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06-12-24 10:51 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - World of Warcraft 4.3 "You mean I got to fight DEATHWING NOW?"
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Nice! I'm about to go through the pain of leveling my pally to heal again.
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Just got back into it recently, actually. In under a month, I leveled my rogue fron 85 to 90 and hit ilvl 505 last night. About an hour ago, my raid team downed Tortos!
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Originally posted by Kaijin Surohm
I would, except I'll be leaving WoW when the new Star Wars MMO comes out...
So yeah.

So I heard Star Wars:ToR died

Anyslut, MoP is out now. How many of you still play/joined again? How many of you think that pandas are from Kung Fun Panda? How many hate Blizzard for ripping off Pokémon? How many of you still play for the PvP/raiding and love what you do, know that pandas aren't from Kung Fun Panda, and don't really care about the pet battles? Or like them, I don't judge. How many of you still play WoW for the raiding and thrill of PvP?
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Deathwing is dead. Normal 10 man, not that LFR crap!

Sorry I don't have the screenshot of us in front of his jaw. We got carried away on celebration. But I can prove that I have the achievement!

And yes, that is recount showing I can pull 32k DPS. It can go higher. If I really want it to.

Also, my axe dropped on normal 10 man. Which means I basically have a spell that procs at random that does -yet another- 50k crit. Can't wait till I get the other one. Then I will really be the shit.

We start heroics once we are all decked out in raid gear.

shit I just looked at Trade
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5/8 in on the Deathwing raid.

Once we master the gunship fight. It only gets easier. MUCH easier.

Then, and only then, will I have defeated the anti-spirals.
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Lookie what I got!

Did the 2nd part of LFR and check out the new axe I won. :smug:
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Also, if you guys need help in either LFR or the new dungeons. PM me and I will be happy to guide you through it.

LFR is a JOKE compared to the actual raids. Have not won anything this week and I have to wait until next week to roll on gear. If you are horde, yes, we can cross servers and play together. Which is nice. Downside is about 20% of the pugs we get are full retards and don't know what the hell they are doing.

But believe me, these LFR raids are really freaking easy.

But if you can't que for the LFR. I will be happy to help you get gear in the new dungeons. They are easier than the Zandalari heroics.

Yes. That easy. Blizzard got soft.
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4.3 is coming NOW


E- I'm excited! I'll get geared as shit before any of my team (1) does! Which is great! Got to represent being #5 in Enhancement Shamans on my server.


Doing 27k DPS in LFR. On the third boss~!
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4.3 I am going to assume is coming out next week. Lot's of new stuff is being released and most importantly the Deathwing raid.

Im IL 375 right now and I do roughly 23.8k DPS. Give or take my procs happen at the right moment and the stars align properly. Normally I do about 21k. So yeah, ownage. Yea
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I also updated my spec and my rotation and now I am doing some really serious DPS. Never used potions or bloodlust. Used Wolves, Well Fed perk, and str/agi totem. I pushed up to 21,800 DPS. Raid Target nonetheless.

Now I just need to reforge correctly and I will be ready for Heroic Firelands.
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Originally posted by Bitmap

Very nicely done, good sir!
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So, I got some new gear from Firelands. (Well, just an Axe. But still).

But we got so far on Firelands; guess how far we got?

Yep! We didn't down him though...But have some pictures!


At least I got my new axe.
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So a few of you guys play eh? And a lot of you don't.

Well for those of you who don't hit me up and I can hook you up with a ton of XP gains and whatevs for free. So long as you subscribe. Also I get this cool flying mount that can carry us around so I can power level you and whatnot.

My Warlock can make you bags and gear for cloth gear. And my Shaman can make you Plate gear. Leather and Mail gear you might need to ask my brother. But he is more than generous enough to help. Plus, we are rich as shit, so we can help you out on repair bills and whatnot. We're cool.

Plus our guild is level 20. About to hit 21.

So yeah, Ravenholdt is RPPVP and it's not only fun but pretty progressive. Plus if you join our guild we (Team 2. Dunno about team 1) are more than helpful in getting the gear you need and we will even roll with you in dungeons.

So yeah, if you join my server and join my guild. You have a lot going for you! Even if you try it for free the only thing I get out of it is the mount but I LOVE playing with newbies! It turns me on helping new people.

Oh and yeah you can roleplay and stuff but no one on the horde really does that unless they are actually alliance. Lol

Awwww yeah!

Can't wait for 4.3!
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4.3 is shaping up to be pretty huge on it's own. The three new 5-man dungeons drop gear level equivalent to Firelands gear. Not to mention having a lot of new trinkets and whatnot.

The LFR stuff will have a minimum item level of 397. Yes, 397. Which is sick shit because currently my IL is at 364. I don't even want to know what the T13 IL sets are on normal raid runs. But thankfully the LFR tool is much easier than the actual raids, followed up with being easier than the heroic ones.

Lot's of work is still needing to be done with the patch. But more than likely I am going to take a stab saying that it's more than likely going to come out on November.
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When's ToR coming out, anyway? (too lazy to use Google for a change)
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1813/1852
I would, except I'll be leaving WoW when the new Star Wars MMO comes out...
So yeah.
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We should get a Xeogaming clan going on one server. I would be down for it.

You guys make it happen!
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Originally posted by Kaijin Surohm
One thing that still tickles me pink is the RealID Cross Server dungeon parties.

Quite possibly one of the best features that they have recently put into WoW!
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1812/1852
Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Lv: 79
Class: Death Knight

Add me if your around. I'm still doing dungeons right now, trying to level.

One thing that still tickles me pink is the RealID Cross Server dungeon parties.
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I've always loved that trinket! I'm glad that they updated it again, it's always a keeper!
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - World of Warcraft 4.3 "You mean I got to fight DEATHWING NOW?"

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