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02-29-24 12:15 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1510/1586
I have not recieved such PM's D:
Posts: 2943/2954
It's not really over, I PMed you posing some questions about your attacks and have yet to receive a response. :V
Squire Vince
Posts: 1503/1586
This is over could one of our esteemed/dark aged leaders close this for me.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1455/1586
As the stones tore through the air attempting to impale Vincent, he created a dome of light that disentigrated the stones upon contact. Vincent then willed the dome away and sent four spikes of lightning based energy towards Robert. If the spikes hit they would cause even more extensive damage than what had already been done to Robert, but if Robert managed to avoid the lightning would still seek out his cane.

Vincent used the brilliant light exuded to his advantage. The light would be bright and blinding as long as it was still there, Vincent flew at Robert as he formed his sword in an attempt torun through Robert with a vicious slash.

As Robert came up from behind Vincent, the former swung his cane attempting to knock Vincent unconscious but, to no avail. As Robert swung his cane met a plate of light that stopped it in it's tracks. Vincent felt the lack of Robert's presence in the light. Now Robert was positioned in an awkward manner. The swing had left his entire side open to any attack. Vincent willed a bolt of hot explosive light to soar towards Robert's exposed ribs.
Posts: 2927/2954
Verse rotated his body, narrowly dodging the blast. He laughed, "I can tell you're learning, I taught you that trick!" Verse continued laughing, finally getting a hold of himself. From the earth all around Vincent, jagged rocks launched towards him. Coming from basically every direction, and speeding towards Vincent's current location, the rocks threatened to tear Vincent apart.

While it is true that Verse did not move to avoid the blast, Robert had forgotten to mention that when the blast struck his chest, it exploded into a brilliant light, being reflected away by a potent defensive magic that Verse exudes whenever he talks. (In a real situation, you would inform your opponent of his oversight, then allow him time to edit his/her post, fyi)

With all the crazy light that was going on, Vincent failed to notice that Verse was absorbed into the earth. By the time the explosions of light occurred, Verse was striking from behind with the weighted end of his cane, attempting to knock Vincent unconscious.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1443/1586
Vincent watched Robert begin to stand, smoke lazily flowing off of his body. Vincent was puzzled as to how this man was still alive but, he couldn't hesitate. Quickly landing and facing Robert, Vincent sent another bolt towards Robert, but this wasn't a bolt of electricity, but was of heat merely disguised as a lightning bolt.

As the second reality emerged Vincent watched the black body dissappear but, the beam he sent was now coming into contact with Robert. While speaking Robert didn't move. The beam should now be tearing through Mr. Verse's chest leaving a sizable hole in his lungs and heart.

Vincent touched his bloody nose and then refocused on Robert. The dome was about to meet the cone. As the dome was nearing the spike Vincent seperated the dome into dozens of small orbs that now surrounded Robert. Vincent forced the orbs to close in on Robert. As they grew close Vincent would have them explode into a horrificly powerful burst.
Posts: 2923/2954
The second bolt struck Robert in the chest, his body leapt a few inches from the ground, and there was stillness again. A cough resounded from Robert's throat, he stood up, feeling like his chest was on fire. He leaned onto the cane, which was still smoldering. A burst of strength seemed to take the older man, he smiled and looked at the young one. Ready to take another attack.

The ball of energy absorption dissipated seconds after the color faded from it. Verse smiled.

"Just so happens what had been absorbed corrupted your control over that object, imagine that."

Robert knew an attack like that could be considered a summon, as it was an ability that moved of it's own will, independent of Vincent's direct control. Vincent would have to watch out for attacks like that in the future, wouldn't want a disqualification under his belt.

As the third reality opened up, Verse was elated. He felt a resurgence of energy after his body from the first reality had been revived. And with that, he pushed more energy outwards, gathering every bit of energy from the world around him he could, and made a frontal cone large enough to destroy the orb that was barreling towards him. And if it did not destroy the orb, and Vincent were to separate it as he did before, Verse would be able to slide past unscathed.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1441/1586
Robert's attack would've been a great attack, very subtle and underplayed but, Vincent fired a lightning bolt. The electricity hit the bullet and arched into the cane in the matter of an instant. As Robert hit the ground Vincent sprung into action. With grace Vincent slid around the pillar of earth, then he leapt over Robert's body and hung in the air above him using his wings, then pointing towards Robert with his left palm Vincent sent another bolt towards Verse's chest.

