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02-21-24 10:33 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1423/1586
Vincent was surprised by the counter attack but turned the fire back into light, a dome of light. The dome then hit the ash. Vincent had sensed a foreign object interfering with the sun's light. As the dome hit the ash it quickly burst through the spike. Vincent zeroed in on his foe, leaving the dome. Vincent held his sword away from his body, the tip facing away from him. Quickly, Vincent flew towards Phoenix his blade at the ready for a slash that if it hit it would slice right through his opponent.
Posts: 2188/2746
Dispersing the bolt of light was a piece of cake. But Phoenix thought it would be more fun to instead turn the energy into heat, and then into fire, turning the attack back onto his foe.

Using that as a distraction, and fully aware his opponent could most likely do the same, Phoenix concentrated an area of ash into a three foot long spike of coal, directly in Vincent's path of flight.

With his eyes in Phoenix, it was likely the angel would be impaled unless he looked forward, leaving himself open for another attack.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1421/1586
Vincent watched his opponent smirk, it was time to attack. Using a small bolt of light which moved from Vincent's eyes. The bolt wasn't enough to do any real damage but, Vincent used it to fly at Phoenix. Slightly drifting towards Phoenix Vincent gripped his sword tightly.
Posts: 2185/2746
Phoenix smirked as his opponent took on a bright resilience. For some reason, he was having fun in this battle.

Beginning to focus the sun's light himself, Phoenix began to glow bright gold. To any below, these two would like Gods.

Keeping pace with his opponent, Phoenix began to slowly drift the ash, surrounding the two combatants. Still itching to use his sword, the immortal waited patiently for his opponent's attack.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1419/1586
Vincent crushed the wall of light as it neared him. With Phoenix moving away from his only protection Vincent seized the moment to attack. Vincent dissapated the blade of his sword and then reconstructed it to its original form, as he did this Vincent flew at pace with Phoenix. With the sun bearing down Vincent began to glow brighter and brighter.
Posts: 2180/2746
Phoenix sighed, disappointedly confident that his opponent had no idea how to use a sword correctly.

Bending the dome of light used as a shield, Phoenix flattened it until a wall stood before him and the sword. Confident it would buy him the time he needed, Phoenix flew around the wall, giving it a wide birth, and straight towards Vincent.

Feeling the energy of the sun enter his opponent, Phoenix allowed the sunlight to absorb into himself as he flew. Simple, really. Vincent was using child's play as an advantage.

The ash behind the Angel still gathered into a dark cloud, but even if Vincent saw it, there was no way to know that it was controlled by his foe.

Soon, however, he would know.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1396/1586
Vincent watched as Phoenix enveloped himself in a ball of light, wrong move. Vincent willed the blades to form a larger dome around the one Phoenix was in. If his foe didn't remove himself from the dome quickly he'd be surrounded. Vincent flourished his wings and absorbed th power of the sun (teehee).
Posts: 2141/2746
Tiring of Vincent's useless games, Phoenix created a dome of light around himself, stopping the blade in its tracks.

Immediately afterwards, Phoenix took control of the ash floating from the buildings the angel previously destroyed. He let it glide with the wind, as to not arouse suspicion of Vincent, but a large mass was forming several yards behind the angel. With Phoenix in front of him, there was no reason to turn around in battle.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1353/1586
Vincent stopped applying pressure as Phoenix moved back. Vincent instead continued manipulating his sword's three blades. They weaved in and out nearing their target, if they hit one would pierce Phoenix's left side, another on the right, and a final blade would travel through Phoenix's heart.
Posts: 2112/2746
Phoenix simply beat his wings as the blades appeared and flew backwards quickly. By doing this, his own blade would not be in contact with Vincent's, and the Angel's force would swing the blade around, which should in turn spin Vincent a bit.

Still charging, Phoenix played the waiting game.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1351/1586
"But I can always make more," As they spoke Vincent continued to apply pressure from his blade onto Phoenix's. Vincent then raised two blades from his sword to strike at Phoenix. One rose over the blade and attempted to pierce his enemy's shoulder, the other fell below and attempted to skewer Phoenix's waist. Vincent winked at his opponent, this was getting fun.
Posts: 2110/2746
"I should let you know that light won't hurt me, unless it cuts or pushes," Phoenix stated.

Disbanding the light anyway, Phoenix quickly blocked the lengthened blade with his own, still charging energy.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1348/1586
Vincent watched Phoenix slide behind him, as he did so Vincent flourished his wings which exumed a brilliant light and sent small particles of light beaming towards Phoenix. If they hit they would leave small burn marks that would ache with a strange pain. Vincent also turned and sent a slash towards Phoenix, the slash was not meant to slice all the way through but to stop halfway through Phoenix's stomach if it hit, with Phoenix's distance away Vincent lengthened the blade and removed the extra piece he used before.
Posts: 2106/2746
When the knee landed in Vincent's stomach, Phoenix reached around his foe, pushing off of his back and turning.

Both the light and the extra blade missed Phoenix, as he was now behind Vincent. Taking the opportunity to charge a bit of energy, Phoenix did so.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1346/1586
Vincent felt the kick hit his stomach but, since he was moving backwards as well the power was greatly lessened. Vincent then extended another blade out of the side of his sword. The blade would be around the area of Phoenix's neck. Vincent also sent a blast of numbing light from his hand that would strike Phoenix's legs if he didn't move fast enough.
Posts: 2103/2746
In order for light to exist, it must have heat. Phoenix, being able to control heat, simply disbanded the wall as his knee approached, leaving a wide open area for Vincent to get hit.

Phoenix had much greater speed than Vincent, as the latter was not moving until his attempt to fly backwards. Because of this, his knee would hit before any kind of slash could be made.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1344/1586
At the moment Phoenix swerved Vincent created a sheild of light in front of his stomach, as Phoenix zeroed his knee was moving towards a wall. Vincent also flew back and slid his blade in a horizontal slash bound for Phoenix's neck.
Posts: 2102/2746
Not changing course, Phoenix continued his rush until last second.

Swerving slightly to the right, the blade was easily avoided as Phoenix brought up his knee towards Vincent's stomach.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1337/1586
"I am here to give proof of my religion to those wo forget." As he spoke Vincent pointed the tip of his blade at Phoenix. If the dreamthing didn't change course he would impale himself on Vincent's blade.
Posts: 2089/2746
ooc: Hey! The Holy Light is my thing
Get your own name!

Surrounding his own golden blade in Holy Light, Phoenix simply parried the orb to the side, extinguishing it afterwards so it did not bring harm to the people below.

"I take it, then, that you must be stopped be force," the Dreamthing boomed. Flexing his wings, he charged forward in a blur of gold and red, the heat emanating from his wings visible to the bystanders below.
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