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02-03-23 08:22 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1674/1852
Even the plates on the back of his hand would not connect ot him, due to the insulation beween him and the dragon scale underlining he had for protection. The electric circuit just had no where to go without an exposed place for direct contact.

Right as Xeios fired, the bullet clipped onto, then bounced to the side, off the metal plating he had jetting off his boot, and over his knees. Quickly, using his right hand, he grapped Xeio's arm, and brought his right knee up in a devistating frontal attack, using the blood red knee protector on his right knee, as a blade, as he attempted to impail Xeio's lower stomache.
Posts: 2930/2954
When the punch connected, Kaijin should have noticed something. First, he would have noticed a literal explosion of electricity, which, while it would not conduct through the coat, would conduct through the metal armband on the back of Kaijin's hand. Secondly, his sword slash was met by the barrel of Xeios' revolver. The revolver, glowing with a light blue aura, held true. Xeios knew Kaijin would have felt the punch, and he also knew, that having Kaijin this close was advantageous in a very important way. Xeios fired his revolver once, not particularly aiming, but knowing the barrel of the gun was pointed at Kaijin's left knee.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1664/1852
Quickly, he ran forward, blade behind held backhand, in his left hand, as he pulled his right hand inward, and hanked his dragon scaled black coat over further, to cover his mid section. The electric part wouldn't be able to course through his dragon scale, even if his metalic shoulderpads lit up, he was protected by the layer of scale, the punch, though soften by the mythical material, would still hurt like a bitch.

He ran forward into the attack, allowing for the punch to come at him, while using his own momentum to bring his black blade upward, in a leathal slash from the ground, slashing upward, aiming his attack to move in the direction that would slash Xeios from his lower right hip, up through his left collarbone.
Posts: 2924/2954
With a swift movement, Xeios delivered a spin-kick to the fireballs that were heading towards him. His leg was glowing with white energy, which flashed red when his foot encountered the fireball. The three blasts that Kaijin had sent forth were deflected into the ground between them. Seconds after, Xeios had closed the distance between the two fighters, and threw a potent right at Kaijin's stomach. His swing was charged with electrical energy, which would conduct to and transmit through Kaijin's armor if it got to close.

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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1663/1852
He lightly expelled his breath, as he picked the blade up with his left hand. He held his back straight and firm, looking at his foe for a moment.

'Theres no way he'd bring just a gun to this type of fight.' the thought his mind. Still...

"Always to lead the dance of death..."

He decided to keep it simple. Sliding his left foot back, keeping the blade behind him, he pulled his right hand to the left, and slashed it backward, giving loose backhand gesture, as flames erupted from his hand, launching three fireballs forward.

Each one a good 6 inches round, launching three directions. The middle straight for Xeios, the other too off in two vertical directions, but all three arching toward his current position.
Posts: 2920/2954
Xeios smiled lightly, he took his time as he stood from his meditation. The grand entrance was lost on him. Xeios didn't even open his eyes, not that he really needed to. Entrances were all about psyching your opponent out, something which would not work on him, and he found them too frivolous to engage.

Kaijin had his armor, Blood red on black, like the uniform a soldier from an evil army would wear. Xeios was dressed less ornately. His hands were wrapped in bandages, from his knuckles to his elbows. They served dual purposes, to disguise the runes upon his hands and fingers, and to protect himself from any sprained wrists from hand to hand combat. Dark gray slacks were upon his legs, and his feet wore black derby shoes. Upon his chest was a white button-down, tucked in, with a few buttons undone at the top, and his sleeves were rolled up. His belt bore the only obvious weapon he carried, a single beat-to-hell revolver.

He ran a hand quickly through his short black hair, also staring at his foe with piercing green eyes.

"It should be fun, start us off."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1636/1852
A lush shadow of quick agility flew overhead Xeios, and spiraled around the stoney arena top. Silently, the shadow circles around, and lunges down toward his part of the arena, waiting at the edge of the platform.
Upon landing, two massive wings are easily noted, as they folding in, and seemed to dissipate into a fog, and fall downward onto the figure's form, changing, and flowing into a black scaled coat.

With a toothy grin, Kaijin raised his lightly red plated hand up, and glazed it over his scared face, and glazed back over his black slicked hair. Glancing with his peircin green eyes, he took in the arena, and stretched his shoulders back, getting feel for the blood red shoulder pauldrens, palted boots, and plated gauntlets that have a spike comming off the elbows.

Slowly, he held his arm down to the side, out a small bit, and stretched his fingers out toward the ground, feeling the free form of no plates to encumber his fingers, and allowing his hand to adjust to the one red plate on the back of his hand.

Outward, his mind stretched, into the outer regions of the unknown, and pulled back, from there, a black mist formed in his hand, and started forming into a length, and formed into black steel like texture. His infomus sword was borne yet again, revealing his black blade and skull cross hilt: The Vampire's Bane.

"Well, this shall be fun. A somewhat diffrent arena then what I'm use to, to be honest, but that shant be an issue. Shall we proceed? Tis been a fathomed long time, and I do so long for thy fight."

He brought the blade down, tip first, and lightly set it on the ground, allowing his left hand to rest on the top hilt, and the right hand to relax on the handle; waiting for the right moment.
Posts: 2916/2954
Arena: The flat top of a hemi-spherical rock formation, three hundred yards in the air, and one-hundred-fifty yards in diameter.

Rules: Standard set, as well as a decency rule which consists of not making un-dodge-able attacks by fault of the arena.

A bleak and distant landscape, held a strangely formed mountain. A mountain which almost appeared to be a massive stone resting upon a smaller stem. Xeios stood at the top of the mountain, sitting around the center of the massive formation. His green eyes were closed, seated cross-legged, meditating. He knew Kaijin would be there soon, he needed to center himself. A foe who has not been seen around these parts for ages would prove a challenge. The harsh sun felt good on Xeios' face, though he was certain he'd dislike the unforgiving heat soon enough.
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