The second reality tore open. Robert thought that he had the upper hand. As the blue orb neared Vincent he stopped it in its tracks. "This black body turns all magic into undefinable energy, no longer controlled by any one source but, I control the black body." With this the orb started to turn back into its original black color." Vincent then raised a hand towards Robert and another towards the sky. From both hands a bolt of energy was fired. Both with the potency to siere flesh from bone.

The third reality was thrust upon Vincent. The orb was nearing Robert as a powerful beam was sent from Robert into the large orb. Vincent opened a gap in the dome to allow Robert's blast to pass through it. As the beam passed through the dome kept moving hopefully on it's way to crushing Robert. As Vincent pushed on his nose began to bleed, the strain these realities were putting on his mind was getting to be too much.
Posts: 2922/2954
Verse knew something big was coming from the palms of Vincent's hands. But it was no matter, Vincent was starting defeat in the face. Just before Vincent's attack went off, Verse pulled the trigger on his cane. A single bullet fired at almost point blank range at Vincent. Either way, it did not stop Vincent's attack, which shot lightning forward into the cane, knocking Verse thirty feet backwards. He landed on the ground with a thud, and did not appear to be moving.

The second reality opened, and Robert smiled more widely than Vincent had. Suddenly, the ball, which absorbed energy now colored blue, turned on Vincent. It fired towards Vincent at an alarming pace, attempting to steal any energies that were being used.

"It's a fool's game to play with absorption, especially absorption of powerful controlling magic. You saw how the entire store fired at you, at my command, that was what I was using the magic for, to inflict my will upon that store, and consequently your orb."

The third reality tore open, and the orb Vincent had fired tore forward, Verse spun quickly, falling on his back. As he did, he fired a potent beam of energy at the orb, hoping to destroy it before it crushed him.

A disembodied voice entered Vincent's mind, and he felt a flash of the future:

"Use this information wisely, make one of these events occur through planning within three rounds,(three posts by you) and a reality will close favorably for you."

Flashes entered Vincent's mind, he saw many things, but the order was indiscernible.

First, he saw himself firing a simple beam of light at Verse; Verse dodging to the left, and being hit by a potent lightning bolt from the sky.

Second, he saw himself get struck in the face by the bottom of the cane, Verse stood in a taunting position and fired the cane into Vincent's skull.

Third, he saw a white room with Vincent congratulating him for the brilliant trap; the only other details Vincent could make out were that the third thing he saw involved Vincent's sword, and some fire.

Squire Vince
Posts: 1436/1586
Vincent looked upwards at the man, it was time to do something big. Vincent began charging his energy, as well as taking in power from the sun as it beat down on the two fighters. Vincent felt sweat fall from his brow, and pointed his hands at the man on the pillar of earth, as he did so the latter's hands began to glow an amazing almost blinding white. Then from his hands a bolt of lightning flew towards Robert's extended cane.

The second reality came into view, but the constant shifting was beginning to give Vincent a head ache but, he was trust into concentration by the explosion. sunddenly flying towards him were all kinds of utensils, but, Vincent did away with them by making a wall of light. As the utensils hit the wall they fell to the ground giving way to a metallic clatter as they hit the dirt. Vincent then set te black body towards Robert, but the black body's form was changing color as it absorbed the blue energy. Vincent grinned.

Vincent willed himself into the third reality. As Robert rolled away from the dome Vincent made the ball follow Robert. If the ball connected the dome would tear and burn Robert's flesh. As the ball moved it kicked up dirt and swiftly traveled towards it's target. The dome was simply that a mass of light with no disernable features just a blank orb that was of a brilliant hue.
Posts: 2914/2954
Verse lifted his hand above his head, and the Earth ripped up and surrounded him, filling the vacuums. Robert rose from the Earth pillar that he had surrounded himself with, and pointed the tip of his cane at Vincent.

"Very nice trap! Had I less time to think of a way out, I would've lost that round."

Verse paused for but a moment, taking in a deep breath of dry air.

