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02-08-23 08:52 AM
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So, this is music: First time for Xeogaming?

This is RnB music. No cursing. No "Nigga what what fuck fuck bitches yo" This is just me making the beats, and my friend making the lyrics. It's clean.

To get things out of the way. I love all types of music. You thought I was only into Metal? Think again! I like Rap, Country, Rock, Techno, etc. But for this. I have made a fat beat.

I have a buddy of mine who works with me. He does the lyrics. I do the beat. I have been messing around with FL for years now, and I even gotten lessons from multiple people on how to make good tempo music.

Music by: Dale 'Bitmap' Hall
Lyrics by Dreamon 'Dre.P' Laurninson

This was just something we did in two nights. After tweaks and whatnot. It sounds badass.

Also, I also look up to Tech N9ne and King Gordy as my influence. I like to mix both of them together to make something awesome.

Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Sickud

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