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02-21-24 11:36 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1420/1586
This battle's over could we get a close ovah here
Posts: 2184/2746
Jason watched as his foe fell to the ground, mortally wounded. Of course, that is all he was at this point. A mortal.

Flipping his blade to point downwards, Jason held the hilt with both hands and brought it down through the unconscious man's chest.

His first real kill. Jason was on his way to purging the earth from these freaks one at a time.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Jason withdrew his dripping sword and ran. Sirens rang in the distance, no doubt alerted by concerned citizens in the area.

On to the next one.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1418/1586
Blood loss was beginning to dig its claws into Vincent, as Jason's blow landed squarely on his temple. Vincent was knocked to the ground, it was time for him to die, this man had bested him.
Posts: 2179/2746
Jason was slightly perturbed as to how someone could take four bullets and seem physically fit, especially since his own gift suppressed that of others.

Taking the hit to the stomach, the teenager gritted his teeth, sure that it would leave a bruise.

Assuming Vincent was right handed, the umbrella was in his right (you never dropped it, description boy), as that would be the angel's sword hand. So when Vincent reached across his own body towards Jason's left hand (with his own left hand), he left himself wide open for Jason to swing his hilt right towards the exposed temple of the man.

A blow that would stumble any, especially one with four bullets in them.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1395/1586
With the way Vincent was moving Jason's gun would have been pointing to the left of him but moving the gun towards Vincent was a given but, Vincent was getting very close to Jason. Vincent gasped as the bullets pierced his side, breaking his ribs and leaving hot blood in it's wake but, now wasn't the time for pain Vincent used his new proximity to his advantage. Vincent sent a punch to Jason's stomach, and using his free hand he reached for Jason's gun.
Posts: 2140/2746
Moving the gun was indeed the farthest thing from his mind, but for a different reason than Vincent assumed.

Surprised at the charge, Jason squeezed off three more rounds right towards Vincent's chest, point blank. With the angel so close, dodging all three would be quite a feat, and the damage sustained should hinder his breathing, just as the last wound should limit movement.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1354/1586
Vincent couldn't let up, as Jason stumbled backwards Vincent followed in step and reached for the hand holding the revolver. Since Jason would be dazed moving the gun out of the way would be the farthest thing from his mind. If Vincent succeeded in grabbing Jason's arm he would tuck it under his armpit and send a punch (with his free hand) towards Jason's stomach.
Posts: 2113/2746
Sand rushed up towards Jason's face, and he quickly brought up his left arm to shield his face.

When he brought it back down, Vincent's fist smashed into his cheek, knocking hims back a few steps before he regained his footing, holding his sword defensively.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1352/1586
Vincent used gravity to his benefit and and moved close enough for a strike. Vincent stumbled away from Jason and kicked up sand to momentarily blind his enemy, using this Vincent regained his composure and rush towards his enemy. If Vincent got in closer he would send a punch to Jason's cheek.
Posts: 2111/2746
With Vincent already extending the umbrella, one of his feet must have forward, as the man was running towards Jason. By swinging one outwards and twisting his body, physics was bound to take in and he would fall.

His sword still in contact with the umbrella, Jason applied pressure away from his head increasing it to make the off-balanced angel fall. If Vincent did fall, he would continue this movement in a downwards stroke towards the man's chest.

If not, Vincent was still bound to stumble away.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1350/1586
Vincent swung out his front foot and twisted his body, this would push Jason's blade out to the side and would also bring Vincent close enough to stirke at Jason's head with the end of the umbrella.
Posts: 2109/2746
Vincent must have seen him pull the gun from around the umbrella ((hint, hint)).

Either way, the third bullet hit it's target. The wound should make it painful for Vincent to walk, considering the placement, but still he lunged forward.

Using his sword, Jason allowed the umbrella to slide against the flat of his blade, knocking it harmlessly to his side. Doing this allowed Jason to keep the point trained on Vincent, and both were moving towards one another, Vincent's weapon useless in this vital moment.

The sword would pierce Vincent's stomach, and hopefully come through his back.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1349/1586
Vincent watched as Jason pulled the revolver and allowed his body to move with it's own momentum. Two of the bullets missed completely but the third hit Vincent's hip with a searing pain. Vincent, quickly moved towards Jason attempting to hit him in the groin with an extended prod.
Posts: 2107/2746
Taking a step backwards to avoid the attack, Jason drew his revolver from the holster at his side just as Vincent's view was blocked by the rounded fabric.

Aiming right where his opponent's gut would be, Jason fired off three rounds through the umbrella.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1347/1586
Vincent pointed the fabric end of the umbrella towards Jason. Vincent allowed his hands to slide back as he quickly swung the umbrella towards Jason's head.
Posts: 2104/2746
The sand whipped around the adolescent due to the gust Vincent created, but Jason just squinted his eyes against it. Still nearing for an attack, but slowing down to access any movements made, Jason was ready.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1345/1586
"You're worthless." Vincent prepared himself to fight, as Jason approached he flapped his wings kicking up more sand in Jason's face. Hopefully that would decrease his vision and open him up to an attack.
Posts: 2101/2746
"You tell me."

Flourishing his blade, Jason ran towards Vincent.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1338/1586
"Yellow belly?" Vincent began to flap his wings faster and faster kicking up the sand all around the two fighters. Hopefully this would deter Jason's vision as Vincent formualated a plan. Vincent scanned the beach and flew towards a young woman lying beneath an umbrella, Vincent grabbed the umbella and turned to face his foe. "Why aren't my powers working?"
Posts: 2090/2746
ooc: Your wings are made of light, and my power gets rid of all abilities and magic in an area. But whatever.

Jason rose from his attack, staring at the man as he flew upwards. Surely he did not plan on remaining there all battle.

"Come down and fight, yellow belly. Too much of a coward without your powers?" Jason's tone was filled with malice. He could already see the crimson blood of the freak before him staining the stone walls. The smell of iron in the air as it ran into the street and down the drain.

Jason was going to kill this freak of nature.
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