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02-01-23 08:17 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Acacia
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Squire Vince
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maybe like a spore leech or something. you could have her use the plants around her and her opponent to locate them at any time so i feel the leech would be a good idea.
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Meh, fire will be a weakness. Not much I can do there. Plants don't burn in one post. I'll use other plants besides the petals. I have my plans. Although, I do need another power.

Any ideas? Just something small, but strategic.
Squire Vince
Posts: 429/1586
You did, but how will she fair against a fire user? Maybe a small attack that can help out in that area.
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Name: Acacia

Age: 32

Appearance: Acacia is a thin woman with long brown hair flowing down her back. He eyes are a light purple. She wears a white dress that reaches her feet, but has enough room to fight and run. She wears this with a red rope belt in the middle. A white cloth robe is worn over this.


Lotus: Lotus is a thin-bladed longsword made of silver. The hilt is pure white with eloquent designs of nature. This sword was passed down generation to generation in her family, and is unbreakable. Legends say that the blade was crafted by Gaia herself, and was wielded by a great hero. This blade has the ability to turn whatever it cuts into petals of a flower. Depending on how large the object cut, only a small part will turn to petals (ie the blood and a small portion of skin from a human. Depends on how deep, also).

Flower Whistle: Acacia is able to control all flowers and plants with her whistle, but prefers the most beautiful part of them--the petals. She can manipulate these petals to form barriers or even attacks. The magic from her whistle (it does not use air, the sound is that of her magic leaving her lips) allows these petals to take on a magical appearance, usually a glowing. Her whistle forms these petals, and they seem to follow her everywhere.

Acacia can also control and summon other plants, but she is best with flowers.

((More to come, but only a small power. I like her the way she is now. I thought I needed a woman character.))
Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Acacia

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