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02-08-23 05:39 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1671/1852
Kaijin's grin grew massivly. He was grealy impressed by this foe's attempts, and thus far had more success with deflecting his attack then most have before him. However... His attack was no black hole, but a combination of his soul's energy, with a unique element not known to any but himself, something he created out of his will.

As Phoenix came rushing to him, he twirled his hand up, and clenched his fist.

The spot where Phoenix threw his orb, and attempted to neutralize his own orb swirled quickly, and slamed down into a core just as Phoenix passed, causing the energy in the air to collapse onto itself. The remnents of his Black Matter Orb, as they crushed downward, causing a massive unbalanced network of magick, following science.

The explosion that was caused was enough to start pushing him back from where he stood, so he leaned forward slightly, and slammed his sheath into the ground, using it as support.
Posts: 2246/2746
Black holes were quite an impressive, and very threatening if you did not know how to deal with them. Too close, and anyone or thing would be compressed and destroyed in an instant.

As for dealing with them, there were several methods. One could simply stay out of the event horizon, which, judging from the distance Kaijin left between himself and it, was quite small. Dispelling the energy at a rapid pace would also shut down a black hole, as it would not have enough mass to stay in existence.

Phoenix, however, had a different method. As Kaijin held the black hole, Phoenix raised his left hand, creating an orb of light the same size.

Directing all of his ficus onto the ball, and using his control over the light and internal energy, Phoenix was attempting a feat beyond that of which he had ever completed. Dropping the pressure inside of the orb by forcing it to stay in place while maintaining the same internal energy, the orb began to collapse in on itself. No longer able to resist its own gravitational pull, the orb imploded, creating a swirling mass of black.

The orb now resembled the exact opposite of what it once was; the complete absence of light, in a perfect sphere.

Phoenix had created a black hole of his own.

As Kaijin let loose his own attack, Phoenix threw his own directly towards his opponent's. As they met, both black holes began to tear each other apart until there was nothing left of either.

Not wanting to waste time, Phoenix launched towards his opponent, sending a diagonal slash towards him.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1657/1852
A grin slip upon his face, in a cool gesture, as he noted his his opponents pre-judgments. It was a geasture of caution, one that he was not entirely use to dealing with when comming around this place.

He inhaailed deeply, letting the air setting down in his lungs, before a slow exhault to allow his body to get worked up once again in an area that he so loved.

"Death? Tiz but just a beginning."

The Vampire Lord brought his left hand up in a calm manner, opening his hand, and then clawing his hands down on an invisible space in his palm. The space darkened to a solid midnight black, and began to pulsate with energy. The core of this ball caused an aura to form off of his hand, riddled with a dark energy source, similar, yet so far from the actualy element Dark.

He pulled his palm upward, allowing the dark ball to float up above his hand, enlarging to a decent size, close to that of a basketball, and expended inwardly, yet pulsed with a white light in the middle.

It looked as if the orb was a contined Black Hole with a dwarfed star in the middle. A dazzling sight to thoes who do not understand, and pure terror to thoes who know it all too well.

The orb seemed to pull the very light around him inward, as well as lightly pulling in the very air about them. The pull from this orb was easily noted by even beginning fighters: to touch this orb, would be the same as jumping into a black hole: To be crushed to it's core. No diviner would be needed to tell of the effects that could cause this attack if it were to connect.

He stood there a moment, staring at his opponent, with his very attire swirling about, showing the kevlar vest which he dorn underneath the scaled coat, allowing for his opponent to gauge further his choice in fighting, and to allow himself to further seep into is fighting mindset.

He pulled his left hand to the right, and with a backwards motion, tossed it backhand toward his opponent with the inhuman speed that matched this character overall. The very ground which this orb passed over, picked up a small line as the ground was being yanked up by it's passing.

(Edit: Spelling grammer x.X)
Posts: 2202/2746
Phoenix's eyes narrowed as the dark figure approached, their features silhouetted by what was left of the setting sun. As the figure grew closer, his appearance grew sharper, unsettling and dark.

The man was garbed in peculiar armor, something Phoenix cared little for. Armor was too restricting in battle, and especially irritating due to his natural heat.

What stood out most on the man, however, was not his clothes. It was his face, scarred with untold wounds, that gave out the dark feeling. They say you can the most about a man by his face, and the figure's was one not to be spoken of.

Phoenix watched carefully as his opponent reached outwards, black swirls wisping through the air and forming a solid blade in his grip. As the figure took his stance, Phoenix slid his left foot back, taking up a stance of his own.

Reaching his right hand out to the side, golden streaks of flame flew about excitedly, cracking and popping with energy until there was a large blaze held in his hand. The fire died down as Phoenix brought his sword forward in a defensive position, leaving behind a blade of gold. The fuller was a deep red, as was the guard, shaped to likeliness of the wings of a Phoenix. For the pommel, a flowing tail of the ancient bird.

Face stern and eyes set, Phoenix spoke for the first time.

"Your time has come, Kaijin. You must die."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1650/1852
He stood there, sun directly behind him, to give off an illuminated glow, both to damper vision, and to enhance the entrence. A soft chuckle lifted from his lips as he looked onward, left hand resting at his waist.

He steped forth, toward the opponent, becomming more clearn from the light's glare behind, revealing a set of peircing green demonic eyes that rest on a lightly scared face, and black, slicked back hair. One scar ran vertically down his left cheek, and the second scar ran the other way down the middle of his face, in a " / , " design.

He wore a black kevlar vest, lightly strapped to his torso, right under a black chocker, from black paths that were held up by a standard belt, with two more belts crossing over each other down slightly, while his right thigh had a number of belts strapping his leg. From there down consisisted of a pair of blood red plated boots, that went from a small razor edge that shot up from above his knees, down to his feet, yet strapped on for moveability.

He brought his left arm out, away from his waist, and opened his palm. A black swirl formed, growing into a length, and forming into a black metalic looking katana sheath, with a black katana handle forming from out of the top, encrusted down the middle where blood red gems.

He spoke no words as he paced, and proceeded to the side, away from the advantage of having the light behind him, so his opponent could more clearly see him, slid his left foot behind him, and stood with his right shoulder facing his opponent, head turned to face him.

The closest thing that was spoken, was the blade that clicked out an inch from the sheath.

(Edit: appearently the board dosn't recognize back slashes as normal readable without code with it, flip the /, thing and you'll get what I mean.)
Posts: 2195/2746
For Kaijin. I'm unsure of the rule set we are using.

The rolling hills of the countryside were breathtaking in the twilight. Stars were just beginning to awaken from a long day's rest, and the moon sat crooked in the sky, awaiting her reign of the night.

A quaint stream wound it's way through the hills, large enough for a small stone bridge to built, connecting two halves of the dirt road.

Walking this road was a figure donned in a white button up shirt, black dress pants and a pair of squared off dress shoes. The man had clearly been travelling for quite some time--his brown hair ruffled and clothes a bit dirty--but looked out of place in the peaceful country.

The small dust clouds left by his passage ceased and were replaced by the clatter of cobblestones as he began his cross of the bridge. However, the man stopped a little less than halfway across, scanning the horizon with his blue eyes, as though expecting another traveler.
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