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04-25-24 03:48 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 695/1586
Phoenix was unaware of any action but prepared for an attack. With his blade at the ready Phoenix began charging up energy. He scanned the surface of the water, poised to strike.
Posts: 1486/2746
Phoenix's ash had no effect on Joe whatsoever.

The river was deep and in constant movement--there would always be fresh oxygen. For Phoenix to hold all of that ash against the flow of the river would tire him out eventually, but Joe wasn't to complain for that.

Joe began expending small amounts of his energy, forming ten balls of air that held water by constantly applying pressure and keeping it confined. With a mental signal, they went flying outwards, not yet shooting from the water, but still undetectable to Phoenix.
Squire Vince
Posts: 692/1586
Phoenix responded to his opponent falling into the water by sending more and more ash into the now murky and dark fluid. He also used his control over the ash to keep it from moving. Joe was now becoming surrounded by ash, and soon there wouldn't be any water to pull oxygen from.
Posts: 1482/2746
Joe smiled as the winged Dreamthing took flight towards him. Words were not necessary for a man to kill.

With a last smile, Joe fell below the surface of the water, invisible to his opponent.

Great energy still flowed, but more slowly, as he needed to pull out the oxygen from the water around the bubble he had formed over his mouth and nose.

Phoenix thought he was clever, but the fool was being ruthless compared to the notes Joe had on the being. Nevertheless, he would fall in battle, and Joe would take his soul.
Squire Vince
Posts: 686/1586
"It seems you've found the river, a great observation but I think you've forgotten about this," With that Phoenix gestured behind him. The forest behind him was amassed in flames. Phoenix also had been charging his energy, and now it was time for a display. Phoenix released ash into the river and allowed it to spread. As he did this he leapt forward into the air at Joe, his sword at the ready.
Posts: 1477/2746
How Phoenix saw behind him, Joe would never know. However, Joe did know one thing; he was closer to the river than Phoenix. No matter how hard he blew, the ash would not reach the bank before Joe. So by the time it took light, Joe had flown to the center of the river and was hovering just above it's flowing surface.

Energy was flowing thickly through Joe's veins, waiting to make its way out.
Squire Vince
Posts: 662/1586
Phoenix heard the crash behind him, and saw the shape of a river just beyond the large forest fire behind him. As he broke the smoldering tree line he saw a vast river of clear blue water in front of him. Turning back Phoenix scanned the forest, and he saw Joe's figure moving through the flames. Phoenix quickly exhaled thick ash onto the ground before the river and using a small flame he lit the ash.
Posts: 1447/2746
Joe grew tired of chasing the chicken. A warrior should stand in battle and face his defeat, not run like a coward.

Joe easily swung to the right, avoiding the blue leaved trees. If his opponent wished to destroy his own realm, let him.

Joe continued his dodge, following his momentum to the right, where he could hear the sound of rushing water. The former Olympian began to gather energy, wishing to destroy his cold-footed opponent with ease.
Squire Vince
Posts: 620/1586

BIC: Phoenix incenerated the rocks as he flew past them, and using the heat eminating from his body Phoenix continued to light more of the forest on fire and continued to charge his energy. Sensing Joe behind him, Phoenix slashed through trees to form a wall between him and his opponent.
Posts: 1403/2746
Joe surely thought that his attack would have at least hit his winged opponent in the legs, considering his method, but no matter.

Not allowing Phoenix to rest, Joe charged downwards after Phoenix, sending seven or so fist-sized rocks up from the earth to meet the latter.
Squire Vince
Posts: 614/1586
Phoenix watched as Joe suddenly moved to the side. As his opponent did this Phoenix pushed flames out from behind his feet propelling him farther and faster, thus avoiding Joe's attack. Phoenix then pushed onwards into the firey forest, using the flames as cover Phoenix charged his energy.
Posts: 1373/2746
Joe saw Phoenix flying towards him, but he did nothing. He waited until his opponent neared, and then simply moved to the left, avoiding the blade completely. However, Phoenix was now right next to Joe, and the blast of air shot from the latter's hand was enough to shoot right through any living flesh.

