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04-25-24 04:33 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - WHEN ARE WE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY?!
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The gun control fights are pathetic, mostly because it's sad that it's usually the first thought either side has when something like this happens.

Anyway, as I posted on Facebook, I'm watching Kick-Ass on Spike and it suddenly hit the part when Big Daddy shoots Hit Girl in the chest...

Watch if you haven't seen it yet:

... and considering how everyone's walking on eggshells, this programming choice was PRETTY ballsy.

I mean, movies are being put off for months for fear that a vague reference might piss someone off (Gangster Squad's release was pushed back because there was a scene involving someone getting shot in a theater).
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I am starting to get really annoyed by the gun nuts and Christians that think they know better than anyone else... because, you know, clearly non-Christians have no moral values and thus cannot feel the pain of all this because we are too busy trying to take all the people's guns away.

Fucking pricks.
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Yeah, joking and being ignorant are definitely no-nos.

My thing was all the people who went out of their way to be offended on Friday.

I was seeing people getting reamed for innocuous things, like the Facebook page for the PBS kids show Arthur wrote a post that went, "Happy Friday, everyone!" and it was practically a declaration of war on good taste. People were dropping insults on them to show some respect and how dare they say something so overly cheerful when people were dead.

Seemed like if anyone posted ANYTHING on Facebook that wasn't a "My deepest condolences..." or "The people of Connecticut are in my thoughts..." or "I was going to write my review of The Hobbit, but not today. No this is a sad day and I want to be respectful..." they were chastised to hell.

I have absolutely no beef with people who choose to grieve. I mean, the Aurora thing hit me because the guy was from San Diego and he COULD have done what he did at Comic-Con or somewhere I've been and I felt pretty broken up about it for a week or so. And the Newtown shooting could have happened anywhere, to anyone's children. Same thing with the slashings in China that also happened on Friday, but most failed to mention it.

I mean, I'm an empathetic person. I've been known to cry over someone else's pain even if I'd never known them. That Buzzfeed article I posted got me going. It's just that it really grinds my gears when people expect you to be sad or angry about whatever flavor of the month they demand you feel something about and if you don't you're deemed a heartless idiot.
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It's okay to grieve about it, it's okay not to grieve about it. It's not okay to joke about it, however, which I've seen far too many people do already.
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Yeah... I really don't get the people that are like "Today is horrible, you should be sad!"

Yes, it is sad and I am upset by it, and it sickens me... but my life does not revolve around it. I also had a final, and then an after finals party with my classmates, and it was fun.

I do admit that I got annoyed at people that were painfully unaware of what was going on.... and unlike certain snide comments suggest it was not directed at people who were at work and unable to watch the news or anything, but at the stupid fucks that spend all damn day on Facebook and somehow still had no clue what was going on. Those people always piss me off.
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Thank god(s?) for BuzzFeed: 26 Moments that Restored Our Faith in Humanity
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Huh? When?!

I'm really, REALLY fucking sick of the fuckery.

Sure I'm unemployed and fat and society thinks I should be mad about that, and there are wars and mass shootings going on today, which I obviously can't ignore, but why am I not allowed to be jovial in my own life?

I'm well-fed, I have a roof over my head, I have a loving boyfriend, it's the holidays, and I want to be fucking happy without getting a dirty look or a snide Facebook comment about not being respectful.

Why MUST I post my condolences for people on the other side of the country who will NEVER read my Facebook status? Why MUST I wallow in sorrow? Why MUST I never show a slip of happiness because it's a sign of disrespect?

Apparently in order to be taken seriously, I should be angry.


But you know what, fuck whatever cunt went and killed a bunch of defenseless kids. When does it end?!
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - WHEN ARE WE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY?!

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