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04-25-24 03:07 AM
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Well, now all that's left for us is the restitution hearing in August. Thankfully, we heard both the guy and girl waive their right to be there.

I don't think we're getting anything out of this, since there's no way to prove what else they took outside of the table. Still, it would be best to not inform my aunt who would want to be there and on hearing how much my not-all-there grandmother would be collecting, would then scheme to get it and gamble it away.
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Haha, wow yeah this guy had it coming.
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Wow... some people just don't learn.
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I sort of heard second or third-hand that they weren't together any more and the baby is being taken care of by her parents. My dad said he saw her mom crying in the back.

We were told this was his second strike, and that he would get 10 years (really the max he could have gotten was 8), but since they took the deal he's getting 3 years and he has to serve 80%. I know one of his prior convictions was carjacking, but I don't know what the other was (the prosecutor was reading the charges and mentioned offenses on certain dates but didn't say what they were).

Kind of thought it was funny when the guy's defense attorney yelled at him a couple times for not paying attention when the prosecutor (this cool, young woman who couldn't have been much older than I) was talking.
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So... does the Three Strikes Law come into play for him? Please say yes.

And yeah, I guess I can kinda feel sad for the girl... but at the same time there were other options that were totally legal and she chose to do this, so now she has to pay. I assume the child will be taken care of either by family or placed in a foster home.
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Yeah guess I can see that. I wonder how that works... who's taking the kid now, does she get visits and stuff? Kind of misses out on the kid's growing up for a bit there.

But yeah screw the guy if it's his third offense.

Glad justice is served either way.
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It's over. It was just a preliminary trial, but they took a deal (he gets three years in state prison, she gets two years locally) and pleaded no contest.

I actually feel bad for the girl. This is her first offense (his third) and she just had that baby. She made a bad decision and it's going to cost her seeing her newborn child, for whom she was probably doing this out of desperation.

Him, I don't feel anything for. She just happened to get with the wrong person.
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I hope they throw the book at him... literally. What is the biggest book you can find?

Seriously though, hope it all goes well... though I am curious about having Lola on the stand, is it just to identify her stuff?
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The trial's tomorrow morning. Brandon, my dad, and Lola have been subpoenaed.
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LOL... well, I suppose he earned it. That is still freaking hilarious that he strutted though.
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Apparently the woman cracked and confessed the table was in a storage unit in Orange County. The detectives went and picked it up and just brought it to the house.

When the detective came this morning he STRUTTED in the door and kept going, "Oh yeah, we've got him."
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So I take it that they got the guy then, that is great!
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Holy shit we just got the antique game table back.

Of all the things that were stolen this was what we REALLY wanted back and were sure was gone for good.

I can't believe it's in our living room right now.
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Jeeze, talk about not cool and what a hassle. Hopefully you guys can put an end to this.
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Originally posted by X
Okay so wait, this is like the third time now?...

My grandmother's house was broken into twice a few months ago. A detective came by about a month after that to show Brandon and my dad a line-up with the guy who supposedly owned the truck at the time.

Well, our perp wasn't that guy. THAT guy sold the truck to ANOTHER guy, and that's the one police have in custody right now. He admitted to the cops that he had the truck painted.

So the detective came today to show Brandon and Dad line-ups for this latest suspect and the pregnant accomplice. They had them each leave the room while the other looked over the pictures and picked out who they felt came the closest to what they remember. They picked different guys, but picked the same woman.

The detective didn't tell them if they picked the same suspects they have, but he did tell us that the woman will be the easy nut to crack since she's got that baby. He plans to hold a picture of her baby in front of her and tell her it would be in her best interest to cooperate. It's possible she'll confess it was them.

Apparently this guy, whom they're sure is our man, has served 6 years in prison on his first strike. If we get him, it's strike two and he gets 10 years.
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Okay so wait, this is like the third time now?...
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Just got a call that a detective is on his way to my house.

This guy got stopped, the truck's place ran as wanted, and there just so happened to be a woman with a 2-month-old baby in the cab.

More details soon.
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Detective came by the house yesterday with some pictures for my dad and Brandon to look at and see if they recognize the man who had burglarized the house.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is, the address that came up for the truck in Paramount is old, so the crime wasn't committed by a resident. It was sold to someone else and the detective was able to get a phone number for the new owner and confirm that the number works. The new owner has a history of trouble with the cops.

Bad news... Dad and Brandon weren't able to pick THAT person out of the line-up and selected different pictures.

Still, there are my grandmother's next door neighbors to question. Not sure how much more will come of this.
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NOTHING! Nothing at all! My dad is supposed to be the one they'll call when there's any developments and we've heard NOTHING.

My aunt has been frantically calling me every day and keeps spreading the speculation that's been going around the grapevine, but she doesn't know anything new either.

I wouldn't be surprised if when the cops went by the house in Paramount, didn't find them there right then and never went back.
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So has there been any further news from the cops on this?
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