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02-22-24 12:01 AM
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its really good to see those pics...........
thanks for shearing..............
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I thought I was all special getting some fountain pens, lol

It's always fun to find old stuff you did. I found the drawing I did years ago of the "main" character of that book I've been working on and I got all giddy.
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Got some a few months back actually. I'm not too good with them yet, but they're hella fun. I work a lot with India Ink as well. I have every color they made for the Higgins brand. It's the cheapest with decent quality that I could find. But it's basically like painting...only with ink. And again, it's REALLY fun. These were scanned in a while ago. Waiting on a new scanner now actually. I'll put up some more recent stuff. I'm still finding some old shit actually. Feels like I'm treasure hunting.
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you should start experimenting with new tools like pigment ink pens. The different sizes will give you the type of crisp line you want. =P
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I swear, I always think I've uploaded most of my work, then I find some...from like a billion years ago.

In any case, I tend to gravitate toward the copy-paste fanart when I'm just in the mood to draw, but not to think. (Or when I don't feel like drawing AT ALL, but coloring is a VERY tantalizing idea at the moment.)

I am in love with the Haruhi series, both anime and manga, and was just doodling a pic of her that I found. But I ended up daydreaming a bit, not looking at the picture so much and when a friend was looking over my shoulder, she said it reminded her of me. (Mostly the pose. I have this thing for reading upside down for a few minutes when I'm having difficulty concentrating/understanding something, or it's just plain something I don't feel like studying.) So, I literally turned it into me. So, it's an "Anime Me" in my high school uniform. My style hasn't changed since I was like 10, so...haha.

This one was just a quick sketch of Garnet from FFIX. I was trying to practice drawing more realistic, yet cartoonish at the same time. FF characters are actually a good bit of source material for that.

The quality of paper and scanner aren't good. These must have been scanned by my old scanner, may she rest in neverending suffering in the fiery pits of hell. Plus, quality of the artist could use MUCH improvment.
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - More New-Old Work

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