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02-03-23 05:32 AM
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Phoenix's facial expression didn't change once as he waved his hand, dismissing the fire from existence. Using fire against Phoenix was not a strategy that would work.

Apparently, fire would also not hurt Dorjan, either, if he used it so freely. Other means would have to be taken.

A spark formed in the right hand of the immortal, growing into a golden sword, it's crimson hilt the shape of its bearer's true form. At the same time, a cloud of ash began to form behind Phoenix, its swirling form blending with that of the shadows.

"Your move."
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Dorjan's cross shone as he jumped back a bit dodging the punch. Holy doesn't hurt this vampire after all... He loved his nuns' blood very virgin. He just hated the fact that it was a punch. This wasn't going to be a joyous affair like his last nun was. He smirked. "You have to understand." He said. A pentagram appeared under him. He let out a breath and his fangs showed. He put his hands in his pocket. Flames appeared around him. The pentagram was starting to burn into the ground. "Go my pretty hellbats." The flames formed into the bats and began to zoom at Phoenix in many speeds. Then they started to surround Phoenix rushing towards Phoenix in all directions.

Zooming Hellbats: This on of Dorjan's flame spells. He summons the power of fire and forms it into bats. Just like fire the bats have a will of their own when it comes to attacking. These bats rush towards their opponent and attack in all directions. The bats have razor sharp wings and if they cut they burn as well.
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ooc: I don't really understand how the aura works.

Phoenix easily took a step to his right, avoiding the punch with room to spare. He then sent a punch of his own towards Dorjan's left side. He twisted his body, swinging his glowing right hand deftly. Upon his fist was the Holy Light.

If Dorjan was a normal vampire, light would be his greatest weakness, and Phoenix had plenty of light.
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Dorjan laughed at Phoenix's comment. "Dead? I thought I already was. You can't kill what's already died once. Besides I will be heading back to my home with out my lovely harem..." He sighed. "I don't aim to kill, but I will punish you for taking away from my wonderful hobby."

Dorjan held his arm out. Palm up he conjured a ball of energy. He squeezed his hand and it changed into a dagger of energy. He ran forward sending a smashing punch towards Phoenix's gut.

Jack Knife: This is a special dagger. It's known to fit it's users mood. Dorjan's is constantly red to show the love he feels for all of his female victims. If the knife injures the user wound is very agonizing because it is covered in Dorjan's poisonous aura.

Aura: Dorjan's aura is known to keep a poison in it. If he injures anyone the wound is very harmful to the person in mind, but it's really just a normal wound. This aura is used to pretty much give him the upper hand right off the bat.
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Phoenix couldn't help but smile. This guy was a goof.

"Phoenix," he nodded, making a polite gesture over his stomach. "Now, are you ready to die?"

Ash slowly filled the air around Phoenix as he waited for his opponent's answer.
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Dorjan blinked as he quickly turned his kick into a powerful leap. He slowly floated to the ground. Dorjan looked at the bags lit. "You know I got those because I was tired of looking at the precious princess next door." He closed his eyes and smirked. "She would've been delicious... I dare not partake of her though." Dorjan looked at Phoenix and sighed. "I guess I will have to resort to the binoculars at home." He held his hand close to his heart and bowed. "Dorjan Moon..."
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Phoenix took a quick step backwards, easily avoiding the kick. The vampire, however, had bigger problems than his spilled pornography. Like the orb of light flying straight to his chest.

Just for kicks, Phoenix lit the bags and the dropped magazine aflame.

"No alone time for you, buddy," Phoenix winked.
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Dorjan looked at Phoenix. "It's not like anybody wants this stuff..." He smirked. "I'm not in the mood to give it back. You want to give it back for me?" Dorjan sent a spin kick flying for Phoenix's face. As he spun around one of the items fell out. It fluttered down revealing itself as a magazine issue of "Throb". "Ugh... that was going to be a good issue."
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ooc: Heh. Hopefully he doesn't seduce me

EDIT: Typo. 'The' instead of 'He'.

"And I'd appreciate it if you gave your 'loot' back," the answering voice rang with authority.

The figure took a step forward into the moonlight, revealing a man wearing a white button down shirt with dress pants. Unlike the man standing across from him, this man had light brown hair hanging into his soft face. He looked very formal, especially to be ordering around a criminal vampire.

Phoenix was playing vigilante again.

Undead blood was going to spill.
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OOC: My perverted side =P just for you Phoenix

"Wow... I made out with this robbery just fine," Dorjan said. "Got a little bit of blood out of this one too." He licked his lips and smiled. "And that cashier lady... so beautiful and so tasty." He blushed. "I wish I could've turned her though. I don't think I could."

The vampire's blue hair shone in the night and he held many plastic bags in his hand. He wore a sleeveless shirt with a spiked choker. The choker carried a cross in the middle. He wore a pair of black pants that were covering his black combat boots. On his arms were fishnet arm warmers that were held on by the thumb wholes. His fingers were covered in rings.

Dorjan looked normal and human like, the only difference was he had pointed ears, fangs, and red eyes.

The vampire continued walking until he saw a shadow blocking his path. "Hey buddy I'm in a rush to look at my loot. So I would appreciate it if you moved."
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