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02-21-24 11:49 PM
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True Flight
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He's smart and uses Skype with out a phone #
Posts: 2601/3409
If possible, I would block his phone number.
Posts: 7617/9734
Resist the urge, it will signal that he got to you.
True Flight
Posts: 4794/5243

I got a couple baiting text messages... more like three pages worth. I haven't responded but it is really tempting to turn around and do the same thing.
True Flight
Posts: 4759/5243
Thanks Bitmap and Elara... This was so awful and my entire family is backing me up on this too.
Posts: 7674/7838
This guy has worse issues than when I had a crush on you and took it seriously. Holy fucking shit.

This guy is the worst. Absolute scum. Drop him like you would drop it like it's hot.
Posts: 7585/9734
Delete him and let it go. He is clearly not acting in a mature fashion so just walk away and refuse to bring yourself to his level.
True Flight
Posts: 4755/5243
I logged on Skype... That was a huge mistake. I wanted to find my phone with out using Eric's cell phone. So I logged on. The next thing is I see his status to his Skype account stating "If I do not trust you, you do not exist to me."


I haven't don't anything but listen to his problems. Deal with his issues and that's the insult I get from him.

Just go under a fucking rock and die you mother fucker!!!!
True Flight
Posts: 4749/5243
The only issue I have and am facing. Is how do I get the last word out to him other than a "I hope you are doing great" to be a "I hope you choke on your own puke and die."

Then again I can't hold grudges. I've known this about myself for the longest time.

I want him to realize what he's done. But more than likely he will walk away and go "She's in GA big deal. What a psycho."
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Originally posted by Sorcha Rohan
Yeah that was him. I told Rogue to keep an eye out for him in case he does anything stupid to try to come back to have me talking to him again.

And I passed the news along to the rest of staff.

I think every woman's felt the cold death grip of a mind game-playing, testosterone-making friend who likes to tinker her heart and be an all-around asshole with her.

I know I have. And my emotional terrorist is married now.

I'm glad he kept you from killing yourself at least. That'll go down as perhaps the ONLY thing he's good for.
True Flight
Posts: 4745/5243
Yeah that was him. I told Rogue to keep an eye out for him in case he does anything stupid to try to come back to have me talking to him again.

E: This is a prime example of what my friend from Ft. Meade told. No guys have friends that are girls. If a girl puts a guy in the friend zone that guy will probably treat her like a guy to stay in that zone or continue "after that ass".
Posts: 7574/9734
Manipulative guys suck, and I am glad you have decided to walk away. Go you!

Didn't he join the board? I don't think he has been on in ages but just pointing it out.
Posts: 2576/3409
Ah, yeah I saw that post. My smartass remark for any occasion is still in effect, by the way.
True Flight
Posts: 4744/5243
Thing is I'm just stating the fact I'm done. I'm through. I'm lucky really. I have Eric with me. He's my heartless side to me. I don't have an ounce of heartlessness in me. I'm an emotional crutch.

I see a guy out there on the streets asking for money I always give about a dollar in change. My husband has made me stop doing that. He tells me I have to teach the unemployed how to work for money instead of getting free hand outs.

I don't ask for anything from my friends.

To solve the issue I removed him from FB didn't block him because I wanted him to understand the many emotional bruises I have attained from this (which I have attained many) and left a status stating: I have no right to complain about this really... I really don't. I just feel like an entire year of my life went to waste on helping this guy out. But whats 1 guy to a family who's got my back, a bunch of close friends who will listen, and my husband? I'm lucky knowing that every morning I wake up and see Eric beside me. That's what I'm happy about. Oh and I deleted his cell phone # from my cellphone.

That takes a lot of anger from me if I delete your phone #. That's normally stuck there for years.
Posts: 2574/3409
This guy really sounds like he could use some professional help, what he's doing just plain isn't right. I hate to see any of my friends being used like that, it's just disgusting.

Hang in there, True. Definitely not an easy thing to do, but be strong and stick by your convictions.
True Flight
Posts: 4743/5243
So... My day goes well until I get this aching thought in my head. I need to call a friend of mine. A friend that my husband doesn't like me talking to. Why? Because the only reason he allows me to speak to him is because my friend(whom I thought was my best friend) saved me from taking my own life in Iraq.

So this friend of mine confesses his feelings but promises to stay friends. We get close and well tensions begin to arise. I can't control any of these feelings because well they aren't mine... They're manipulations of what he wants.

So the first time I said I can't do this I'm pleasing to people at once it's not me and I don't want anything to do with it. The guy then backs down to knowing what the friends zone is. Because WE WERE FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I leave Iraq and we stay intouch. Then I go to school. He comes to visit and what not I kept all my close friends around while he was visiting so I could see what they thought.

This was the first time my best guy friend who has my "six" told me that I was going to get hurt if I stayed being friends with me. All he really is out here to do is "get that ass." I being a naive little girl went what ever. So the next month I tell him. Go visit your kids stop hanging around me. He then gets emotional and breaks every ounce of friendship I have off. I cry.

Next thing that happens is we become good friends again. He stops by and I tell him how much he meant to me... In short I was his emotional crutch and I have helped you out with so many problems that could never amount to how much you did when you saved my life.

So he goes and gets a girl friend. I find this out when I called him up out of boredom. It was the same EX WIFE HE RANTED TO ME ABOUT SO MANY TIMES (Over the many first months this was the chick he was complaining about how she told him to kill himself and what not). I just about called him a doofus... Instead I called myself an idiot and said I'm sorry to interrupt your lovely night and wished him well and told him if he needed anything to call then hung up.

It's been about 2 months since then. Usually we talked once a week or he would send a text reminding me I was:

A. The most beautiful girl
B. Smart
C. Worried that I hadn't said anything.

So I told Kaijin about it he didn't say anything other than "I'm waiting for Eric to not like me talking to you." Subject changed...To how Eric honestly thinks that Kaijin... You're just harmless. XD Which is true Eric knows all the guys I talk to are HARMLESS to him. Why? Because I would always choose Eric over them. This guy was the only guy Eric was really worried about (Like I said he only didn't share his opinion to me about him because the guy saved his wife's life.)

Then I told Eric my thoughts on the subject. He turns around and says. "So he plays the help me I need fixing card.. which is something that you always ALWAYS fall for. It's a guy thing. It always works. It's called getting a girl so involved and to feel so sorry for them that they would do anything."

He was right. Every time it got pretty bad where I tried to tell the guy no he would turn into emotional mush.

So I was his dreamgirl and I was trying to be his best friend. I feel bad for him because he was after something that was impossible to get.

I feel bad for me because this guy I helped with some of these problems a cheating ex wife (who he's back with) and now he won't talk to me because I'm no longer a piece of ass he can attain. The minute he comes back and calls me wondering if I want him to back in his circle of friends... is a definite no. This guy leaves multiple times, disrespects my marriage, and now... I'm through.
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