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02-21-24 07:58 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Help! I need proof-readers! (Big Project!)
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Lord Alexandor
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Didn't get a chance to upload anything yet and it's time for work... I'll see what I can do after work, but it won't be till after 10pm EDT...=

Got some stuff uploaded, and we're ready to roll! However, to keep it secure/safe, I don't want to just leave it publicly editable, so I'll need to ask for emails to send invites to. PM me with an address, and I'll share the project with you.

So far, I've got an instruction sheet uploaded as well as the intro to the first set and I'm working on the first book now. WHEE!! I'm excited! I can even edit on my iPhone!
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I tried to edit the poll to add the other two options, but no luck.

Lord Alexandor
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Side note *** Wow, I just noticed the poll doesn't have the other 2 answers I put in...(they should be "maybe" and "Nope") ***

As for the subject, it starts as a really cheesy self-insertion to Sailor Moon, then kind of runs away with the idea, kind of leaving the sailor moon universe for something more awesome. Same characters, but whole different universe (it gets explained and makes sense, trust me).

Also, I feel obligated to say that even the author thinks the first 5-7 books (first half of first set) are super lame and horrible, but that was a different era in his life. He later went back and fixed some things to work with the second set. Once you get past the introductions and character development in books 1-6 (start of the "Tumbler Arc"), it turns into a more serious book.

I'll post the books to a Google Docs account and share them with you all so we can edit them together. If you want to take a look, the author's website is Studio Shinnyo and the books are located here

I'll be uploading the first set (authors notes, 10 books, and epilogue) today and I'll update either this post or make a new one when that is done. I'll also let you know how to access them for editing. =D

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Depending on various factors, I'd totally be willing to help.
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I might be able to help. I'm reading a friend's manuscript now, but I'm working as a freelance editor at the moment and I could use another project.

I'm also curious as to what fandom this falls into and what it's about.
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So what are the fanfics about, if I may ask? I might help if it's something I really take a fancy to!
Lord Alexandor
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I've got a set of very old fan-fics (some are over 15yrs old!) that are really epic, but there's TONS of spelling/grammar/spacing issues. I'm trying to re-format the text to be suitable for print, but there's tons of extra spaces and line breaks. My plan is/was to get the whole set (~25 books, 3 'seasons'/blocks) printed as a set of 3 volumes, bound in softcover (maybe hardcover if I can get them cheap).

This is not an easy task that can be easily automated (at least I can't figure it out) so I need people to just go through it, line by line, word by word. Problem is that its well over 2,000 pages of text. I'd do it myself, but I mostly read on my iPhone and it won't let me edit text....=/ I'm looking into a tablet, but I don't know if/when I'll get one.

If I get at least 2 people willing to help, I'll post links to the files and tasks so we can get this done. Also, if anyone helps (and is interested), I'll send them a PDF copy when this is done.

In case anyone is wondering, I haven't asked the author (yet), but I'm sure he'd be keen with it. I am hoping to get it done without him knowing and sending it to him as a gift to encourage him to finish the series (season 4 was never started, but is still "coming soon").
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Help! I need proof-readers! (Big Project!)

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