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02-01-23 08:35 PM
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Oh wow, I forgot this existed. Thanks for reminding me, I gotta catch up lol.
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I'll give this a read once I get done work. In any case, this is an awesome idea, and I wish you the best of luck
Squire Vince
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I've been reading these since day twenty three i think. You are one of my favorite writers. I really enjoy Red, Skeleton, and Mr. Cat (I've been going deeper). Your imagination knows no bounds dear Cairoi, and it's a joyous experience to say I knew you back when.
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Not sure if I've shared this with you guys by any chance, but I'm running a blog where I'm writing a short story every day for an entire year. I'm about a month and a half in.

If you want to just read the stories, the 365 stories button at the top left corner will get read of the other, extraneous stuff.

If you only have time to look over a few stories, a lot of people like Skeleton, You, Humanity, Headache, Mr. Cat, River Children, Skywalker, Dust, and the Gabriel series.
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Dream a Day

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