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02-21-24 10:45 PM
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Yes, JTHM is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac... it is the first comic series by Jhonen Vasquez, better known now for Invader Zim. I like the artwork style.

I found that the subspace text hurt my eyes.

How about some more modern video game characters... like Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect or something like that?
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So this hasn't been posted in for a while...but I still think the Scott Pilgrim one should be an option
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Ideas are just being thrown around. If you have an idea on how to make the banner better then just say so and I'll make it better jeez!

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I actually really like the subspace text.

Is this official, or are ideas still being thrown around?
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I like it! A bit bright though and the subspace text melts my eyes... haha.
Lord Alexandor
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Originally posted by Bitmap
What is JTHM? Is that some sort of abbreviation?

If it is the top result on Google (Johnny The Homicidal Maniac), then I don't want to see it. And that's where my script makes it ok! =D

But anyhow, I like the idea of a new banner. Bitmap's banner looks pretty good. I might make one too...=P
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What is JTHM? Is that some sort of abbreviation?
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Meh... can we not go with the current trendy thing? JTHM banner, that would be awesome.
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I'm sure the banner isn't with the theme most people are using. But it does feel very scott pilgramish with the colors and all.

E- Also, it's not final.

So if you want me to make a banner based on your theme then be my guest and request it
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Originally posted by Bitmap
Took me a few minutes:


I like this.
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Took me a few minutes:

Kaijin Surohm
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Xeogaming never truely had a mascot >.> Prolly our problem, ahaha.

And eh, I just googled Scott Pilgrim. I now worry about your sanity, Xeo.

Bitmap, in honor of Xeo's insanity, you should make him a JTHM banner >.>


I was thinking of a subtext "Xeogaming... Kinda like that."
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Sei is pretty good with gifs I think. He changes his theme and everything on backlog probably twice a day!

Also I say keep it a little small, like the current banner is a good size. Height wise mainly, huge banners get kind of ugly but I'm sure that's obvious.
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I'll get started. If you want something scott pilgrim-y or whatever. I can do it.

I'm just picturing it as one huge userbar. But without the font or whatever.

Also, maybe Alex can make banners rotating or whatever. I would love to have the community's banners rotate with every theme everyone uses.

I'll start working.

E- Oh yeah, and any tips on making .gifs? I thought about having a .gif with a small protoman sprite having his cape in motion in a banner I had in mind. That would be pretty pimp.
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It's outdated anyway what with the ".net" address on it.
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This one:

Yeah I'm very sick of it, lol. It's been that one for three years or something.
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Originally posted by Xeus

You have no idea how sick I've become of the current one.

*Rubs eyes* Am I reading this right?
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Yeah I've been meaning to maybe make a new one based around Scott Pilgrim or something. I personally think character specific banners are kind of silly thesedays, it's just ... really random. But if we had an original mascot or something silly like Scott Pilgrim that could probably work well for everyone.

You have no idea how sick I've become of the current one.
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If you guys want a new banner for the site I'll be more than happy to crack my fingers and get to work. Hell, some of you guys can play along too!
Lord Alexandor
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So, I was poking around the banner bin for this board and found some awesome (and terrible) banners. I wrote a short (2 line) greasemonkey script to change the banner per person. So, if you use the script, you can have a different banner in your browser. No one else is affected, nor is any other browser/computer affected.

Script is located here and can be edited to use any image. Most of the banners are located here, but the old MoD one is here and here.

PS: The script does a random banner from the banner bin, but they are all cached on DuW...If someone wants to put it up on Xeogaming, it'll work with no code changes...source is linked on the page above (and here)I'm working on a random banner changer as well. Used to be banner.php, but that doesn't seem to work...
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Banner Fun!

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