Phoenix was already in flight towards Joe, and even if he opened his wings to slow himself down, the timing was too short.

Momentum is a bitch.
Squire Vince
Posts: 610/1586
Phoenix watched as the flames expanded as the dome of air moved through them. Quickly stopping his own attack Phoenix, flew higher into the sky. Then he saw Joe's figure, narrowing his wings Phoenix soared at Joe, holding his sword next to his body. The sword was glnting the sunlight off of its golden blade. As he neared his opponent, Phoenix swung horizontally at Joe's chest.
Posts: 1371/2746
Joe allowed the dome to slip around him, rocketing forward by itself into the fierce Holy Fire. Joe remained back a bit, but the dome charged forward, invisible in the flames. Not only did this stop the flames from reaching Joe, but it would serve as an offensive attack.

Joe readied himself for Phoenix's undoubted counter attack, ready to act in an instant.
Squire Vince
Posts: 605/1586
Phoenix allowed his wings to burst free, their warm glow showing again. Scanning the forest Phoenix saw Joe approaching. Phoenix charged holy fire to his hands as Joe approached. Watching Joe near, Phoenix raised his hands and fired two pillars of fie from his hands at Joe. The fire came to a point so if it hit the dome the possibility of it piercing it was high, and the heat alone would burn Joe's flesh.
Posts: 1358/2746
Joe watched to orb of light explode where he stood before he jumped into the tree. With no time to react, the man released his hold upon the vacuums and formed a protective dome of air around himself.

While the trees were alight, Joe himself remained unharmed.

Tired of playing foolish games, Joe flew out of the tree, dome still swirling, and charged at Phoenix.

He would have his prey.
Squire Vince
Posts: 512/1586
Phoenix began to fall as his wings gave out. This old man knew what he was doing, Phoenix concentrated on pushing holy fire out from the bases of his feet downwards, allowing him to remain in flight. The orb of light had finished forming in his hand so Phoenix sent it towards the forest where Joe was hiding, when the orb was in the trees Phoenix forced it to explode unleashing a fast moving wild fire. Phoenix then pulled more ash from around him, he pressed the ash to his back and using a thick layer of it smothered the vaccum upon his back.
Posts: 1277/2746
Phoenix was a fire-based attacker, suitable to his name. Fire was a very versatile element. It is able to be manipulated in various ways, some much stronger then the original itself. But it needed one thing to survive.


Phoenix's wings were somewhat of a solid, but composed completely of fire. Right now, the man was relying on those wings to keep him from plummeting to the ground. Joe had a different story in mind.

He stopped charging his energy after this new plan arose, but instead focused on the back of Phoenix--right at his shoulder blades. The shoulder blades were where the fiery wings erupted from Phoenix, and they were most certainly the strongest part. However, they were thinner than the rest, and it was the connecting point between the beast and the wings.

Very quickly, Joe formed two vacuums large enough to engulf the entire connecting point of each wing with room to spare. The man would surely fall to the ground, so Joe made sure to keep these vacuums trained on these spots. Because of this, Joe would have considerably less control over the air than he normally did, but his earth skills would be unhindered.

Joe grinned largely from his hiding place. Bye-bye birdie.
Squire Vince
Posts: 505/1586
The heat from Phoenix's flames turned the bits of coal into diamonds. As Joe leapt off into places unseen Phoenix flew higher into the sky, the tiny bits of diamonds began to fall. He scanned the forest and began charging his energy, he held his hand out and summoned his blade. Then he summoned an orb of holy fire into his hands. Still charging his energy Phoenix began to turn the ball into white hot light.
Posts: 1271/2746
ooc: Okay, I'll just do it again.

As the ash rushed back towards Joe, he formed a dome of air around himself, making sure the ash didn't touch him.

Therefore, when Phoenix pulled the ash upwards, his fire lit the ash and coal aflame. Using the flame as a shield, because neither combatant could see through it, Joe quickly launched himself into the nearest tree, completely out of sight from his opponent.

With a smile on his face, he began charging his energy.
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