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04-25-24 03:56 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 698/1586
As Joe attempted to move he found that he couldn't. The lightning had destroyed the cells of his body and now he was beginning to suffer. With a crash to the ground Joe fell, his armor crumbling around him. His eyes went blank. Joe was dead.
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EDIT: Removed prior post by request of Vince. Excuse my unenthusiastic post.

Samuel allowed himself to be pushed back. All he needed was time, anyway. Due to where the sword had cut into Joe's flesh, either his lung or sternum had been injured, and badly. Blood would slowly fill the man's lungs if it was his lung, and either way, electrocution can barely be ignored.

Eyes pouring blood, and nose beginning to bleed, Samuel flew upwards into the sky, a wide open place to avoid any attacks.
Squire Vince
Posts: 691/1586
Joe saw hope in the tears of the demon. Instead of moving his hand back to avoid the grapple Joe slammed it into the ground and began pumping large amounts of earth into his armor, while continueing to bring the earth into his armor Joe raised a plateau of earth from his chest seperating him and Samuel, this also meant that Samuel's blade was removed. Joe also used the force of the push to send himself into the earth.
Posts: 1481/2746
ooc: This doesn't make any sense, either. Have you ever been electrocuted? Dry skin means nothing. I also said that the electricity flow until you were already stabbed.

Joe was hurt, and death was near. Being electrocuted twice--and once so close to his heart--isn't good for any living thing.

Joe pushed Samuel away, but barely. Considering Samuel was falling on top of Joe while the latter lay flat on his back, Samuel wasn't really going anywhere.

Instead, when Joe reached out his arms and pushed, Samuel attempted to dig his left hand into his adversary's arm. His hand had swirling air around it to make sure that the earthen would erode and not hinder him. Once his nails dug into the man's arm, the Byakurai would erupt from him and directly into the man.

If he instead moved his arm and dodged the grapple, the sword would just keep pushing inwards, and the electricity was still flowing from that.

The Demon that had possessed Samuel was ruthless. His yellow eyes looked down at his opponent, beginning to bleed from the tear ducts. The power was taking a toll on it physical shell, but it was still there. Ready for the kill.
Squire Vince
Posts: 681/1586
OOC: I've decided not to die.

BIC: Joe watched as the blade approached his chest, he also felt the lightning eminating from it. He had to act fast. Using a gust of wind Joe pushed Samuel's blade to his side as it hit the armor. Although the blade did indeed pierce the armor and Joe's skin it was away from his heart much farther to the right. There were now a myriad of things working against the electricity from the blade. The main one being Joe's armor and another being Joe's own dry skin. The tip blade sent a current of electricity through Joe's body, but the rest was met with no results. Joe pushed himself away from the demon. He was hurt, badly. He needed to end this.
Posts: 1466/2746

As soon as the sword hit flesh, the Demon that had taken over Samuel had the thought of his favorite salty snack in mind.

With the sword being as close as it was to the heart of Joe, there was little chance of surviving this next attack. As the sword pierced his adversary's skin, Samuel let loose a continuous stream of electricity flow from it.

With the sword already in Joe's chest and side, and as deep as it was, the electricity would most likely cause his heart to stop and his lungs to fry.

This battle was certainly near end.
Squire Vince
Posts: 663/1586
Joe's armor needed to be tended to soon but there were more pressing members at the moment. To cover the hole in the chest of his armor Joe, forced a small hole into the back of his armor and expanded it to the size of the hole in the front, this change caused the hole in the front of the armor to close. Samuel's blade was piercing the armor quickly though. Joe as quickly as he could pushed the armor around the blade to his left side and forced himself to the right. Joe could feel a slash running across his body leading to a deep slice in his side. It was time to end this damn fight.
Posts: 1449/2746
Instead of resisting, Samuel allowed himself to be pushed down, growing closer to his adversary by his own doing.

Samuel quickly reached out his left hand, smacking the spike. At the same time, he slashed and broke the spike, allowing him to throw it to the side.

Now, Joe's armor was made of the earth itself. Because of the manner he used the spike, the rest of Joe's armor had to funnel upwards, meaning there was less to no earth protecting his anymore.

If Joe had instead made sure to bring up more earth to make up for what he was losing, the sword flying towards his open chest might not pierce it.
This was, however, not the case. Joe himself was helping propel Samuel downwards, and Samuel himself had his own wind propelling him downwards.

