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03-02-24 03:43 PM
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Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1739/1852
Having been freed from her grip before the throw was complete, he immediately lepted upward, and back away from Kyll, as he turned toward her in mid air, and watched as the spiked column came slamming upwards from his original spot.

He quickly brought his weapon up, and re-connected it into sword format, then waited.
True Flight
Posts: 4461/5243
Kyll jumped over Kaijin as he whipped towards her back just BARELY making it. Kyll was very lucky this time. Kyll wiped her brow. "That's harsh Master." She said looking at him. She stomped the ground. The jewel on Kyll's gloves began to glow and a spiked pillar of came up fiercely where Kaijin was standing.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1737/1852
He quickly retracted the chain blade as he was pulled forward a few feet by his slave. He was hopping with his free foot, keeping balance as he moved forward with her, and he laughed.

Having a bit of fun, he watched her turn and pull, attempting to smash him into the ground like a pissed off guitar player. He allowed her to pull him forward, and as he was moving, he pointed his chain blade at her back, and fired at her spine, as he went flying up, and held his arm out to soften the blow on his way down.
True Flight
Posts: 4456/5243
Kyll decided to do what she normally does when she's beat by distance. Take the hit. Both her feat planted as she took the kick to the face. After she recieved the hit she quickly grabbed Kaijin's leg with both arms. Kyll stepped back about three feet to throw him off balance. She looked at him with a smirk. "That all you got?" She asked. Finally she turned around and alley ooped him over her back and onto the ground... hard.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1736/1852
He never lost his smirk as she came flying forward, keeping his arm extended, with the chain out, be brought his right foot up, and slammed his foot forward in an aerial curb stomp toward Kyll's face as she was in the air, flying at him, knowing his leg was longer then her arm.
True Flight
Posts: 4451/5243
Kyll smirked knowing that this would've happened if she did that. As she was headed down she quickly moved herself to the side dodging the sharp whip blade. She landed down and looked at her arm. Purple blood dripped a bit. "So you cut me..." She ran forward as fast as she could and jumped forward sending a punch straight for Kaijin's gut.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1733/1852
He smirked as he saw his slave moving about. Quickly, he pulled his arm back, and the entire chain came reeling backwards. In the motion of being pulled back, it made a subtle block, as the throwing knives got caught up the mess of the move, and deflected, just as the chain straightened out, and snapped together, forming a black long sword, with unique shapes.

He glanced over at his slave, turned his left foot behind him, and aimed his right shoulder at her, brought his sword up to aim at her, and quickly, the blade shot out, extending the chain once more, and fired at his slave like a gun.
True Flight
Posts: 4449/5243
Kyll looked behind her and noticed the funnel was following her. She ran away from the funnel and looked to see it closer. "Chain blades? Aw c'mon you gotta be more creative than that Master." She smirked and ran forward and jumped so that the slash missed her. As she was landing she reached on to her thighs where her skirt was. There she pulled throwing knives. Kyll threw the knives down at Kaijin left hand first then the right. She flipped and landed behind the breaking funnel.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1729/1852
He grit his teeth as he noticed his slave jumping to the side, crossing away from the attack. He leaned to the side, and pulled his arm over, causing the funnel to snap around, and come slamming to the side, flying toward his slave in a wide sidelong slash.

When the funnel ended, what was seen was something that looked like a chain, with a massive amount of interlinking blades connected to it.
True Flight
Posts: 4440/5243
Kyll looked at the whip headed her way. "Knowing you.." She said moving to the side and jumping back. "You want to keep me from closing in..." Kyll gave an aggravated look. She looked at Kaijin. "Fine. Let's see what you got." She smirked standing in a ready stance.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1728/1852
He lifted a grin up sharply as he saw both stones flying at him. He noted the new gloves she had, and wondered where she might have acquired such a particular item, but nothing to worry about, as he had something a bit more pressing...

He pulled his hand down to his side very quickly, and allowed the rocks to come flying at him. They exploded, causing massive dust to cover the area that he was at, and a moment passed before it began to settle.

Through the dust, a form was seen spiraling about. It didn't take very long, before Kaijin could be seen with his hand up, spinning what seemed to be a whip around him, and very fast speeds, spinning about his body very rapidly.

He looked at his Slave, and twirled his right hand forward, causing the "whip" to spiral forward away from him, and very quickly shot at his slave, causing a funnel to appear, going forward, slicing apart the ground as it lightly glazed over it in her direction.
True Flight
Posts: 4436/5243
She looked at Kaijin and smirked. "Just don't get cut," she said. She pulled her finger gloves up, made a fist with her left hand, and pounded the ground. Two rocks flew out of the ground and started to spin around Kaijin at very fast speeds. Kyll held her hands up and clasped them both together. The rocks collided into each other where Kaijin would be standing.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1727/1852
He brings his hand up soft, and cracks her in the back of the head with a flick of his finger, out of annoyance.

"And when has that ever bothered me? Wouldn't be the first time you did something so irritating." He glanced at his slave, and shook his head Today, he wore his usual outfit, minus the trench coat. Just the Kevlar today.

"If your itching to fight so bloody bad, then so be it. Have at you!" He slid back a bit, and stood tall, waiting.
True Flight
Posts: 4432/5243
Kyll looked around the back side of the manor she had been tending to and sighed. "I'm going to do it today..." she said to herself. She held her fist and blinked. "Oh yeah..." Kyll tied her hair up in a bun to prepare for battle then waited out behind the manor. "Okay Kaijin!" Kyll said aloud. "Come out come out come out where ever you are!" Kyll began to walk forward and sighed. "He's not coming... as usual.... Well then Master... I guess I'll just quit!" Kyll said knowing this might bring him out. Nothing... Kyll had a hopeless sigh and shrugged. The one day that nothing was going on, she wanted to spar and he wasn't showing up. Disappointed she said. "FINE I'M GOING TO PUT GARLIC IN YOUR BED AND HOLY WATER IN YOUR BATH!"
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