground.
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With quick thinking, Xeios brought his left arm across his body, simultaneously blocking and deflecting the force of the blow away from his body. As he did this, he slid his body behind the arm which was deflecting the blow, in case any other extensions were made to Tectalus' arm. With his movement to block the punch, he managed to avoid the rock, which came from the ground. (if my understanding is correct, description was vague) But now, Tectalus was very, very close to Xeios, and one more shot was fired at the center of the beasts chest.
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OOC: More than aware of the attack. Very clever. :p

Tectalus chuckled inwardly as Xeios attempted to defend himself. This one was cautious, though. A good trait to have.

After Xeios fired his blast, Tectalus jumped into the air over the blast and towards his opponent. The white energy flew below Tectalus, as did the bullet that was fired towards his previous position. The resounding crack was a surprise to the Djinn. He knew not what this weapon was, be it magic or physical, but he made note to avoid it.

As Tectalus flew over the attacks, he sent a punch towards Xeios, stretching his arm and extra meter by using his mass manipulation. The enchantment upon his skin would harden the blow, while the stretching of his arm would come as a surprise to the combatant.

While doing this, Tectalus shot a rock the size of a baseball up towards Xeios's gun hand, hoping to dislodge the weapon before it could be used again.
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At the rash movement of Tectalus, Xeios quickly rose his hands and turned his body to defend himself. He smiled as his foolishness when he realized his foe was merely placing distance between the two of them.

"You can keep your titles, I am Xeios, and I have held many titles in my day, none of which mean very much in the grand scheme of things."

Xeios' eyes fluttered between the pebbles that were quivering on the ground. he was preparing for an impressive action from his enemy, hopefully in a defensive nature. Xeios opened the palm of his hand, and thrust it forward, generating a large blast of white energy which exploded from his hand like a shockwave. This magic had a great nature about it, the blast would destroy whatever type of magic was used to block it, though it wouldn't do anything to hurt an actual organic creature. So essentially this attack acts as a smoke-and-mirror type effect. Destroying the enemies magical shields, but not harming them, so that Xeios' second attack would hopefully get through. Xeios' second attack was a shot fired from his revolver, aimed directly at where Tectalus' heart would be if he were human.

(ooc -- Such as the Middle-weight belt thing I technically 'possess' even though I've never had anyone challenge for it, and I won it years ago. :V

Also keep in mind, Tectalus would have no idea of what this ability does, and for all intents and purposes it looks like an actual attack.)
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"We seem to share a love for the thrill of battle, then, Earthling. Although, my reason is a personal vendetta," Tectalus boomed once more. When he was done speaking, he flew to the side, away from Xeios but still on the edge of the cliff. He now stood facing Xeios with fifteen meters between the two.

"Tell me, what is your title?" pebbles started to quiver upon the ground all about the Creator while he concentrated his energy. He was waiting for the man to strike first.
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