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01-29-23 09:23 PM
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Squire Vince
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As the words boomed in the crisp night air a bolt of lightning struck down upon an ordinary man, making him anything but. Adam had invoked the sacred word and now has become the world's deadliest supervillian. With speed and strength to match the big blue boy scout, and more cunning then the grinning mad man, Adam was ready to strike.

Slowly Adam entered the city. A bustling metropolis filled with very busy, very wealthy people. Adam had no need for their money, he wanted what every man truely wants, deep down.

"Worship me, like the God I am, and I shall ponder sparing your disgusting little lives." Then with an almost gymnist like grace Adam clentched his fist and attacked a corner of a large building. His punch knocked out the corner and the building began to fall.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - SHAZAM!

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