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02-21-24 10:22 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1516/1586
The bolt struck Alec but then arched into the ground. From inside the robot Alec grinned and sent a stream of bullets screaming towards Adom. More and more shell casings poured out of the robot and littered the ground.
Posts: 2332/2746
And so the fire reached Adom, surrounding him in a bright blaze as his figure disappeared.

Until an arch of lightning sprang from the golden tip of the staff as Adom jumped over the robot, landing softly on his feet. The boy seemed unharmed by the fiery assault, but Alec would have little time to think of that. Giant metal cans and lightning don't mix well.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1514/1586
Alec watched as the bullets faded into nothingness. Alec stopped firing the bullets as a steady flow of steam rolled lazily from the barrels.

Alec raised the other arm and from the palm of this hand a stream of fire flew towards Adom. The fire scorched the earth as it neared Adom.
Posts: 2329/2746
As the robot lifted his hand, Adom was expecting its next move.

Acting quickly, he muttered beneath his breath, grabbing the boomerang-like instrument from his waist. A golden hieroglyph burned above Adom's head and slowly faded. Otherwise, there seemed to be no changes.

As the bullets began firing from the hand of the robot, it seemed as though all hope was lost for Adom. But something odd happened.

As the bullets came within three meters of Adom, part of a blue dome lit up, apparently surrounding the fighter in a protective barrier. Instead of repelling the bullets, the barrier turned them into a fine sand that blew around Adom harmlessly.

Bullets, it appeared, were not going to work.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1508/1586
Alec watched the ball of fire soar towards him. Raising the arm of the robot the ball fell against the cold metal and dissapated into nothingness. Alec then lifted his hand and sent a steady stream of bullets soaring towards Adom. As the bullets rained out the empty shells fell against the concrete.
Posts: 2319/2746
Between the abandoned cars stood an almond skinned man garbed in a white tunic, the open bottom billowing around his legs as the breeze swept it up. Dark lines were prominent around the figure's murky eyes, the same color as the ponytail at the back of his otherwise bald head.

Held aloft in his hands was a wooden staff, blackened, with the golden head of a bird upon the tip. Across his back was a curved sword, and dangling from the waist belt of his tunic was what appeared to be a boomerang.

Regardless of his otherwise bland appearance, Adom seemed to stand taller than the skyscrapers around him. If one looked closely, they would see a huge shadow of a flaming bird in the stead of his own.

"Burn," Adom said, muttering another phrase below his breath. Immediately, a large fireball left the tip of the staff and flew directly towards the lumbering robot. With its extreme weight, speed would be a weakness that should help Adom down his foe.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1504/1586
A long low gust blew through the city. It passed quickly and gentley through tall skyscrapers and hundreds of cars tha sat abandoned on the streets. A concrete jungle, left abandoned.

A heavy clanking disturbed the silence of the city. Alec moved through the city scanning for prey, from inside his large sleek robotic suit of armor. Alec was contemplating leaving when something caught his eye.
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