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01-31-23 11:42 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - 2010 XGF Story Competition!!
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True Flight
Posts: 4357/5243
I would love to keep reading stories by contestants. I'm not into writing as I am into reading. You all make my days go by pretty fast when I read this stuff. I'd like to judge more. More practice =P
Posts: 3763/3807
So are we doing this, then?
Posts: 6087/9733
Trust me, Halloween is my alltime favorite holiday. I would LOVE a story theme for it.
Posts: 114/201
That sounds fine. I just meant like a Halloween theme, like a ghost story or something.
Posts: 6086/9733
I would like that, but I would not really be able to run it. I will be on a cruise over Halloween weekend so I couldn't judge til I got back and even then I will be super busy packing. Now, if you guys are cool with the deadline giving me a bit of time to judge and post results when I get back I am all for it. If not, well, nothing says we have to have a competition to post stories here and have people critique them.
Posts: 111/201
We should do a Halloween one, that'd be cool.
Posts: 2323/2746
Originally posted by Lady Elara
I am fine with bi-annual. I was thinking of doing one for New Year's

Are we still on for this?

I know this is a bump, but the thread is stickied

I would actually like to enter for once. Something for Halloween or Thanksgiving would be fun, too
We could use more activity in here.

The Muses are angered.
Posts: 5994/9733
It is fine, I look forward to seeing your next entry.
Posts: 53/201
Sorry I never got around to judging, I had a lot going on for the last couple weeks, between starting college and family/social problems...but I'd definitely be game for more writing competitions, and since things should be settling down soon, I'll be able to judge as well as compete...sorry again...
Squire Vince
Posts: 1131/1586
sounds great. also an adjustment to the word limit, would be great, and it would allow those new catagories for everyone.
Posts: 5991/9733
I am fine with bi-annual. I was thinking of doing one for New Year's
Squire Vince
Posts: 1129/1586
I second that, at least a bi annually competition.
Posts: 9083/3807
Awesome. Everyone who competed was great, and we should take a moment to thank our judges.

I'm thinking we should have more writing competitions.
Posts: 5980/9733
Vulkar was kind enough to do the category calculations for me and here they are (well, I did spelling, but it wasn't hard)


Vulkar: 8.2
Cairoi: 7.8
CityonDown: 6.333
Urban Astronaut: 6.333

You all got 10s... I think that is the first time it has happened actually.


Cairoi: 8.6
Vulkar: 7.6
CityonDown: 6.66
Urban Astronaut: 6.5


Cairoi: 9
Vulkar: 7.9
CityonDown: 5.5
Urban Astronaut: 5.5


Cairoi: 9
CityonDown: 7.66
Vulkar: 7.4
Urban Astronaut: 6


Cairoi: 9.6
CityonDown: 6.66
Vulkar: 6.6
Urban Astronaut: 5.3
Squire Vince
Posts: 1112/1586
Congrats everyone, if it's held on a yearly basis next year it will be mine!
Posts: 1941/2746
Congrats, Cairoi.

And congrats for not coming in second to last, Vulkar xD
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 4133/4539
Victory is mine. Why? Because for the first time...I'm not in second to last place!

Congratulations, Cairoi!

Maybe I'll dominate later.
Posts: 5975/9733
I fail at nap... really need to get this sleep schedule worked out. Anywho, here we go... I am just going to do totals.

AND THE RESULTS ARE.... *drumroll*

1) Cairoi: 53.4
2) Vulkar: 47.3
3) Cityondown: 41.5
4) Urban Astronaut: 40

Congratulations to Cairoi for winning the 2010 XGF Story Competition! I will contact Bitmap about having your prize made and get it to you as soon as it is finished.

A special thanks to everyone that participated, I hope that you will come back next time as either entrant or judge... or both... and we can implement the new ideas.

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 3940/4539
*Posting so that you can double post.*

You need to take a shorter nap, xD. The suspense is killing those of us that don't want to calculate the averages ourselves!
Posts: 5973/9733
I think some people like description more than others. For example, I blew through the entire Wheel of Time series in less than a year from start to end... well, book ten at least. And I loved the description because it made the world real to me. Same with LotR (start to finish in 2 months, on top of summer classes). And yes, in some cases it can drag on... like a rea world setting, but in fantasy it is good to describe unless it is something identifiable with everyone, like a barn or something.

I am sorry I haven't got the scores up. Work has be opening 5 days a week so sleeping is becoming an issue for me. I swear I will get it done after my nap today.
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - 2010 XGF Story Competition!!

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