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02-08-23 04:28 AM
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Squire Vince
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OOC:I win due to a certain...government's? lack of posts.

BIC: Leone stepped toward the boy and tapping his stomach with his cane, the boy's bowels burst outward until the child was swallowed by feces.

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Once more, Allan caught the apple in his right hand. Instead of speaking, Allan stared at the apple for a response. Just as the silence had gone on for too long, a blue glow began shining through the apple, as though it were coming from within the fruit. And then there was no fruit.

It were as though the apple had been dissolved by the blue light, but Allan looked unphased as he curled his hand into a fist, the blue light resolving. "I want to learn how to fight."
Squire Vince
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"Ah call me Leone, none of that Mr. nonesense," He said catching the apple, looking at it in his hands he began to do something. "I'm the keeper of this orchard." Leone then looked up at the boy and tossed the apple back to him, the apple no longer had a piece missing. "How may I help you?"
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Allan quickly brought up both of his hands and caught the apple, staring at the bite mark left by Leone as though not sure what to do with it. In the end, he tossed the apple back. "Looking for help, I guess."

The breeze blew softly through Allan's golden hair, moving it like liquid across his forehead. As the branches shifted in the breeze, the boy's clothes became easier to see in the sunlight. A parchment colored shirt hung loosely around his lean figure, and his faded jeans had seen much use.

Turning the subject away from himself, Allan asked, "What about you? Why are you here, Mr..?"
Squire Vince
Posts: 1567/1586
Leone saw the boy, hidden by the shadows of the trees, save for the bright blue eyes. Leone tossed the apple in his hand softly to the boy. "Well Allan, why are you here?" A soft breeze pushed through the trees rustling the branches. Leone loved this place. The awkward feel of the soil against the soles of the feet. This place was far from normal, slightly more humid, and things seemed heavier in this orchard.
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After a few hesitant seconds, a teenage boy stepped out from behind an apple tree and looked up at the man before him. His eyes shone blue in the afternoon light, and they were tinted with curiosity. Golden hair, nearly white, rested atop his head as though he had been sleeping.

"Allan," the boy said softly. Hesitantly, he reached his hand forward as though to shake the man's before him, but quickly pulled it back as blue sparks tingled between his fingers. Playing with the bottom of his white shirt, he looked up hesitantly, hoping the man hadn't noticed the oddity.
Squire Vince
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Leone stepped into the orchard, small trees spaced evenly apart, practically bursting with fruit, filled the arena with the beautiful smell of apples. Soft dirt compacted below each step as Leone strode towards a tree, and slowly picked one of the fruit and moved it slowly to his lips. The sunlight falling through the trees illuminated a soft thin face, accented by piercing blue eyes. Leone turned to face his intruder. As he stepped farther into the light Leone reavealed himself. A tall man, with a lean build in a dark colored suit, both hands placed on his cane before him.
"And you are?"
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open.

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