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02-03-23 02:17 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Working on a story with a soundtrack
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You had to choose my favorite ELO album....

It needs a bit of work, but I can see it becoming pretty good. It is all in the details... how does no one notice these powers? End the world how? What is the feud over? Who is Arie's "love" that he left behind to go to the past? Once details are sorted out I think it will be awesome.

And now I have that song in my head... damn you.
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I usually make stories to the music I'm listening to. Right now I'm listening to ELO's Time album. "Twilight" on it and what not.

Anyway the story is called A Message from Another Time

I have two main characters because it evolved into romance type thing.

So here's the synopsis:

Arie Straighton journeys from the future back to present time. He finds himself in Terra Cobble's room. Arie is looking for the people of the Fountain of Youth or the Family of Stone. Terra has no clue what is going on until it is revealed that she has this blood line in her. Terra is currently in college trying to sort out her future plans when she finds this out. She does research on her family background and notices that most of her family never aged past 40. She continues to run into family members who are supposedly "dead." Turns out that she has the purest of the blood and will stay forever as a 23 year old along with that she begins to see things about to take place in the future. Arie then reveals that she has the power to change fate. So Arie shows her how she can control her powers. Terra begins to understand more of the world around her.

Now for the hard part. I want to fit in the bad guys of course. There are two groups after her. The Clan also known as The Family of Water who want to capture her and use her to bring an end to the world and The Unit aka The Family of Fire. The Unit wants to put an end to Terra because she if she doesn't exist she can end the feud between the two families.

She ends the feud between the families. She then asks Arie how he can go through time. He holds out his family crest and reveals he's a part of the Time Wanderers aka The Family of Wind. He tells her that he was fated to leave his love and meet Terra. He reveals to Terra that he had fallen for her and wants to remain in the past, however, the power of being in the present (past for him) is very tiring for him. Just like any other wind he will have to leave her.

Terra is very heart broken by this of course. So she tells him that she wishes to go to the future. Arie says that this is not supposed to happen. Arie didn't have the power to take Terra with him. He starts to fade away and hands Terra a note. Saying I love you, sincerely, yours truly, Arie Straighton.

.... I know very uncreative premise.
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Working on a story with a soundtrack

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