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02-08-23 09:05 AM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1579/1586
The words were boastful. Marcus was never a dissappointment. With a deep breath taken in through his nose, he analyzed the man behind him. "AURA right?" Marcus turned to face the man. "And if I had to guess I'd say you're a pinch hitter." Marcus smiled revealing teeth just too big and just too sharp to be completely human. "Well good sir, you picked the wrong night to be in your line of work but, I know your organization doesn't take no for an answer so let's have at you." As the words crossed his lips Marcus lowered himself into a tight fighting stance. Feet spread shoulder length apart, arms bent at his sides, fists clentched. "Your move."
Arata Yokari
Posts: 1/3
Detail worded information of the recent mandate echoed within his thought process. He culled out the brief historical description, and instead, focused on the possible out comes of assaulting this particular target of interest. “Assassinate or apprehend”, an uncomplicated choice given to each agents, associates of the assailant forces of AURA. Their constructed procedure is dictated by each of the unique abilities of their assassins and their own personal tactical methods. Collateral and casualties are only to be recorded as foot notes. Succession and analyzes of combat maneuvers and actions are the ones that are relevant.

“Can’t tell nothing by looks alone. If only AURA’s spies have done better,” Arata force his words into a soft breath of air from between his lips, they carried a noticeable quantity of dissatisfaction and frustration. Observation is practice and refined by certain branches, those members are held with a responsibility that will result in certain critical choices within the system. If such duties are not held it would breach a gap in the procedure. AURA would have no choice but to compensate. As a result, agents like Arata are manumitted out to the field, as flexible units that would have a higher percentage in success.

Arata only observed Marcus from a far distant position at the edge of an alley way. His optical capabilities are recorded to be above high average. However, they are not listed to hold a quality of seeing through unlit areas during dark hours. Therefore, he would need to be present in a closer range, one that would be more noticeable but Arata’s objective is not to just observe. His attire, which were a white hoodie and dark blue jeans, stood him out from the environment. His black gloves and shoes, which appear to be casual, were compose of the black merdranite element that he is able to morph.

My guard needs to be up. He might be waiting for someone.

Arata took his moment to raise the strength gauge of his Atma field around him. After which, he casually approached Marcus from behind, his hands were in a idle state inside the front pockets of his hoodie. When he brought himself to a zone where he thought he could be vocally heard, he announced himself. “My group took an interest in you. I only hope you won’t be a disappointment,” Arata’s words were very confrontational. However, his feelings are intense. Arata has no clue what his opponent can do. But his target might be in the same situation.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1578/1586
Marcus stepped out of the smoky bar, gray tuffs followed him outside and dissapated into the air. Lifting his head Marcus searched the skies. Tonight, he thought, is going to be fun. As a few dark clouds rolled past a bright white moon illuminated the sky. It's beautiful glow revealed a midsized town with Marcus right in the middle.

Marcus took a deep breath, his chest protruding as he took on an almost primal appearance. His dark skin blended with the concrete, his muscles tensed and eased. His clothes breathe an air of professionalism. Dark shoes, dark pants, a white button up, a suit jacket. Marcus felt the reassuring weight of his pistol.

OOC: Marcus is a werewolf grade 3, meaning that he can access a portion of his wolfen abilities without transforming, and gains full access when he does transform. This also means that he can choose whether or not to turn during a full moon. (Which is when he is at his strongest.)
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