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02-29-24 01:13 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Flahback: Phoenix of Athens
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Squire Vince
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OOC:Timelimit reached.

BIC: As the fireball singed the air and dust beneath him Zalrab fixed on Phoenix's location, and hurled himself into a body slam, landing on, and coincedentally crushing Phoenix.
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Phoebix smirked as the dust rose intot the air. It seemed he didn't need to waste time before unveiling his strategy.

Stopping on his right foot, Phoenix threw his arm in pitcher's motion, hurling a flaming ball towards Zalrab's last position. Hopefully, the projectile would connect, causing an explosion sure to turn the surrounding sand into an encasement of glass.
Squire Vince
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Zalrab moved his body almost at pace, with Phoenix's advances, keeping his distance was key. Unraveling his massive wings from himself, Zalrab kicked up the sand coating the arena floor hoping to gain cover in the thick dust cloud now filling the colosseum. Zalrab halted the beam and slowly and silently lifted his body out of the cloud.
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Mentally noting the newly formed mounds of glass, Phoenix leapt to the right, rolling, and avoided the blast of energy. Once on his feet he continued at the beast, secreting a small amount of ash in case he needed it.
Squire Vince
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Zalrab had his black eyes on Phoenix the entire time, his shark's eyes scanning as his prey rushed to it's own slaughter. The figure's measily weapon would have a difficult time piercing the hard shell of Zalrab's scales but, best to not take chances. Zalrab leapt back, and opened his mouth again, this time though, no roar came. From between the rows of teeth came a bolt of energy turning the sand it struck to glass as it raced towards the boy.
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Surprise surged through Phoenix's thoughts, but he held his expression steady. The human world had no creatures naturally born to it that resembled this, which lead Phoenix to believe one thing: Dragon was testing him. The traitor to the thrones had murdered one of the three Kings before banishing Phoenix from the Dreamworld, leaving him sole ruler of the realm.

With a start, Phoenix realized he never knew of this information before. In this lifetime, he must have grown older and learned more. But there was no time to waste thinking unless he were to be skewered.

Glancing at Zalrab, Phoenix needed to formulate a plan. On the ground it was a two dimensional fight, but the beast would still be slow compared to its humanoid competitor. The air was the most logical place of battle, giving Phoenix more room.

So of course, Phoenix stayed on the ground, for the time being at least. Inhaling deeply, he ran forward with his spear aloft, hoping for dreamsake he knew what he was doing.
Squire Vince
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The crowd was hushed with anticipation, none knowing the warrior their leader had in mind. The large wooden door swung open and for a moment nothing. The chamber seemed empty, but then from the shadows, a large ominous creature began to march forward.

The monster was large, with skin covered with spiky blue scales. It's hands and feet decorated with claws saturated in blood. The remnants of it's shackles still hanging from it's wrists and ankles, the creature stood almost ten feet tall. With each step out of the chamber it rhythmically slammed it's spiked tail against the brilliant sand.

The voice boomed again filling the arena. "This is your opponent, Zalrab!" With that, the monster lifted it's head into the air and let out an incredible roar, revealing layers upon layers of razor sharp teeth. The creature then looked at the small human before it, then extending it's arms outwards it roared at him, as large wings unwrapped themselves from it's body, then wrapping themselves again.
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ooc: OPEN

Phoenix had no idea how he came to arrive at the iron gate before him. It were as though he had simply been placed there, with no recollection of anything before.

Beyond the gate and down the dark hall, Phoenix could hear a continuous roaring, as though a dam had been split down the middle. Looking around to come up with an explanation to his surroundings, his eyebrows rose in surprise.

For what Phoenix saw was shining armor strapped to his chest, designs of fire etched into the bronze that swirled about the edges. Below that, a leather skirt of some sort was worn, and bronze bracers were tied to his shins.

Flexing his bare arms experimentally, Phoenix brought up his calloused hands to view the sole possession he carried with him; a spear. Its shaft was darkened, probably tempered to withstand contact with a blade. The point, however, is what drew Phoenix's attention to the weapon. The blade of the spear was shaped like a phoenix stretching its fiery wings upwards into a deadly point.

Suddenly, the gate before him swung open with a protesting creak, leaving nothing between Phoenix and the walk forward. Holding the spear at his side, the confused warrior strode towards the roar as it grew louder.

At the end of the hallway, Phoenix paused and let himself adjust to the light and now deafening sound. Before him was a Colosseum, the white stone reflecting brightly in the high sun. People young and old cheered in the stands as he came into view, everyone leaning forward to get a look at the newcomer.

Still not knowing where he was, but knowing enough of his surroundings to guess his situation, Phoenix walked to the center of the bare arena and waited. Sure enough, the crowd died down as a singular man rose from a high-backed seat at one side of the arena, his robes pooling downwards in a cascade of fabric.

"Phoenix of Athens," the man started, his voice carrying across the Colosseum like a winter wind. "Your charges leave you with no option but to fight for your life. The strongest and bravest of my army were no match for you, but I think I found a suitable opponent to take your life." The man waved to the opposite side of the arena that Phoenix had entered from as he returned to his seat, and all eyes followed the motion, hoping to manage a glance at the warrior that would step from the tunnel.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Flahback: Phoenix of Athens

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