"However, I had many days to think about it, and decided this was the best solution. What I want you to do, is let this situation sink in, and respond to the entirety in no less than three days after you've read this. I mean it. I want you to realize, that this battle is not a race, and while you may have some clever ideas when you immediately encounter what is going on, they will not nearly be as potent as the ideas you have after being able to think on it. Responding immediately can be a very weak move."

With those last words, the second reality tore open. Verse watched the orb sucking the energy from the building, and smiled. He leapt to the side, unintentionally avoiding the two blasts, and the front of the store burst open, pouring the entire contents of the store directly at Vincent in the blink of an eye. Knives, canned food, blankets, wood, tools, tons of supplies were thrust forward with enough force that the rolled up sleeping bags could break someone's leg if it connected just right.

The third reality opened up, and Verse had to find a way to defend from this next attack. As the dome of light raced towards him, Robert could only think of rolling to his right to avoid it entirely. So that was what he did, a leaping roll to avoid the crashing orb behind him. He made a stupid move when he did, and rolled his ankle, Verse was limited in his mobility, but would not show the weakness to his enemy.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1379/1586
Vincent was thrust back into the first reality. While the blast Robert was forming would do massive amounts of damage if it hit Vincent wouldn't allow it. Robert rushed forward disregarding the vaccums that were now directly behind him. As they were silent the only way Robert would know of there lethal presence is if he felt them tearing him apart which they would be doing very soon. Vincent spun away from Robert's fists, and away from the blast that would follow them, and as he moved he created a third vaccum directly before Robert, by pulling all energy away from the area, the single vaccum would be easy to dodge by moving backwards but Robert had allowed himself to be cornered by Vincent's attacks. Fleeing backwards Vincent pushed the vaccums together, at a faster pace than they were already moving. Escaping this attack would be near impossible.

As Verse ran from the black orb it followed in suit keeping with him with each step. As Robert caused the store to glow the black body began to absorb the blue energy. Vincent flourished his wings emitting a brilliant light, extending his hands before him Vincent sent two beams of energy towards Robert.

Finally, as Vincent hit the dome he used the energy to push himself away from it. 'Never stay near an enemy you can't see.' Vincent thought as he watched the dome explode. Shrapnel was surging towards him, Vincent blocked these by creating a dome of his own, this one however was made of light. As the rocks and debris bounced off of the dome Vincent willed it to race towards Robert. Surging through the air Vincent phased out of the back of the dome as it raced towards Robert.
Posts: 2910/2954
The air was thick with all of the description going on, Verse was pleased. But something displeased Robert, and that was the lack of description on how Vincent avoided the blast of energy. Even fleeing backwards would still have Vincent be hit by the horizontally fired attack. Also, some more description of how the vacuums worked, and how long they lasted would be interesting. As in the real world, a vacuum lasts for milliseconds at best, since there are plenty of things like air particles to fill vacuums. Please retry the first reality.

Verse assumed the worst with this next attack, and ran to the left, adding distance between himself and it. He was now standing next to a general store, Verse tapped his right hand onto a post he was standing by, and the entire store shimmered with a blue color for but a moment.

As Vincent leapt over the stone wall, Verse touched the stone with his right hand, and in an arcing motion, he drew more stone from the earth to shield him in a complete shell. Vincent's attack hit the stone, but did not put much of a dent in it. Immediately after the attack struck, Verse burst the stone away from himself in a powerful and destructive shock wave. Shattered stone would burst in every direction, tearing anything close enough to shreds, and Vincent was close enough.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1295/1586
Vincent felt himself being brought back into the first reality. While the blast Robert was forming would do massive amounts of damage if it hit Vincent wouldn't allow it. Robert rushed forward disregarding the vaccums that were now directly behind him. As they were silent the only way Robert would know of there lethal presence is if he felt them tearing him apart which they would be doing very soon. Vincent spun away from Robert's fists and created a third vaccum directly before Robert, the single vaccum would be easy to dodge by moving backwards but Robert had allowed himself to be cornered by Vincent's attacks. Fleeing backwards Vincent pushed the vaccums together, at a faster pace than they were already moving. Escaping this attack would be near impossible.

Vincent brought upon the second shift. Placing his hands out in front of himself Vincent produced a small black ball and sent it towards Robert. The ball's energy was hidden but it was infact a black body. The black body will steal energy from anything it becomes close enough to. Vincent seized the oppourtunity to continue his attack. Vincent sent a bolt of light into the sky, to be used later.

