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02-08-23 09:10 AM
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Squire Vince
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'I've been looking to fight you for some time,' Chester matched Ethan's grin. 'I apologize for the intrusion into your thoughts but i highly recommend you draw Indra, it's time to fight.' Chester ran at Ethan and sent a punch to the latter's stomach. With his eyes on the book Chester hoped that Ethan wouldn't be able to see the attack and would realize the actuality of what was happening.
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Ethan looked up at the stranger...uncertain if he had actually heard the voice in his head.

"Off to training?" he gave a quick grin to the looming Chester then continued to skim his book (which he had picked up from the school library).
Squire Vince
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OOC: Battle between Akwin and myself. Usual rules apply.

BIC: Chester walked towards Ethan, inside of a large hall. They were at a school for the gifted, it was time to test skills. His robes moving softly with each step. Chester had a thin build which was almost swallowed up with his clothes. On his face was an expression of apathy but upon seeing Ethan, Chester reahed back and unsheathed two of his swords. A long sword with holes along the blade was in his hand, and a large katana was held in the other.

'Ethan, I've been wanting to face someone of your calibur. Allow me a fight?' The sounds came from inside Ethan's own mind as Chester spoke telepathically. Chester had an air about him, slightly excited, slightly smug. Challenging Ethan to accept his invitation.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Attack-win!

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