The speed of this strike was not something easily dodged, especially in Joe's current position.
Squire Vince
Posts: 615/1586
Joe blinked and then Samuel was closing in. Joe dropped to the ground laying flat on his back as Samuel's sword moved through the air. Then Joe sent an earthen spike up from the chest of his armor, the spike was heading for Samuel's torso, also Joe summoned up a gust to push down on Samuel's back. The gust would send Samuel into the spike if it hit.
Posts: 1374/2746
As the dirt rose beneath Samuel's feet, he wasted no time. The boy rocketed forward before Joe could even close his hand. The white sword was flying towards his opponent's chest, and hopefully would strike.
Squire Vince
Posts: 611/1586
Joe dragged his foot across the ground breaking it apart with very little effort, as he did this Joe raised the earth that Samuel was standing on, then closing his hand the land exploded. A large cloud of dust erupted, and surrounded Samuel. Even if Samuel attempted to push the cloud away Joe was holding the dust in place.
Posts: 1372/2746
Instead of moving, Samuel formed a small orb of air that blasted the spear apart.

The demon that was Samuel landed softly on his feet, turning slowly to face his opponent. It's smile grew wider as it waited for the one called Joe to attack.
Squire Vince
Posts: 604/1586
Joe watched as Samuel approached. Sensing his spear closing in Joe quickly leapt to the left, as he did so he also raised a spear of earth out diagnoally ending where Samuel's chest would stop. The spear was solid granite, making it strong and with Samuel's body moving at the speed it was avoiding the spear would be difficult but, not impossible.
Posts: 1359/2746
Samuel's yellow eyes lit up with delight when he saw the attempt of his opponent to gain strength. Nothing would stand in his way now--Samuel was gone.

With a guttural sound unnatural to this world, the demon flew forward, wary of the blade Joe now wielded. The huge vortex spun, turning into a condensed spear of air aimed at the chest of the earth covered man.

If hit, the pressure from he air would surely break the earth, and the Byakurai would be unleashed in that split second, frying Joe's already burnt chest.
Squire Vince
Posts: 511/1586
Joe watched in awe as Samuel's form changed. This creature was something different. Joe reacted by quickly removing his jacket revealing the greek urn style tattoos that had come to encompass most of his body. Joe then concentrated upon the memories of his past battles, as he did so the tattoos began to glow, he was taking the strength and energy from his past conquests. Soon, Joe's scrawny form grew, his muscles expanding and his energy increasing. Then the tattoos stopped glowing and Joe faced this demon. "We've all got some hidden tricks, sport." With that Joe raised a pillar of earth around him and then let it fall away revealing a sleek suit of rock around him, as well as a long sword made from compressed granite. "Let's do this."
Posts: 1278/2746
With a huge gust, a giant vortex engulfed Samuel, throwing the stones casually to the side. A pillar of vicious wind surrounded the boy, stretching up into the sky itself to disturb the graying clouds.

Samuel began to move forward with this giant pillar, the earth below ripping from its tight hold and swirling about. Samuels eyes began to turn a glowing yellow within the swirling pillar. His nails grew out into threatening claws while black runes spread across his body from beneath his sleeve.

The boys shirt ripped off from the gusting winds, showing nothing but pitch black skin beneath. The runes had covered his entire body, leaving it colorless.

The face that smiled at Joe was not Samuel's.

The demon had been released.
Squire Vince
Posts: 506/1586
Joe smirked as the boy did a semi-backflip to right himself. Joe began to charge his energy, and as he did so he sent small pebbles up from the ground beneath and behind Samuel. The stones would be moving quickly to reach their target and would be backed by Joe's air control. Joe's eyes began to grow dark, he was charging up a large sum of energy and taking deep breaths in, to charge his air attacks.
Posts: 1272/2746
Samuel was frustrated that the geezer had ruined his tornado, but he still charged his power. He had plenty left, and Joe was too far away to reach him in one post, even using his air.

Samuel suddenly flipped as the air was yanked out from under him, but all he did was right himself with simple manipulation. He was flying, after all.
Squire Vince
Posts: 472/1586
Joe saw the tornado forming in the sky above him. Joe knew how to combat tornadoes. A twister forms through a large downdraft spins the air around it faster and faster. Joe simply accelerated the downdraft. By speeding up the bottom of the tornado to rapid speeds before it touched the ground the life cycle of the tornado also increased rapidly. By the time the remnants of the tornado had hit the ground it was nothing but a gust of wind. Samuel was still getting used to his powers, Joe had been at this for a long long time. Joe took a deep breath in and attacked. First he pulled the air behind Samuel's feet forward. If Samuel didn't dodge, which was more likely than not, he would undoubtably stumble backwards and most likely fall, giving Joe the advantage he was looking for.
Posts: 1245/2746
Samuel swiped his arm to the side, easily breaking the rocks and blowing them away. Small attacks were nothing to Samuel at the moment.

If his opponent was fool enough to let him charge his energy, then that is exactly what he would continue to do.

With a tremendous effort, a tornado began to form from the clouds above Joe. With Samuel charging his energy, the likeliness of him negating the formation of this attack were slim. Samuel's gale was stronger than a simple attack.

If Joe were to move, the tornado would simply follow him. There was nowhere to run.

((Note: the tornado is FORMING. As in, it is not yet touching the ground.))

EDIT - Typo.
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