Finally the third shift. Vincent vaulted over stone wall quickly, and brought down his charged fist towards Robert, if the blow contacted Vincent's energy would tear into the old man, and if it missed the resulting blast would have enough concussive battle to still do large amounts of damage to Robert.
Posts: 2909/2954
Robert rushed into the fray, deflecting the particles of light quickly and easily with flourishes of something small in his right hand. He quickly flicked his hand out to meet Vincent's sword, and a cane blocked Vincent's attack. While he had him in close, Verse used his left hand to fire a supercharged blast of energy towards Vincent's stomach, an attack which would cause an impressive amount of damage, and would be very difficult to avoid, as this attack went off just after Verse blocked Vincen't sword.

Verse watched as Vincent gathered energy. He would certainly need it in the next few minutes. He began channeling massive amounts of a blue energy into his arms, focusing in his palms. The exact type of energy was indistinguishable.

Once again, realities shifted, and Verse rapidly lifted his left arm once more, drawing up another shield of stone. He was defended from Vincent's slash, and sensing Vincent right next to him, Verse pushed the wall of earth forward, aiming to knock Vincent back and give Verse some more space.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1278/1586
Vincent felt the anguish of his death but quickly extinguished the pain. With his back now to Robert, Vincent flourished his wings and sent the vaccums towards Verse. As the vaccums captured Verse's attention with their direct attack Vincent created small particles of light that moved at rapid pace, zeroing in on Robert. Vincent also swung his sword in a horizontal slash towards Verse's stomach.

As they shifted realities again Vincent was prepared. Seeing the beam approaching him and sensing the fire inside of it he forced it to collapse into itself. Vincent began charging his energy for another attack.

The final shift in reality brought with it Verse' wall of earth hurtling towards Vincent. Quickly sidestepping the wall Vincent moved swiftly towards Robert forcing himself to glow blindingly bright, as he neared Robert he slashed his sword at Robert's stomach, and using his open hand Vincent closed his grip and created an orb of destructive energy. If Robert managed to defend against Vincent's slash, the orb would be unnoticed as it was hidden by Vincent's body.
Posts: 2908/2954
Verse watched Vincent lift off into the air, then extend his sword downward, then somehow find a way to leap, even though he was already flying. Robert took his time backing up, putting more distance between him and his foe. Then the Vacuums burst on either side of him, keeping him in one location for a few seconds. Vincent landed on the ground, not behind Robert, but in front of him.

"Your timeline is inaccurate, I mentioned to you before: Think of every round as overlapping sets of 8-12 seconds. Create a rational timeline for your actions, it allows us better understanding. Describe how long it takes to do things, work it out in your head. For instance:

"Vincent began to extend his sword, the length of the metal stretching several feet outwards. He then stared creepily into Verse's eyes, but quickly lifted into the air. Holding his now massive sword he flew forward at an alarming pace, dragging the tip of the blade across the ground. His hope was to cleave Verse in two, and the two vacuums he generated on either side of Verse would keep him still.

Would be a much better way to describe your attack, making it harder to avoid, and much better all-around."

The second reality flickered in, Vincent felt incredible pain as he was torn to shreds by his own vacuum. He was met with a white room, Verse sitting at a lavish cherry desk, playing with a pen and a notebook. Verse looked up, watching his former foe.

"...Oh, you meant you magically extended the material of your sword. Hm, bet you wish you'd said something about that. Word choice is particularly important, and description is the bread and butter of our world. With poor description, comes a poor, misshapen, and mishandled battle. One that no one is really in control of, control of the battlefield is very important."

Vincent had felt the pain of being torn to shreds across all realities, though no physical harm was done to him in any capacity. Mental harm should be readily apparent. Vincent also watched as his second reality phased away into nothingness, he felt...empty.

The third reality opened, and the orb of light was tossed at Verse, the blinding light threw Verse off, causing him to stagger backwards, far enough to avoid the sword it seems, as he was not cut. And though he was still a little dazed, he could now see the shadow generated from the sword that rushed through the sphere of light. Verse could easily track the sword back to where his owner would be, and fired a beam of light, similarly colored, but only containing very high concentrations of fire energy, focused upon one location: Vincent's sword wielding arm.

