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03-02-24 03:36 PM
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Squire Vince
Posts: 1585/1586
Leone raised his cane producing a shield of energy. As the tendril collided with the shield Leone was propelled back. Leone then tapped his cane to the ground sending a small quake at Ivan's feet.
Posts: 3652/3775
Ivan swung the right tendril in a horizontal arc towards his airborne opponent, as he took half a step back, strengthening his stance.
Squire Vince
Posts: 1584/1586
Leone continued to whistle his tune as the ground cracked around him. "So that's a no? Well, I tried to be a gentleman." As he spoke Leone sprung himself into the air pushing his cane to the concrete and propelling himself (cane included) over the debris and towards his foe.
Posts: 3648/3775

Without hesitation he held his arm out to the side, the cord of red energy curling into a ball in his hand, and hurled it at the newcomer's feet. As the ball impacted the concrete it erupted, sending fire, stone, and smoke in all directions. He dropped the bags behind him and held both hands out, cords of red energy curling down from them, crackling as they hit the ground, singing the sidewalk.

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Squire Vince
Posts: 1583/1586
As the tendril hit the second automobile, the piercing screams of pedestrians grew more and more faint. Then through the high pitched squeals something else grew louder. A man in a very neat suit was walking and whistling along the sidewalk twirling a long black cane with a gleaming silver handle. When suddenly the events occuring caught his attention.

"Oy' there, I can't help but notice those bags, they look awfully heavy." Then with a grin, "would you like me to help you carry those?"
Posts: 3646/3775

The pane glass window at the front of the bank exploded outward, sending pieces of shatter-proof glass scattering down the city street, smoke billowing forth from the portal. A thin man stepped through the window and looked about. He was of Middle Eastern descent, with matted black hair reaching past his shoulder blades, wearing simple brown and white clothes made of a coarse looking material. He hefted three large bags over his shoulder in one hand, and held his other hand at his side, a tendril of red energy wrapped around his forearm, crackling and sparking.

As he cleared the bank two police cars screeched to a halt in the middle of the street, sirens wailing. He shot his arm forward and the tendril continued the trajectory, shooting out towards the first car. As it made contact with the front of the vehicle, he yanked his arm back, sending the car flying into the third story of a nearby building. Before the driver of the second car could react, he slammed the now airborne tendril into it's ceiling, folding the car nearly in half.

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