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05-22-24 09:59 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1549/1586
Roger acts quickly as he is pinned. With Garrett's body on his, Roger heaved with all of his might trying to get his opponent off of him. Twisting to the left and sending a blow with his right fist hoping to land on Garrett's cheek.
Posts: 156/201
Garrett lets Roger flip him over, but uses Roger's momentum against him, and rolls again, ending up on top of him. Before Roger can mount an offensive, Garrett swiftly drives his elbow towards Roger's throat. It's not a blow aimed to kill, or even really hurt, but more to just gain position on his opponent.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1548/1586
Roger feels the brunt of the punch against his face, the blow rocked his body and blood began to flow from his nose, with watery eyes Roger holds strong and uses Garrett's now extended arm to his advantage. Roger sent a quick punch of his own barreling towards Garrett's ribs. If the blow hit he would turn and twist his body hopefully sending Garrett to the ground.
Posts: 155/201
Garrett pulls back with his right arm, raising it high above his head, as he shakes Roger with his left, not allowing him to get a good grip on him. With a grin at the struggling man below him, Garrett brings his arm rocketing down, straight for Roger's jaw.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1547/1586
Roger knew what was coming, he slipped his right foot behind Garrett's left. Roger allowed the rope of the baton to slip around his wrist as he released i from his grip and attempted to seize Garrett's arm. If he managed to do so he'd twist his body in an attempt to throw Garrett.
Posts: 154/201
Garrett lets the baton hit his thigh, though it does little damage. As Roger grabs his shirt, Garrett reaches down and tries to grab Roger's shirt around his right shoulder with his left arm, while grasping towards the collar of Roger's shirt with his right. He smirks. Roger played into his territory now.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1546/1586
Roger quicky pulled the baton away leaving Garrett to stomp on the ground. Quickly Roger tried to hit higher up on Garrett's thigh, while using his other hand to grab a fistful of his foe's shirt.
Posts: 153/201
Garrett stomps down on the baton, hoping to snap it in half with the heel of his boot.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1545/1586
Roger moves close towards Garrett making the blow but a meager punch to the back right of his head. With the distance closed Roger sends a sharp blow with his baton towards Garrett's left knee.
Posts: 152/201
Garrett quickly knocks the blow aside with his right arm and brings a swift left hook around, aimed at the side of Roger's head.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1544/1586
"I've been landing blows, who's the one bleeding?" With that Roger leapt forward hoping to send a quick left jab at Garrett's bleeding nose.
Posts: 150/201
The blow lands, and hard. Garrett is thrown back by the force of the hit, and blood begins to flow freely from his nose. He slowly crawls away and makes his way slowly to his feet. He looks around at Roger, and spits some blood from his mouth.

"Okay, play time over. Bring it on, bitch," he snarls.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1543/1586
Roger takes a step to the left avoiding both swings. As he moved he brought up his baton to hopefully hit Garrett on the nose.
Posts: 149/201
Garrett smirks again.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" he says suggestively, before winking and going in for another hit. He leads with a high right jab, and follows up with a low left punch to the ribs, hoping to land both.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1542/1586
Roger stopped with a puzzled look on his face. Standing up and cocking his eyebrow at Garrett he says, "Are you a homosexual? You've been winking at me a lot."
Posts: 148/201
Garrett ducks the baton, and then tuck-and-rolled away again, buying himself some time.

"That's one for me, then, huh?" he says with a smile and wink.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1541/1586
Garrett's blow landed, and hard. Roger stumbled back, he hadn't expected his opponent to hit this hard. Roger looked down and then pushed off of his back foot and swung hard at Garrett with his baton.
Posts: 147/201
Garrett turns his head away as Roger kicks the puddle, disgusted by the man's cowardly diversion. When he looks back over, it's too late to avoid the baton hit. Lifting his left arm quickly, he absorbs the brunt of the hit to his shoulder. He grunts in pain, but before the baton has even made full contact, he brings his other arm around, driving his fist straight for Roger's gut.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1540/1586
Roger was tired of waiting, With a quick step he kicked a small puddle that was between them, splashing up water to hopefully take Garrett's concentration away from the baton swinging for his jaw.
Posts: 146/201
"Your move, buddy," Garrett says, grinning more widely. He feigns in a few times, making it look like he's going to attack, but he continues to lie in wait, holding out for his impatient opponent to make the first move.
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