While Vincent was correct in his assumption that Verse would not be able to see what was coming at him. He was incorrect in his assumption that the wall would be destroyed by a simple vacuum. The wall Verse lifted from the earth was quite strong indeed, and was being fueled by Verse's magical aptitude, creating a true barrier between the two men. When the vacuum orb hit the rock wall, Verse could feel it. He then thrust the wall forward, causing it to quake towards him at an alarming pace.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1263/1586
First, Vincent flew into the air and over Verse, as he flew Vincent extended his sword. With his sword now on the ground, Vincent leapt over Robert and attempted to land on the other side of him, if Verse didn't move he would be sliced in half by Vincent's sword. To avoid Robert merely stepping to the side to avoid the blast Vincent also created two vaccums on either side of Robert as he was flying above.

Secondly, Vincent had never approached Robert with this attack merely extending the blade of his sword, and extending it quickly. In reaction to Robert's ball of energy, Vincent forced the ball to cave in on itself.

As the third shift in reality occured Vincent watched both of the combatants' attacks mix and then vanish. Thinking quickly Vincent sent a tiny speck of light at Robert, the heat eminating off of the ball was immense and made it obvious that the ball had destructive potential, closing his fist Vincent caused the ball to increase into a blinding orb of destructive light, knowing that Verse would dodge the ball Vincent extended his sword through the ball and at the place where Verse was. The orb was blindingly brilliant so the odds of Vincent's sword were slim.

The final shift came quick. Vincent watched his attack meet the wall and move into the ground. Conjouring up great power Vincent created a small orb in his hand, Vincent threw the orb at Verse the small ball moved wih great speed and the wall blocked Verse's sight so he wouldn't see that the orb was a very powerful vaccum. A vaccum that would destroy the wall and would continue towards Robert.
Posts: 2907/2954
First, Verse quickly ducked as he saw the ball of light, and predicted it's trajectory. As he did this he saw the sword moving towards him. Clever, he thought for a moment, and then recouped by swinging a recently created whip of energy at his enemies' legs, the whip extended many feet past Vincent's distance, so it would be able to hit him if he backed up.

Secondly, Verse merely slid backwards, away from Vincent a few yards. theoretically, by definition of his own attack, Vincent should have been ripped to shreds, or at least his sword/arm, since they entered the area of the vacuum. Either way, Verse tossed a potent ball of explosive flame at the ground in front of Vincent, causing it to explode in a wide radius, directed towards Vincent.

Thirdly, Once again, time reset itself, clock striking noon for the third time. Mr. Verse lifted his right hand, and fired an impressive blast of electrical energy at what was shot at him. The electricity he fired out of his hand, effectively dispersed the energy in the area, removing both attacks.

"Negation had already removed the energy boy, you cannot use something which is not there. Think of it this way, each round should be 8-12 seconds in theory, and our attacks are overlapping. If something has been defined as happening, you cannot take it back, thus are the rules of engagement. Try again."

For a fourth time, the clock struck the number twelve, electricity racing towards Verse. With a slight gesture, rocks rose from the ground, blocking the electricity entirely.

"Once again, attacks are not something you can change all willy nilly. Alter your moves too much, and you travel into the forbidden realm. You would not have had enough time to move your attack around my defense, and even suggesting it is disrespectful. Try again."
Squire Vince
Posts: 1257/1586
Vincent was confused by the multiple realities but, wasn't one to linger upon the past. He was told to do something, it was time to do it. Entering into the first reality, Vincent sent a brilliant orb of speeding towards Verse, followed behind the ball was his sword which he extended and flattened behind the ball. With the amout of light eminating off of the ball Vincent's sword should be kept ouf of sight.

Vincent felt another shift in reality. This time he created a vaccum on both sides of Verse, by pulling the energy away from those areas. The vaccums would rip anything caught in them to shreds and as this happened Vincent extended his sword at Verse's chest.

Another rift, Vincent's electrical attack was met with Verse's own, Vincent manipulated the lightning to absorb electricity around it. The bolt took in Verse's own and solidified into a spear of light soaring towards Robert's chest.

The final shift, Vincent watched the earth rise up against the bolt, Vincent slowed the strike down and bent it around the wall and then sped it up towards Verse's torso.
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