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03-02-24 03:49 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Good host and website creation software
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Lord Alexandor
Posts: 299/417
I've been on (AceNet Hosting) for 8 years and haven't had a problem (other than me screwing things up for myself). Their packages aren't what they used to be though...expensive. I hear good things about 1&1 though...
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2668/2915
I've been with Dreamhost for two years (three?) now, and never had any problems.
Posts: 18/49
So what paid hosting have you used.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 2664/2915
Note that whatever Acmlmboard version you use (or similar), you'll need a fair amount of PHP knowledge. It simply isn't supported like the big stuff (phpBB, etc)

As for hosts, let me tell you that there's nothing like paid hosting. Trust me, I've tried out free hosts for years and nothing is that great. Only good free hosting, in my opinion, is the hosting you get from friends that have their own paid hosting.
Posts: 8/10
You can try, its hosting is free, you get 6 GB (IIRC) space, etc.

For the AcmlmBoard, you should probably use AcmlmBoard XD. It's not a 'real' AcmlmBoard (AKA not coded by Acmlm) but it's very much like one, and it's actually secure and not entirely broken!
Posts: 13/49
I was just wondering if anyone knows any good web host that will allow me to run a acmlm board and any good and hopefully free website creation software.
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Good host and website creation software

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