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02-03-23 05:53 AM
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Originally posted by Elara
You sister is strange.

She is.
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Nothing is perfect the first time, I think you are well within your rights to be proud of yourself.

You sister is strange. I mean, the shoulders are off on the first drawing but otherwise I think it looks great.
Twilight Sparkle
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Funny, my sister told me that the first one sucked horribly. XD

I can draw eyes in pencil/pen but I always have issues with two eyes matching. I'm cursed. x.x

Now lets see if I can remember how to link in HTML...

I spent two hours working on this last night for my niece. She's three. (Warning, there's music.)

I'm way too proud of myself for that. I mean, it sucks compared to lots of other people's work, but I actually did it. XD
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The winking eye on the second one looks kinda odd, but I absolutely love the first pic. The coloration and starbursts in the eye look cool and the hair streaks are super neat also. The eye color on number two is also really pretty... such tiny wings!

Eyes are hard to draw for me as well, just keep at it and you'll get it.
Twilight Sparkle
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Hee. I'm glad you like it. ^^ I intend to redo her after I get even better.

How about this piece? I tried actually doing detail, instead of just coloring. I tried to get the eyes to look sorta light-refracting-ish. :/

It's one of my gaming personas, with pony inspired hair.


An attempt to recreate the style of the above.

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I love it and I love the outfit! You're getting really good at Flash, by the way...
Twilight Sparkle
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Looking at other fanart of her, I've seen lots of people complaining that her hair is green. (Like seriously freaking out about it >.>) I agree that it should be a more turquoise color. I was going to put some streaks of black or purple in her hair, but I wanted to hurry and finish.

My feet tend to be small. XD I'm cursed with massive feet irl, so in my art I tend to idealize people. Super skinny, small feet, ect, ect, ect. I don't like the way they're shaped in this image, though. The left one looks horrid.

And her eyes... I redid her eyes like, 5 times, and they still didn't come out right. I need to work on that.

And I just realized that your post was particularly demonic... 6,666. XD
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It's pretty good for a first attempt and better than what I could do, I will tell you that now.

Yeah, the eyes look kinda off compared to the pictures I saw online. The main thing I noticed is that the hair color looks more greenish than most of the pictures... it's more a turquoise blue. That and the feet are kinda small... reminds me of lotus feet.
Twilight Sparkle
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I recently obtained a copy of Adobe CS5.5. I was wondering if people could critique my work in it.

This is my latest piece, finished just moments ago. It's a present for Nelrith, his beloved Hatsune Miku in his beloved stripes with his beloved purple. XD

I know I have several mistakes, along with my style possibly not suiting this character. Her eyes look kinda derpy, too...

I'm still getting used to Flash. I've never been really good at any sort of digital art, but I think I could actually get the hang of Flash...
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