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02-08-23 04:59 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1251/1586
Vincent watched as his opponent leapt back, flourishing his wings and beating them ferociously Vincent kept the ash at bay. "Yo momma's so fat her pants size is "BITCH LOSE SOME WEIGHT!" As he spoke Vincent closed his free hand into a fist and charged it with energy.
Posts: 2010/2746
Vibrate all he wanted, Vincent's sword could not but him thusly.

In order for it go through the blade, the part of the blade closest to Phoenix would disappear, as light is a ray.

Jumping backwards, Phoenix had one advantage on his opponent. Ash.

And he began to spew it forth, surrounding himself in a large cloud.

"...Yo' Momma."
Squire Vince
Posts: 1249/1586
Vincent exumed a brilliant light from himself that brought enough heat to evaporate the big lugger Phoenix just hauked! As the blades met Vincent began to vibrate his own blade so that it would slowly slice through Phoenix's blade.
"Motha Fukka this' gotta be dah dreamworld, unless...oh shit they kick you out yo crib man?! That sucks you lose your home now you lose your life!"

Shit is continueing being real.
Posts: 2009/2746
"Bitch, this isn't the Dreamworld!"

With the blink of an eye, Phoenix's golden sword was unsheathed, holding a block against Vincent. He stared his opponent straight in the eye before he hawked a big one at him.

Oh yeah. Shit was real.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1248/1586
Shit was going so far down Satan himself felt the immensity of it.

The angel appeared before Phoenix in the large empty arena, "God the dreamworld has gone to pieces lately, are all of your arenas empty?" Vincent brushed his long hair from his face and reached for his blade removing the hilt of a sword Vincent created a blade of light from the hilt and swung it around a few times. The light glowed magnicantly off of his robes as he pointed the blade at his opponent. "The first attack is mine!" With that Vincent took a step forward and brought his sword hand down in a diagonal slash.

Shit was not only down it was getting real.
Posts: 2008/2746
Phoenix stood in the center of the arena, his head pounding with blood and adrenaline. Dust swirled about in the wind, echoing as though spirits of past combatants were crying out for one last fight. Phoenix's red shirt stood out the most in the empty place. Plain jeans and sneakers were accompanied, along with a large scabbard holding a mighty weapon on his back.

An angel from another realm had dared insult the former Dream King.

Shit was going down.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - It's ON!

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